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Robot Wars Gladiator fight - 18 robot free-for-all | Robochallenge 2015
Fight starts at 2:27 - Watch this year's gladiator with 24 robots! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULxruFudoYA I don't think any description can do justice to the absolute carnage in this one. Endeavour becoming a satellite is definitely a highlight though.
Views: 6810164 Riptide Robotics
24 Robot Free For All - Gladiator Fight | Robochallenge 2016
It's back and bigger than ever! 24 of the nation's best combat robots square off in a brutal fight to the death! Keep an eye out for Robot Wars returning to screens later this year!
Views: 36757 Riptide Robotics
Featherweights explode
because someone decided 5 powerful spinners in a featherweight rumble was a good idea Extreme Robots @ Manchester 2018
Views: 512 Riptide Robotics
Slow Motion Robot Fight - Test
Annihilator Round 3 - bit of a test of a new editing style here
Views: 4358 Riptide Robotics
Hit of the century! - Slow Mo Robot Battle
Conker 3 vs Omega vs Mr Mangle vs Pendulum
Views: 4975 Riptide Robotics
The Berg - beetleweight battlebot
Beetleweight drum bot
Views: 885 Riptide Robotics
Robot Battle: Overdrive messes up Hatchet, itself
One half of our team's battle robots breaks itself in rather spectacular fashion. Against the other of the team's robots. Vote Riptide for 'Best Teamwork' award 2015...
Views: 8155 Riptide Robotics
Battle Robot Demo: Little Spinner 4 vs Microwave
A very evenly matched battle.
Views: 3508 Riptide Robotics
Ripper vs TR3
Extreme Robots @ Manchester 2018
Views: 438 Riptide Robotics
24 Robot Free for All - 1/8th Slow Motion! - Gladiator Match
What's better than 24 robots smashing each other up? 24 robots smashing each other up... In slow motion! All filmed at the Gadget Show Live 2016 at the Robochallenge Featherweight Championships
Views: 2967 Riptide Robotics
Thinking With Portals vs Amnesia vs Omega
Robot Fight at insomnia 61
Views: 399 Riptide Robotics
HardWired II vs NST vs Carcinus (LQ)
Recorded off my camera screen, very low quality but you can definitely see the hits HardWired takes! If only the link didn't tear...
Views: 247 Riptide Robotics
Don't Hug Me I'm Using My Battery as a Projectile
Dude you went full apex never go full apex Antweight shenanigans at Ant Freeze 4
Views: 303 Riptide Robotics
Conker 3 asplode! | Robochallenge 2014
Conker 3 vs Flow vs Kaiser
Views: 842 Riptide Robotics
HardWired II lives up to its name... | Robochallenge 2014
HardWired II vs NST vs Carcinus I lost, but I definitely gave NST something to bite on. All damage was purely cosmetic, the reason I lost was because NST clipped my link which I'd foolishly forgotten to put into place!
Views: 978 Riptide Robotics
Bananageddon gets rekt | UK FRA Beetleweight Championships 2015
That time Matt decided to break his own robot... Bananageddon attempts to fight Zodiac, Incomplete Control and Bar fight at the 2015 UK Beetleweight fighting robot championships, hosted by Kinematic Events!
Views: 1080 Riptide Robotics
Zodiac vs Spinza vs Ion | UK FRA Beetleweight Championships 2015
It's all the spinners as Zodiac takes on Spinza and Ion at the 2015 UK Beetleweight fighting robot championships, hosted by Kinematic Events! Winner: Spinza by judges' decision
Views: 1280 Riptide Robotics
Binky vs Tormenta 3 vs Fissure
Whiteboard fight
Views: 2561 Riptide Robotics
Hardwired 3+ vs Neon vs Luna-tic
Robot Fight at insomnia 61
Views: 256 Riptide Robotics
FHQWHGADS vs Newton vs Mr Snappy 2 vs Fat Lip | UK FRA Beetle championships 2015
FHQWHGADS fights the spinning disc of Newton, the lifter of Mr Snappy 2 and the 4 wheel drive push of Fat Lip Winners: Mr Snappy 2 and Fat Lip
Views: 870 Riptide Robotics
Hardwired 3+ vs Aegis vs Thinking With Portals
Robot fight at insomnia 61
Views: 228 Riptide Robotics
Hardwired 3 Death Hum/testing
Robot needs a lot of work but it sounds terrifying Thanks to Jarvis for the video
Views: 4148 Riptide Robotics
Robot Battle: The Banana of Doom
Banana Overdrive vs Twisted Sister vs Richie The first fight of the now infamous Banana Bot. Bad ideas all round. I apologise profusely.
Views: 1610 Riptide Robotics
FHQWHGADS vs Spinza | UK FRA Beetleweight Championships 2015
FHQWHGADS fights the fearsome spinning bar of Spinza at the 2015 UK Beetleweight fighting robot championships, hosted by Kinematic Events!
Views: 814 Riptide Robotics
Hardwired II combat robot - first tests
It's the same as Hardwired one except for the hardware, but just think of it as a test platform for the time being.
Views: 634 Riptide Robotics
HardWired II's first fight! | Robochallenge 2014
via YouTube Capture
Views: 436 Riptide Robotics
Infernal Contraption vs 2point0
Infernal Contraption vs 2point0 at Extreme Robots Manchester 2018
Views: 585 Riptide Robotics
Zodiac vs Ion vs Blackout vs Napalm Beach | UK FRA Beetleweight Championships 2015
Zodiac takes on the spinning drum of Ion, the vertical disc of Blackout and the immovable force of Napalm Beach at the 2015 UK Beetleweight Championships, hosted by Kinematic Events!
Views: 3776 Riptide Robotics
FHQWHGADS vs Flatulence | Grand Final | UK FRA Beetleweight Championships 2015
Fight starts at 0:47 The grand final at the 2015 UK Beetleweight championships, hosted by Kinematic Events! Extremely tense battle, this...
Views: 2240 Riptide Robotics
FHQWHGADS vs Spin Cycle vs Lynx  | UK FRA Beetleweight Championships 2015
FHQWHGADS takes on the spinning disc of Spin Cycle and the spinning drum of fellow Riptide team member Lynx for a chance to re-enter the competition at the 2015 UK Beetleweight fighting robot championships, hosted by Kinematic Events!
Views: 1385 Riptide Robotics
FHQWHGADS vs Limpet XS | FRA UK Beetleweight Championships 2015
Blink and you'll miss it! FHQWHGADS takes on the 6 wheel drive push of Limpet XS at the 2015 UK Beetleweight fighting robot championships, hosted by Kinematic Events!
Views: 817 Riptide Robotics
Bananageddon vs Flatulence vs Blackout vs Atom
Bananageddon fights the lifters of Flatulence and Atom and the vertical spinning disc of Blackout at the 2015 UK Beetleweight fighting robot championships, hosted by Kinematic Events!
Views: 1308 Riptide Robotics
Hardwired 3+ tech check
Failsafe tests and a bit of gyro dancing
Views: 145 Riptide Robotics
The Berg vs TeenyPP | Robodojo #1
It works! The Berg fights Team Chi-Tec’s Teeny PP, a tiny version of PP3D from Robot Wars. We added giant bumpers to the robot to protect against that nasty spinning disc Charlie was driving for this one, picking up his first competition win!
Views: 552 Riptide Robotics
Diablo vs Night Fury vs Loki | Robochallenge 2014
Fighting robots at the 2014 Gadget Show Live!
Views: 277 Riptide Robotics
Bananageddon vs RPM vs Bonecrusher mk3 vs Incomplete Control | UK FRA Beetleweight Championships
Bananageddon (clusterbot) takes on the ferocious spinning drum of RPM, the raw power of Bonecrusher Mk3 and the grabbing claw of Incomplete Control at the Kinematic Events 2015 UK Beetleweight championship! Round 1 Winners: RPM/Incomplete Control by Judges' decision
Views: 707 Riptide Robotics
HardWired Evolution troubleshooting
I don't even. I think it's the brakes.
Views: 263 Riptide Robotics
Joule pulls a sick trick! | Robochallenge 2014
HardWired II vs Joule vs Gianto
Views: 1005 Riptide Robotics
Unnamed beetleweight test drive
Made out of genuine Playstation parts.
Views: 327 Riptide Robotics
Whiteboard: HardWired II just doesn't give up!
HardWired II vs Binky vs DB10 vs Scruffy vs GiAnto Non competition fight, HardWired II just doesn't take no nonsense from those spinners! Also note now Binky dents the side bar in the same corner that they did last year... Favourite quote: "HardWired really needs to stay away from everyone else or he will get mashed"
Views: 484 Riptide Robotics
HardWired II: post champs damage report
Stood up to loads! Will be back next year with an improved machine and another one!
Views: 424 Riptide Robotics
The Berg - demo | Robodojo #1
Smashing up some stuff with The Berg in its first test. I drove for the first half then passed it over to Charlie for the remainder, until the belt unfortunately worked loose.
Views: 233 Riptide Robotics
HardWired Evolution - first test drive
Getting some cutout on the drive - not sure what's going off with it, but it'll be fixed shortly.
Views: 403 Riptide Robotics
Bananageddon vs Rancid 3 vs RPM | UK FRA Beetleweight Championships 2015
Bananageddon takes on the wedge of Rancid 3 and the spinning drum of RPM at the 2015 UK Beetleweight fighting robot championships, hosted by Kinematic Events!
Views: 1153 Riptide Robotics
Hardwired 3+ demo
Smashing stuff up at insomnia 61 Sorry about the low quality, somehow it only filmed in 240p
Views: 152 Riptide Robotics
The Failboat's maiden voyage. It didn't survive. Fight starts at 5:50 Filmed at Robot Wars Barnsley 2015
Views: 1267 Riptide Robotics

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