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How To Trade In CSGO: Supply vs. Demand
Basic economics right here. When something is cheaper, or slightly better, or just cannot be realistically bought without serious regrets, then guess what, nobody will buy your item when they can have another. Twitter: @xGNOMEYx Links: csgosum.com/r/gnomey/ https://discord.gg/SRZKrM4
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Valve Vs. OPSkins (And Others?)
Protect yourself, get your items back ASAP from all cashout sites to be safe. If Valve is going after them like this then we have a serious problem in the community. Voice your opinions in the comments down below. Follow Me On Twitter For Updates: @xGNOMEYx
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How To Find A Trade CSGO
The best places to find a trade and what to do when you have made it there. Links: Twitter: @xGNOMEYx csgosum.com/r/gnomey
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Duped Skins: My Thoughts
Title says it all, I used to be bad when it came to duped skins, now I just do not care. I still see them as a skin I want so when the time comes I will get it. Tell me, would you buy a duped skin? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Links: @xGNOMEYx -Twitter csgosum.com/r/gnomey -Tradebot https://discord.gg/SRZKrM4 -My Discord, we have people but literally nobody uses voice chat :(
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How To Get Started: CSGO Trading
Some of the necessary things you should get down before you start trying to make any bit of money at all. Sure, buy your items but get this stuff bookmarked and complete right after. Twitter: @xGNOMEYx
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Best Items To Trade In CSGO
A worst items video coming soon. Skip to 1:01 If you just want the video. Twitter: @xGNOMEYx Discord: https://discord.gg/SRZKrM4 Trade Bot: www.csgosum.com/r/gnomey
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Awful Trades Episode 1: Please Give Keys, Pls
I can easily make this a series due to the fact that this was barely touching the tip. hehe. of how many awful trades are out there. Some arent even bad on the surface but digging down further such as the 170 euro one shows that they are just blatant lies to have someone blindly send offers. I will allow submissions if we keep this up so if you want to see more and you want to add your own lets show the love! https://twitter.com/xGNOMEYx https://www.twitch.tv/therealgnomeboi Thanks to Konata Izumi for the meme worthy trade offer!
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They will also most likely get even cheaper as the days go on, albeit it is a risk to buy them but man a half price dragon lore or howl, that's tough to pass up on. Follow me on Twitter: @xGNOMEYx
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Trading In CSGO: Scammers
Easy, few simple ways to identify scammers before getting scammed and preventing it in the future. Links Discord: https://discord.gg/SRZKrM4 CSGOSum: csgosum.com/r/gnomey/ Twitter: @xGNOMEYx
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Trading Case Hardened Items CSGO
A somewhat simple approach to a complex strategy. Ask questions if you need to. Understand the difference between blue gems and a simple regular CH item. Links: https://twitter.com/xGNOMEYx https://www.csgosum.com/r/gnomey https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=380042859
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GLOVES Vs. KNIVES: Why One Is More Expensive
As the video says, a new set of 5 pre-recorded videos will be uploaded over the next couple of weeks while I am gone (sort of). This video answers those questions people had about gloves and why you are expected to pay more. I don't agree with it but its what we as a group have set to be. BTW Do answer that question, Gloves/Knife/High tier skin, which would you have and why? ________________________________________________________________ https://twitter.com/xGNOMEYx - FOLLOW ME THERE https://discord.gg/SRZKrM4 - TALK TO ME THERE https://steamcommunity.com/groups/GnomeXde - CONNECT WITH ME THERE ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Thanks For Watching ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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My Take On Gambling
Rigged. Nuff said. But seriously do not gamble unless you know you can afford to lose the money you bet. No site is legit despite them showing the winning odds. House always wins. Always. I mean it. I'm not dead. But I am currently not at home. Videos will be halted until roughly September 20th 2017. Until then watch my older videos ;/
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Explaining Stickers And Their Value
Katos, Crowns, Howling Dawns, 'bout it really. Links: @xGNOMEYx -Twitter csgosum.com/r/gnomey
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Once again I am terribly sorry for the unnecessary rambling this video has, it is still tough to record but as I am no longer on the meds I felt like trying this would be a somewhat decent idea. The sale has different outcomes each year, sometimes it barely drops, sometimes it ruins the economy, you decide what you want to do, buy or sell, keep or don't, up to you. We should see prices start to go down here soon as the sale is rumored to start on the 22nd. _________________________________________________________________ Links: @xGNOMEYx -Twitter https://www.csgosum.com/r/gnomey
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Should You Buy CSGO Skins?
Another video just expressing my ultimate opinions on this bullshit you guys like to watch. Twitter: @xGNOMEYx
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Is csgolounge good again? (Read Desc.)
Inherently, with all of the bots, nope. If you can muster up the time, strength and energy to dig through those bots and item scammers then yes. The comment at the end is for you newer inexperienced guys out there. Be careful, get the inventory helper and just be safe. After recording this i went through and managed to find some legit trades but they are few and far in between. Overall, if you are experienced and careful, go for it, maybe you'll get that break you needed but if you are afraid and you do not trust yourself, just wait it out. Clearly they are trying but the bots and scammers keep winning. One day it will be back to its former glory, i know it. _______________________________________________________________ Links: @xGNOMEYx -Twitter csgosum.com/r/gnomey -Tradebot
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Discounts On Cashout Sites
Cashing out is quite complicated. What is the best deal for you as the seller? What about the buyer? How much do you have to discount your item for it to sell for sure? https://twitter.com/xGNOMEYx
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CSGO Scams: Condition Swapping
My friend: https://www.youtube.com/user/ocharumu Please just be careful when trading for items like this, laminate skins for sure, if they say its FN usually it isnt. :/
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MAKE CENTER STROKE LOCAL DEFENSE GREAT AGAIN! A little response video to what anomaly had to say earlier, i just want some new content not what we have been getting. Twitter: @xGNOMEYx
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Market Manipulation CSGO
If you have certain items do not jack up the price if you are one of the few selling it, go by the fair prices out there, don't manipulate the buyers to pay more. Twitter: @xGNOMEYx
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Catching A Scammer
HELP ME GET TO 5,000 SUBS! DO NOT ADD, ATTACK, OR GO AFTER ANYONE SHOWN IN THE VIDEO JUST NOTE THE NAMES This is something that i find interesting so if you have someone i can catch let me know. Twitter: @xGNOMEYx
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How To Trade In CSGO: Keys
This video takes you through the different types of keys and what their purpose is in our economy. Links: Twitter: @xGNOMEYx csgosum.com/r/gnomey
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Making Money In CSGO
HELP ME GET 5,000 SUBS! Not specifically limited to trading this time. wow. All of the methods i could think of but if you have more please leave a comment! Twitter: @xGNOMEYx
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Skins From PUBG Part 2
While it would take time, the chances of paying for your game in full are pretty high especially if you play good and earn a lot of credits. Then after you have sold all your crates, buy csgo skins and boom. Free inventory.
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Act fast if you want to buy these, after people figure out they are available they will go quick, nothing I can do to slow people down.
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Valve Could Be Bluffing?
Let me know what you guys think about this entire situation. Check out the article for further information @ https://blog.opskins.com/official-statement-from-opskins-regarding-the-future-of-digital-item-trading/ Follow me on twitter @xGNOMEYx
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We get to witness it again folks. How to ruin in game economies 101. This is just dumb. Follow me on twitter @xGNOMEYx Once again, pools closed. rip.
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How To Make Profit In CSGO 2017 Edition
Over the past few weeks, end of 2016, and early 2017 I have noted that some of the older methods can actually be brought back into play for anyone looking to outsmart the economic systems. NONE OF THESE SITES HAVE PAID ME FOR ANY INCLUSION OF THEM IN THIS VIDEO THIS IS PURELY ME Sites: csgolounge.com csgosell.com cs.money reddit.com-GOTrade And ofc Steam Twitter: @xGNOMEYx
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Profiting While Trading (High Tier)
Memes and dreams thats how you gotta trade my little garden gnomes Thx for 100 subs btw :D
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Cashout Guide: Episode 1 (Introduction)
This guide is not great but it works, especially if you are afraid of getting scammed but you want cash in hand. https://bitskins.com/ https://opskins.com/ @xGNOMEYx If you disliked, thats fine. Sorry my content isnt good enough for you.
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Thank you CSGO dev team for actually ending a past time, sure it is still possible but nobody wishes to wait that long. GG Boys. What was actually the point like omg.
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Are Trade Bots Still Good?
I know there are a ton of people who still use them and up until I had a few bad run ins I used them too, however I (personally) do not understand why they are still used so much, yea they offer an alternative to the long route but why would you let it cost you that much? Maybe its not all about money for them but you do have to consider that these are in fact businesses and the point of a business is to profit, I feel as more and more people start realizing they cost a lot the less they will be used whereas even if it were a smaller amount there would still be a lot more users and it might last a lot longer. _________________________________________________________________ Twitter: @xGNOMEYx - Follow for s*** memes https://steamcommunity.com/groups/GnomeXde LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK IN THE COMMENTS
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PUBG Economy Is Confusing
Win a Frontside Misty: https://gleam.io/competitions/NaHZE-frontside-misty-giveaway Just my take on the way the pubg market seems to be going.
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scamming bad, don't do
scamming bad, suing people for calling you scammer sad, dont do
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When Will CSGO Prices Drop?
Sorry for sounding so awful and awful gameplay, I am so fucking exhausted after the past week or so of shit, finally moved into a new home and plan on staying for a while. Twitter: @xGNOMEYx
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Steam Discussion Rant (READ DESC. FOR GIVEAWAY)
LIKE COMMENT AND SUB FOR THE GIVEAWAY, My bad for not saying that. Fml. The steam discussions were once used for trading, now its a wasteland of renegade bots, uneducated people, and scammers. What upsets you about trading? Let me know in the comments. Links: @xGNOMEYx -Twitter csgosum.com/r/gnomey -Tradebot
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How To Trade In CSGO: Do's And Don'ts
By far the most important stuff when it comes down to nailing that trade offer you need to make that cheeky profit. Twitter: @xGNOMEYx
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How To Trade And Make Profit In CSGO
TRADE BOT: https://www.csgosum.com/r/gnomey/ FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @xGNOMEYx NOT SPONSORED BY ANY WEBSITES AT ALL #HMU IF YOU OWN THEM https://bitskins.com/ https://opskins.com/ https://csgosell.com/ http://cs.money/ https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensiveTrade/ http://csgo.steamanalyst.com/ http://csgo.exchange/ https://www.csgozone.net/
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How To Trade: Setting A Fair Price
If you have an item that you have been stuck with because your pricing is a bit off, just go about doing what i showed in the video. A useful and helpful tool to get your item sold for a fair price both for you and your buyer. You may think your price is fair but it is always good to double check to make sure it actually is. _________________________________________________________________ https://twitter.com/xGNOMEYx https://steamcommunity.com/groups/GnomeXde
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You have to be so happy that skin prices are almost back to their former glory, it seems as if they keep going up day by day who knows, maybe shit will be amazing again. Twitter: @xGNOMEYx
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Duping Is Back In CSGO? It's Bad? [RESOLVED]
Looks like we had a double upload today xd. These skins do not appear to be duped as of now. Databases are bugged which is still a problem nonetheless. Twitter: @xGNOMEYx
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Best Items To Profit From In CSGO | Early 2018
The views expressed in this video are mine and mine alone. These were formed from years of experience in the CSGO trading scene. I request that if you do indeed disagree you please be respectful as I have personally done nothing derogatory to you. Follow me on Twitter @xGNOMEYx
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CSGO Trading Advice
The ideas expressed in this video are my opinions and are solely mine. You do not have to agree however i ask that if you think differently you show me some respect. But seriously use reddit.
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Buying Skins
If you happen to use external websites please be safe, use only well known trustworthy sites and make sure you are on the real site not a knock off. Buy skins for the luxury of having them, if you cannot take the risk of losing everything, maybe consider staying away. Twitter - @xGNOMEYx
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How To "Profit" In CSGO: 2018 Edition
Results may vary. Trading can be tedious and it may seem like you are never getting anywhere. Especially if you have the wrong items. I am here to try and help ease the pain and hopefully help you out in the long run. However don't let this video be your only stop. check out all of my other trading related content and subscribe if you'd like to see more in the future. Humble Bundle Monthly: Get Civ 6 + DLC + Owlboy and more when you sign up soon, it helps me out, it helps you out but most importantly it donates to charity! https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?refc=m0dw57 Websites I buy skins from: www.bitskins.com www.opskins.com As i said in the video there are definitely other sites out there but these two are the best in my opinion.
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Valve Does Not Care About Scammers
Frontside Misty: https://gleam.io/competitions/NaHZE-frontside-misty-giveaway UPDATE: Either mods have deleted some of these posts or they were taken down, however many are still up All views expressed in this video are solely mine as a person who keeps their best interest invested to helping the csgo community.
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New CSGO Case & Why You Should Sell Your Old Gloves
The opinions expressed in this video are mine and solely are opinions. I use current market data to reach an opinion combined with previous years in the CSGO trading scene. Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/xGNOMEYx
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Trade Bot or Scam Bot?
ACTUAL TRADE BOT: https://www.csgosum.com/r/gnomey/ ORIGINAL TOPIC VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NW69aiSCdg Probably not the first one out there but one that definitely showcases it Please be careful and understand that some of these can be scams.
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Profit From Trade Bots?
Those videos are old and outdated so this is an update to that whole thing, that I dont see as still being possible. Twitter: @xGNOMEYx
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How To Trade And Make Profit In CSGO Updated Version
Just because the old one is a bit old, it can still work but this is like a solid 10/10 method at least for me kappa Follow my twitter @xGNOMEYx
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