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Santa Run 3 Game Walkthrough (with outtakes)
Quick run through of the latest Santa Run game. Santa Run 3 is here and it is a lot of fun! Watch to see how to beat the game and make sure to view my funny bloopers at the end. Play online: http://8iz.com/game/santa-run-3 Please subscribe!
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Christmas Cat Game Walkthrough
Christmas Cat is the latest puzzle game by Bart Bonte. Your cat has moves all of your Christmas ornaments from the tree, you need to find them all! Play game online: http://8iz.com/game/christmas-cat Merry Christmas!
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Cat in Japan Game Walkthrough
Help this cat find all 20 pieces of sushi scattered around the house. You have traveled to Japan with your cute cat and now he is hungry. Play the game: http://8iz.com/game/cat-in-japan Thanks for watching! Subscribe for more game walkthroughs.
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Lego Indiana Jones Game
Try to collect all 200 hidden treasures as you run away from the rolling boulder. Avoid obstacles as you master the skills of Indiana Jones. Play game: http://8iz.com/game/lego-indiana-jones-game More lego games can be found on our website! Thanks for watching.
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Dino Robot Euoplocephalus - Dino Robot Kid Games
Another awesome dinosaur robot game that you have got to play. Piece both of the robots together then test them out before the battle. Play game: http://8iz.com/game/dino-robot-euoplocephalus More dino robot games: http://8iz.com/en/dino-robot Thanks for watching! Subscribe if you like it.
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Money Movers 3 Guard Duty Walkthrough: Full Game All Levels
Levels 1-20 of Money Mover 3 game. The newest Money Mover game, #3 called Guard Duty is just as fun as the first two. Play here: http://8iz.com/game/money-movers-3 Please subscribe if you enjoyed the video
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Dead Samurai 2 Game
Game play walkthrough to the super fun game Dead Samurai. Watch our helpful video guide for help, cheats and complete guide on how to beat the game. Play it: http://8iz.com/game/dead-samurai-2 Thanks for watching!
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Ninjago Energy Spinner Battle Game Movie
Ninjago battle game with the new spinning characters. Try to beat all 5 stages! I'm very bad at this game :( Game link: http://8iz.com/game/ninjago-energy-spinner-battle Subscribe for more lego kid games and Ninjago game movies.
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Gun Battle Game - 100 Wins
Watch as I get to 100 wins in the battle Royale .io game Gun Battle. Play the game here: https://lagged.com/io/gun-battle Thanks for watching!
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Robot Lion King 2 Game
Another epic robo dinosaur game featuring the Lion King! Play game: http://8iz.com/game/robot-lion-king-2 Thanks for watching!
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Ninjago Possession Game Walkthrough - All Items
Game walkthrough to Ninjago Possession first two levels completed and all items collected. If you like the video I can complete levels 3 and 4 for you. Play game: http://8iz.com/game/lego-ninjago-possession Thanks for watching!
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Easy Joe World Game Walkthrough
Full walkthrough to the new Easy Joe game. This time Joe takes on the world in order to get to the cool party at the end (don't forget your bowtie!). In this video I complete the entire game for you in one try. Game link: http://8iz.com/game/easy-joe-world Thanks for watching! Subscribe for more game walkthroughs.
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Dino Robot Triceratops Game
New dino robot game featuring Triceratops! Piece together your robot, then battle in the arena. Can you beat all of the other robots in the arena? Dino Robot Triceratops is a free online game on 8iz. Game link: http://8iz.com/game/dino-robot-triceratops Thanks for watching! Subscribe for more videos and games.
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Purbalds Game Walkthrough
Purbalds is a fun game by BigDino where you need to get all of the purple dudes into the door. This video shows how to complete all 30 levels of the fun puzzle game. Game link: http://8iz.com/game/purbalds Thanks for watching! Subscribe for more game walkthroughs and fun videos.
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Robot Ice Dragon Game - Kids Robot Dinosaur Games
Robot Ice Dragon Game - Kids Robot Dinosaur Games Piece together your dragon then battle in the arena! Play game: http://8iz.com/game/robot-ice-dragon Awesome kids game featuring dragons, robots and dinosaurs.
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Tag Team Titans - Teen Titans Game
Tag Team Titans is a very fun Teen Titan game. Switch between characters to that you can take down the bad guys. Game link: http://8iz.com/game/tag-team-titans
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Fireboy and Watergirl Frozen Adventures Game
First couple levels to this fun Firebox and Watergirl adventure game. How far did you get before rage quitting? Game link: http://8iz.com/game/fireboy-and-watergirl-frozen-adventures Thanks for watching!
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Happy Wheels Demo Walkthrough
Modern walkthrough to the popular demo of Happy Wheels. Watch for the solution to all of the demo levels. Game link: http://8iz.com/game/happy-wheels Thanks for watching!
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Horse Eventing 1 Game
Try to take home the first place prize in the first Horse Eventing Game. Very fun girl game horse game. Game link: http://8iz.com/game/horse-eventing-1
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Dino Robot Swift Pterosaur Game
More Dino Robot fun! Piece together your Swift Pterosaur robot and then battle it out in the arena to earn rewards and more power ups. Game link: http://8iz.com/game/dino-robot-swift-pterosaur Subscribe for more games, walkthroughs and commentary.
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Gumballs Dumb Race Game - Gumball Online Game
Help Gumboil win the race while wearing blindfolds! Play game: http://8iz.com/game/gumballs-dumb-race Thanks for watching!
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Teleporting Kittens Game Walkthrough
Complete walkthrough to the latest puzzle game Teleporting Kittens. I beat all levels to help you if you need it! Game link: http://8iz.com/game/teleporting-kittens Christmas Cat Walkthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XM9F-oYRSGk Thank you for watching our game movies!
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Gunblood 2 game
New and fresh take on the fun Gunblood game. Duel your opponents and have fun!
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Lego Chima Rogon's Rock Flinger Game Walkthrough
In this video I beat the entire Lego Chima Rogon's Rock Flinger action game. Watch for hints and cheats. Game link: http://8iz.com/game/lego-chima-rogons-rock-flinger Subscribe for more epic videos!
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Teen Titans Go Games - Tower Lockdown
Online Game Teen Titans Go Tower Lockdown. Very fun game! Game link: http://8iz.com/game/teen-titans-go-tower-lockdown
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Escaping the Prison Game Walkthrough 2016
Help video walkthrough to Escaping the Prison. Watch for all solutions, this game is a lot of fun. Play it on 8iz for free: http://8iz.com/game/escaping-the-prison
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Amigo Pancho 7 Game Walkthrough All Levels
Amigo Pancho 7 is finally here! Explore the treasures of Tutankhamen in the seventh installment of Amigo Pancho. Watch this walkthrough if you need help on the game. All levels, 1-10 shown. Play game online: http://8iz.com/game/amigo-pancho-7 Happy holidays! Have fun gaming on 8iz.
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Penalty Shooters 2 Game
Kick the competition in this epic online soccer game. Pick your favorite team as you try to out score your opponent in each match. Win the group stage and work your way through the bracket to win the World Cup. Kick penalty shots and play the goalie in Penalty Shooters 2. Play more soccer games on lagged.com! Thanks for watching
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Fireboy and Watergirl Forest Home Game Walkthrough
Helpful video walkthrough to the fun two player kids game.
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Power Blocks Game Walkthrough: Levels 1-30
Power Blocks is a very fun puzzle game where you need to piece together the shapes to make a square. In this video I complete the first 30 levels out of 60. Game link: http://lagged.com/en/g/power-blocks Thanks for watching! Subscribe for more game videos and walkthroughs.
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X-Trial Racing - Online Driving Game
Very fun guide to the game X-Trial Racing. You can play this game on any device so go have fun: http://lagged.com/en/g/x-trial-racing Thanks for watching!
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Crusaders of the Lost Idols Game Online
Epic clicker game Crusaders of the Lost Idols game play. I play the first 10 levels to the very fun online game.
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Piggy Wiggy 4 Game Walkthrough
Piggy Wiggy 4 - Zombie edition game walkthrough. First 15 levels. Game link: http://maxg.com/en/g/piggy-wiggy-4
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Slither.io First time Playing
Video of my first time trying out Slither.io, the fun snake multiplayer game that is like Agar.io! If you like the video I;ll make one with commentary. Play the game: http://8iz.com/game/slither.io-online Thanks for watching!
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Mummy Madness Walkthrough
Video walkthrough to the new physics puzzle game from 8iz. All levels. Play here: http://8iz.com/game/mummy-madness More videos coming soon with commentary :)
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Toy War Angry Robot Dog Game
A brand new robot assemble series is here. It is called Toy War, and you battle robot animals in the arena. The first game features a very mad Robot Dog and has three achievements, have fun! Game link: http://8iz.com/game/toy-war-angry-robot-dog Similar games: http://www.gamesbutler.com/play/dino-robot-games Subscribe for more games and videos!
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Toy War Robot Double Head Pterosaur Game
The Toy War continues with this brand new Pterosaur robot. With two heads, that's double the attack damage! After combing your new dinosaur, test it out in the play arena. Game link: http://pokionline.com/en/g/toy-war-robot-double-head-pterosaur Thanks for watching!
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Tomb Runner Online Game
Tomb Runner is a temple run style game that you can play for free online. This is just a short video of me playing this very fun and addicting game. Game link: http://lagged.com/en/g/tomb-runner Thanks for watching!
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Super Brawl 4 Game: Patrick vs Patrick
Quick video of Patrick vs Patrick in the new Super Hero Brawl 4 game. Learn some new moves and strategies by watching this fun video. Game link: http://pokionline.com/en/g/super-brawl-4 Thanks for watching! Subscribe for more game videos.
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Ninja Salvager Walkthrough
Helpful video walkthrough to our newest puzzle game Ninja Salvager. All levels completed, all queens saved. Game link: http://8iz.com/game/ninja-salvager More videos Mr Splibox Christmas Story Game Walkthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JFPeNJMPaU Amigo Pancho 7 Game Walkthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-w3TvgBpco Thanks for watching!
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Steel Dino Toy Mechanic Raptors Game
Very fun game where you need to piece two toy raptors together. After you arrange the pieces you can test them out together in the arena! Very fun game in the Steel Dino Toy series. Thanks for watching.
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Dino Robot Terminator T-Rex Game
More Dino Robot fun! Piece together your Terminator T-Rex robot in either of the two forms and then test it out in the arena to earn cool rewards. Game link: http://8iz.com/game/dino-robot-terminator-t-rex Subscribe for more games, walkthroughs and commentary.
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Ninjago Skybound Game Online
Very fun Ninjago game featuring amazing 3d graphics and super fun game play. Travel through each level try to stay hidden away from the enemies. Slash and dash the bad guys as you beat all the levels. Play game here: http://8iz.com/game/ninjago-skybound Thanks for watching! Subscribe for more game videos.
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Surgeon Simulator 2016
Play through to one of the most popular online games ever Surgeon Simulator. Thanks for watching!
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Dino Robot Lightning Parasau Game
Game link: http://8iz.com/game/dino-robot-lightning-parasau Thanks for watching!
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Snake Blast Game
Avoid the other snakes in this fun high score game! Game link: http://lagged.com/en/g/snake-blast Thanks for watching! Subscribe for more fun.
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Another Pretentious Game - Full Walkthrough
Another Pretentious Game is the sequel to Pretentious Game 3. In this game you must create a wiggly line to pass through all of the colorful circles. Watch this video for all 25 levels to the fun puzzle game by BigDino. Play game online: http://8iz.com/game/another-pretentious-game Thanks for watching! Subscribe for more video game walkthroughs, commentary and fun.
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Smart Soccer Game - Let's Play
Watch as Girbeagly wins two matches in this fun online soccer game. Play this game and many more soccer games at lagged.com.
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Dino Robot Amarga Allo Game
Another really fun dino robot game that is made for kids. Assemble your dinosaur and battle it out in the arena. Play game: http://8iz.com/game/dino-robot-amarga-allo I'll try to post more videos, I've been busy :) Please subscribe if you like it.
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Beat the Zombie Walkthrough
Complete guide on how to beat all 5 zombies in the game Beat the Zombie. Game link: http://8iz.com/game/beat-the-zombie More idle games: http://8iz.com/en/idle Follow me: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/8iz-1414265585518585/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/8izgames Flee the Complex Walkthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45dLkEnvkAw Watch me play Death Dice Overdose: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsLae4mae9M Thanks for watching!
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