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War Stories: Episode 1
25 Likes and I'll twice. Oh wait... Nigel and Chris divulge some of their stories from WW2. ***Donate: https://www.paypal.me/NigelFromPapaJons
Culture And Genetics
25 Likes and I'll become a meme. Today I explain how memes have affected the world and their lasting effect on society.
25 Likes and I'll kill myself, no lie.
Columbine 2
25 Likes and I'll wake bald kid up inside, no lie.
Half-Life: Episode 24: Infantry Repair Bay
25 Likes and I'll tank your pumpers, no lie.
Origin Got An Update
25 Likes and I'll ori your gin if you know what I'm sayin', no lie. Origin got an update, just talking about that update. *Sike*
CS:GO's Growing Problem
25 Likes and I'll make CS:GO great again, no lie. A synopsis of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's latest changes and an important public message for safety...
Communication And Cancer
25 Likes and I'll find Flight 370, no lie. Follow: Edwin4564 on iFunny! Special thanks to Dolessian Gaming for the cop lines! Today, I share my problem with the world in order to come to peace with it. I also begin to slowly lose my mind.
Simply Fucking Dab
25 Likes and I'll dab, no lie. (9/11 was an inside jog) I teach a simple method of meth, and such.
Happy 9/11 Everyone!
25 Likes and I'll do it again, no lie. Follow the exposer on twitch! https://www.twitch.tv/leeaura03playsisback I didn't even realize someone was trying to expose me.
New Battlefield Trailer
25 Likes and I'll expose the fact that 9/11 was just a magic trick, no lie. Spread this video like STD's, please. Follow: Edwin4564 on iFunny! Today I reveal the most hyped thing on the internet of 2016! (Copyright Strike from XL Recordings is why there are ads) ((But it's cool because the music is pretty good))
Being Terrible At CS:GO
25 Likes and I'll get good at CS:GO, no lie. I was originally going to upload a well-thought out video, but shit happened with the audio, and I just didn't have enough time. RIP.
Enter: 2017
25 Likes and I'll resolute all the years, no lie. Oh shit, new year.
Intention And Aids
25 Likes and I'll lead the revolution, no lie. Follow: Edwin4564 on iFunny! Today I talk about where this channel is headed, and some strange shit goes down, wish me luck...
How To Change Your Desktop Background Ft. Christopher Walken
25 Likes and I'll shove a radiator pipe up my ass, no lie. *OBS-Studio fucked the video up, not sure why. Mr. Walken teaches you how to change your desktop background.
Battlefield 1 Open Beta: Part 1
25 Likes and I'll get ready, men, no lie. Movie Maker took about a day to to export the video. Definitely not pissed at all.
The Sonic Commercial
25 Likes and I'll mind my blow, no lie. I ended up doing a dub somehow, thanks to Lando.
Commercial Theory: Sonic's T.J. Suffering from Schizophrenia
25 Likes and I'll leave my mind in the lost, not found, no lie. In this episode of a totally original concept, "Commercial Theory", I discuss T.J. from Sonic commercial's crippling disorder which apparently no one has yet pieced together. Special thanks to Osmosis for a considerable amount of information. Their vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PURvJV2SMso Also, this is the first video that was late, but only by 15 minutes and 42 seconds.
Hammer Tutorial: Part 2: Players And Skyboxes
25 Likes and I'll become an info_player_terrorist, no lie.
Hammer Tutorial
25 Likes and I'll spend more, and do less, no lie.
The African Revolution
25 Likes and I'll conquer Zamunda, no lie. ~MEME LINKS~ http://i.imgur.com/xM7jZZN.jpg http://i.imgur.com/SrwrI9E.jpg This meme... I'm not sure...
25 Likes and I'll kill them all, no lie. Too long have they fucked with us... Credits: Empty City Robert Braiden, 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhhJjCjVQes
Automobiles 3
25 Likes and I'll make a comeback, no lie. Fuq tha pol!ce.
Framing And Finances
25 Likes and I'll light up Long Beach, no lie. Follow: Edwin4564 on iFunny! Special thanks to Dolessian Gaming for the cop lines, and Aburrido for the detective lines, couldn't have done it without you! Today I get asked some questions, and refuse to answer them. I also get away with 2,996 counts of murder.
The Return
25 Likes and I'll rap battle 21 Savage, no lie. Electromagnetism - Coming Soon I made this, don't steal it. (Unless you really want to) Enjoy this track I made, it's pretty shit. Use it as you please, I just ask that you give me credit for the track.
Hammer Tutorial: Part 0: Setting Up
25 Likes and I'll occupy Italy, no lie.
A Small Problem
25 Likes and I'll sue Microsoft for rape, no lie. This sucks ass.
Space Engineers: Episode 1: A Tale of Two Shittys
25 Likes and I'll colonize the moon, no lie.
How Much Would it Cost to Live on the Sun
25 Likes and I'll be the first person to eat ice on the sun, no lie. More info on Friday.
Explaining And Expecting
25 Likes and I'll explain it all, no lie. I'm fucking not ready for another round of this.
A Message From Daniel
25 Likes and I'll hold the fort down while you stab him, no lie. Where can this possibly go? **** DONATE: https://www.paypal.me/NigelFromPapaJons
Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion: Episode 1: The Fatass Bitch (0-150)
25 Likes and I'll sacrifice my soul to the floor-semen gods, no lie.
Hammer Tutorial: Part 1: Triggers And Models
25 Likes and I'll trigger feminists until it hurts, no lie.
Creepo Peesto: "Click"
25 Likes and I'll myuu your ji, if you know what I'm sayin', no lie. !INFORMATION AND LINKS! Story: https://www.reddit.com/r/nosleep/comments/1zqpo8/click/ Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhZ-Ny-onfg Thanks to Keniluck for making this great story, and Myuuji for composing this masterpiece.
The Anti-Bullying Ad
25 Likes and I'll bop his style, no lie. Pretend this isn't a day late. Don't bully people, its racist.
Half-Life: Episode 2: Cutting Our Losses
25 Likes and I'll find Gman's BDSM dungeon, no lie.
Appearances And Autism
25 Likes and I'll cure autism, no lie. Follow: Edwin4564 on iFunny! Today, I reveal my secret to the masses, and provide both sides of an autistic argument.
Reverting And Repercussions
25 Likes and I'll find the cure, no lie.
Outbreak And Offence
25 Likes and I'll go missing, no lie. All will be repaired in due time. HBQOSCM715102
Half-Life: Episode 4: A New Hope
25 Likes and I'll become a turret, no lie.
Pausing And Phoning
25 Likes and I'll call home, no lie. Follow: @erik.neslony on Instagram! It would only be so long until he had to take a break... Special thanks to Erik and Pops for voicing! *** Donate: https://www.paypal.me/NigelFromPapaJons
The Cubs And The Chinese
25 Likes and I'll rematch China, no lie. The Cubs finally won the World Series. Again, pretend this isn't late.
Half-Life: Episode 1: A New Beginning
25 Likes and I'll fuck up Aperture, no lie.
Half-Life: Episode 5: Same Old Shit
25 Likes and I'll take on the Navy Seals, no lie.
Derailing And Donating
25 Likes and I'll rob Bob Ross, boss, no lie. Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/NigelFromPapaJons Pretend I didn't upload late, mate. (B0sphate)
A Solved Problem
25 Likes and I'll get sued by Warner Brothers, no lie. AUDIO-FILE-82201 DOR: 4/20/2023 DESC: ADDRESSED TO COL. THOMAS OF THE 51ST SURVI_-$%/$&$/!#$%$!#$/$!%%!#%!&$!&#&!%-!/!-#//#!!&!--$&&-#-___ TEXT CORRUPTED, RUN VRT.EXE
Half-Life: Episode 17: A God Damn Dam
25 Likes and I'll slap Herbert Hoover, no lie. A river floods, a man's shed is flooded and whisked away. He is then asked by the news what should be done regarding the river. What does the man say? Dammit.
Half-Life: Episode 19: A Retarded James Bond
25 Likes and I'll expect you to faaaaaaauu, no lie. Mistaken, not turrrrrd. Accidental double upload? Whaaaaaaat?
The Day After Pi Day
25 Likes and I'll three point one four one five nine, no lie. The rabbit hole goes deeper... Shoutout to Pops for voicing! **** DONATE: https://www.paypal.me/NigelFromPapaJons
Fallout 3: Episode 1: Nobody Moves
25 Likes and I'll crush the communist pigs, no lie. I start the new let's play by uploading a day late.

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