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Social Experiment - origins - hardstyle techno - lucky star amv
made another hardstyle song with some pics of the anime lucky star that i have been watching its so funny, techno amv
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Horror Hardstyle - Social EXperiment - Haunted Dolls House
Download from Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/s-ocial-experiment/a-haunted-dolls-house ホラー ハードスタイル - another sort of experimental dark horror hardstyle song. kinda more melodic that the rest with some sort of tribal sacrifical drums. most pictures of from google, konachan, some are screenshots i took from the dvd from the movie Le Portrait de Petit Cossette. tags: Horror Hardstyle Social Experiment Haunted Dolls house Le Portrait de Petit Cossette jumpstlye shuffle trance movie ghosts halloween gohtic gothic dark darkest night trance techno darkcore electronica industrial scary halloween 社会実験のホラー映画は人形の家のハードスタイルを幽霊 暗い暗い夜のテクノ Ужас социальный эксперимент привидениями Куклы дом транс призраки темного готического темные техно электроники промышленного страшно डरावनी सामाजिक प्रयोग प्रेतवाधित गुड़िया हाउस भूतों अंधेरे गॉथिक ट्रान्स अंधेरे औद्योगिक इलेक्ट्रॉनिक्स डरावना टेक्नो
Views: 11697 Social Experiment
Experimental Ambient - Social Experiment - Dark Room
its call dark room because you should listen to it in a dark room with the volume up really loud.
Views: 905 Social Experiment
What happens when you attack a chicken in skyrim
title says it all lol
Views: 14132 Social Experiment
Radiohead - Fake Plastic Trees [80s Synthwave]
I made a synthwave version of fake plastic trees. download from https://soundcloud.com/s-ocial-experiment/radiohead-fake-plastic-trees
Views: 1170 Social Experiment
Social EXperiment - Protocol 7 - Ambient
another sort of cyberpunk ambient song. ten points if you know what protocol 7 is a reference to.
Views: 3581 Social Experiment
Chelsea Won't Jump - Dude I Writ The Dictionary
this is not my band. its a local band . i download the song from their purevolume page. http://www.myspace.com/chelseawontjump http://www.purevolume.com/ChelseaWontJump
Views: 3717 Social Experiment
Chihuahua  plays with ball
the adventures of colbie episode 1. from the director that brought you cute dogs play with bubbles comes the next big movie Chihuahua plays with ball. this video automaticly accepts video responces.
Views: 2994 Social Experiment
Social EXperiment - Through The Forest - Experimental Ambient
another experimental ambient song, this time with some drum/percussion sounds with a short piano melody in C minor. pictures are from konachan.com tags: experimental dark ambient electronic noise electronica through the forest "dark ambient" piano minor экспериментальных окружающего шума электронных электроники через лес пианино минор 実験 周囲 森 電子 ノイズの 計画 ピアノ
Views: 579 Social Experiment
Elfen Lied Opening - Lilium  [Synthwave]
I made a synthwave version of the opening of Elfen Lied. fun fact, Elfen Lied was a big influence on Stranger Things, so it seems fitting to make a 80s style version of the theme. you can get the art here: https://shontell.me/2016/12/13/12510/ and song can be downloaded here: https://soundcloud.com/s-ocial-experiment/elfen-lied-opening-lilium-synthwave
Views: 384 Social Experiment
Chelsea Wont Jump - I choked on a lifesaver and died from irony
this is not my band. its a local band. you download the song from their purevolume page. http://www.myspace.com/chelseawontjump http://www.purevolume.com/ChelseaWontJump
Views: 1572 Social Experiment
Social Experiment - Lost in the Snow
a sort of ambient drum and bass (no bass though :P) song with a lonely feel to it. download from: http://soundcloud.com/s-ocial-experiment tags: "social experiment" edm music ambient snow Electronic "Electronica (Musical Genre)" Experimental winter "horror hardstyle" horror dark lonely sad ドラムアンドベース ドラム 低音 雪
Views: 791 Social Experiment
Social EXperiment - Running on Air
a lighter techno song. imspired by uptopias, mirrors edge and appleseed type places. all shiny and clean, lol. just experimenting as all ways :D tags: Social Experiment Running on Air techno trance utopia cyberpunk appled shuffle style jump electronic electronica music experimental melbourne エアテクノトランスユートピアサイバーパンクアップルシードシャッフルスタイルジャンプエレクトロニカ音楽実験メルボルンで実行している社会実験 एयर साइबरपंक स्वप्नलोक टेक्नो ट्रान्स транс воздуха киберпанк техно утопия электроника
Views: 936 Social Experiment
Experimental Ambient - Social Experiment - highway
something a little bit dark i spose i like dark hopefully i'll make some more stuff like this sept better next time XD.
Views: 607 Social Experiment
Social EXperiment - Andromeda
Download from: https://soundcloud.com/s-ocial-experiment/andromeda a sort of symphonic trance song. tags: Experiment Social music symphonic trance "Trance music" techno psychedelic electronica dance "classical music" social experiment experimental Эксперимент социальной симфонической музыки транс "транс музыки" техно психоделическая электроника танца テクノ 恍惚 空き容量
Views: 1216 Social Experiment
Bananas Eat Monkeys *HQ
figured out how to encode with better quality so here it is. a short flash movie i had to make for tafe a year ago, i came up with the concept and did all the animation. this video has automatically accepts video responses. airplain gun fire adobe cs 3 4 happy tree friends
Views: 1481 Social Experiment
oscilloscope treble clef
I was using the vetrorscope mode to see what interesting shapes i could come up with and I stumbled across something quite interesting, a Treble Clef. made in serum using square wave and a Phs 12- filter
Views: 286 Social Experiment
cute dogs playing with bubbles
two of our dogs playing with some bubbles. this was take in 06 there names are Binda and Ricky. R.I.P. Binda
Views: 1794 Social Experiment
Social Xperiment - Blue Sphere - eve online pics
just an idea. it sorta reminded me of space not that i have been there before. eve online is a great game defently worth pick up and playing. this video has automatically accepts video responses
Views: 256 Social Experiment
Social Experiment - The Sacrifice
https://soundcloud.com/s-ocial-experiment/the-sacrifice ホラー ハードスタイル An experimental song using percussion, I liked how haunted dolls house turned out so I decided to do something similar again, I really like mixing percussion into the songs. Sort of in the horror hardstyle way I've been doing things
Views: 1650 Social Experiment
Social Experiment - the darkest place on earth is darker than hell
another experimental horror hardstyle song. with some pics of blood the last vampire and blood plus anime. horror scary hardstyle gothic music stanly warelks dark art gothic evil
Views: 30332 Social Experiment
Social Xperiment - PURPLE KOALA - ergo proxy pics
uhhh you tell me? just experimenting with an idea. this video has automatically accepts video responses
Views: 254 Social Experiment
Social Experiment - Dark Clouds - Ambient
an ambient song by me
Views: 178 Social Experiment
its rain. i was thinking about how people like listeing to rain, and i like experimenting with different ideas so i decided to recored the reain, i just wish that i had better recording equipment to do it with, or if the rain a little heavyer or something.
Views: 155 Social Experiment
Experimental ambient - Social eXpeiment - a calm storm
another experimental song.
Views: 628 Social Experiment
Social Experiment - Code 5
a sort of minimalist/ambient song, made it very quickly at like 2 in the morning when I couldn't sleep. I hope you like it. :D
Views: 82 Social Experiment
Social Experiment - The Manor - creepy music
A dark ambient song, trying to get the feel of a huge empty manor in the dark, with lots of dark red curtains and furniture. creepy music
Views: 361 Social Experiment
Social Experiment - Conspiracy - Experimental Ambient
Download from Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/s-ocial-experiment/conspiricy a sort of dark ambient song. just kinda experimenting. reminds me of a cyber punk dystopia or something. to get the picture just type utopia into google images. Experimental dark Ambient music cyber punk god sci fi conspiracy conspiricy bass deus ex human "cyberpunk" communion i dont do drum cover 実験的なダークアンビエント陰謀社会実験 Экспериментальные темно Заговор социальный эксперимент окружающий परिवेश प्रयोगात्मक सामाजिक प्रयोग अंधेरे षड़यन्त्र
Views: 7347 Social Experiment
Social Experiment - As One
Something a bit different from what I normally upload.
Views: 184 Social Experiment
Dark Trance - Social EXperiment - Ghosts In The Machine
all pictures from konachan or google. i don't own the pictures (sept the social experiment one) this is sort of a experimental song kinda anlong the lines of a horror/ambient inspired type thing, concept ghosts in machines and that sort of stuff. tags dark trance Horror Hardstyle Social Experiment Ghosts In The Machine shuffle hard shell cyberpunk cyber punk experimental ambient techno ghost dark scary gothic evil dark trance i dont do drum cover サイバートランス 恐怖 暗い テクノ 攻殻機動隊 シェルのゴースト
Views: 6033 Social Experiment
Social Experiment - The Hunter
For all the people missing someone
Views: 44 Social Experiment
Social Experiment - Rust - Experimental ambient
An experimental cyberpunk ambient song. 実験的なアンビエント曲
Views: 220 Social Experiment
\Social Experiment - "Its Dark Now" - hell girl pics
a sort of sequal song to "Almost Night" more along the lines of what i originally was going to do. scaryness oooooo ghosties this video has automatic video responsing
Views: 19335 Social Experiment
DNAngel Pics - Social Xperiment - The Side Effects Of Drug Music
a song i made with some pics of d n angel anime. download from http://www.purevolume.com/SocialXperiment http://www.myspace.com/socialxperimenthardstyle http://twitter.com/dimmudhampyr NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED i do not in any way own the pictures (sept for the social xperiemtn one) credit for the rest goes to the talented people that made them
Views: 1526 Social Experiment
Social Experiment - LVX-1 The Dream
Follow me on https://soundcloud.com/s-ocial-experiment https://hearthis.at/socialexperiment/
Views: 111 Social Experiment
Social eXperiment - Reflective offensive - Rozen maiden amv
rozen maide rules experimenting with industrial rock/metal stuff
Views: 240 Social Experiment
Social Experiment - Dance of the Dead: Chapter One
Chapter One of this spooky song book
Views: 37 Social Experiment
Social Experiment - Through The Nebula
Views: 17 Social Experiment
Social Xperiment - "Almost Night"
haha when i started out i was going for something very different oh well i think this sounds pretty cool.
Views: 142 Social Experiment
Social Xperiment - The Fastest Fingers In The West. - 999bmp
lol was experiment with an idea of speed and randomness but a some what organised randomness. the tempo is 999bmp as the title says.
Views: 134 Social Experiment
Bananas Eat Monkeys *LQ
a short flash movie i had to make for tafe a year ago, i came up with the concept and did all the animation. sorry for the shitty quility but i had to compress it heaps to get it onto utube
Views: 358 Social Experiment
Social Experiment - Red Skies
https://soundcloud.com/s-ocial-experiment/social-experiment-red-skies https://hearthis.at/socialexperiment/red-skies/
Views: 64 Social Experiment
Social Experiment - Proxima
A simple trancy/techno song using orchestral instruments.
Views: 118 Social Experiment
saw theme - social xperiment remix
i decided to make a techno remix of the saw theme song. http://www.myspace.com/socialxperimenthardstyle download from http://www.purevolume.com/SocialXperiment
Views: 996 Social Experiment
Social Experiment -  Flying Through Cyberspace
A minimal experimental melodic ambient song with a cyberpunk feel to it.
Views: 56 Social Experiment
Neon Genesis Pics  - Social Xperiment  "There Is No New Moon"
sorta experimenting with an idea, hope you like.
Views: 272 Social Experiment
Social Experiment - Dance of the Dead Chapter Four
The Fourth chapter in The Dance of the Dead series Download from Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/s-ocial-experiment/dance-of-the-dead-chapter-four
Views: 46 Social Experiment

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