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KINJAZ "Fear None" | ARENA 2017 | Dance Video Reaction by Sonny Delight
Thank you for watching! Check out the original video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxc_igMzxXY&t=1s My Dance Video Dedicated to Kinjaz: https://youtu.be/jFAaalaDnLk Follow Me If You'd Like: Instagram - Sondev Snapchat - SNYDelight Songs throughout the video: stan the beatsmith. - Mask off. (stan's konoha remix)/ Fkj & Masego - Tadow
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FREESTYLE FRIDAY (5/5)| San Holo - We Rise
Hey everyone, this is a re-upload of my previous video! The "Dance Vlog" video was muted and removed due to copyrights. Therefore, I'm just re-uploading these freestyles individually because these weren't the songs that were copy written. Sank youuu, enjoy!
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Dubstep Freestyle: Jayglo - Rope Closer
Song: Jayglo - Rope Closer More dubstep poppin' videos coming soon
Views: 689 Sonny Delight
NBC World of Dance - Kinjaz: The Duels | Dance Video Reaction by Sonny Delight
Thank you for watching! Check out the original video here: https://youtu.be/Uz5mSBaoIV8 KINJAZ "Fear None" | ARENA 2017 | Dance Video Reaction: https://youtu.be/-k7mj_SLdB8 Instagram - Sondev Snapchat - SNYDelight Songs throughout the video: MRX▲VI∑R - Afta-1 - The Facts / TreeHôuse Vibes - chromonicci. _ KMB ~ Push And Pull / BNJMN. - Poppy
Views: 20329 Sonny Delight
SonnyDelight|Justin Bieber - Recovery: Dance Freestyle
720 or 1080. Filmed the day after WOD Boston, I just got so amped from it. I don't really listen to JB that much but this song is supahotfiyaaa! It starts off too quick so I also had to do a countdown for the beginning haha! Especially since he sampled Craig David too, I had to do a little somethin for this one.. Have fun with it, enjoy
Views: 1457 Sonny Delight
Dance Freestyle: Miguel - How Many Drinks
Ayyye check it out, recorded this on some free time. Listening to the video with phone speakers does this no justice, wear some headphones or speakers with dat bass Subscribe or leave a comment ill check out your dance vids too Peace!
Views: 789 Sonny Delight
FREESTYLE FRIDAY (4/5)| Wayne Wonder - No Letting Go
Hey everyone, this is a re-upload of my previous video! The "Dance Vlog" video was muted and removed due to copyrights. Therefore, I'm just re-uploading these freestyles individually because these weren't the songs that were copy written. Sank youuu, enjoy!
Views: 641 Sonny Delight
SKPades Dance Battle
Performing at SKPades, a school performance.
Views: 2087 Sonny Delight
Ian Eastwood vs. Brian Puspos|"24K Magic" by Bruno Mars|Dance Video Reaction by Sonny Delight
WHO DANCED IT BETTER? Let me know in the comments. My last reaction video: https://youtu.be/po7tr5m8a4g If you haven't seen these videos for yourself, here you go... Brian Puspos "24K Magic" Choreography: https://youtu.be/oMITUlMqWRU Ian Eastwood "24K Magic" Choreography: https://youtu.be/NJ9EEyVZiYw Like, share, subscribe. Thanks for watching! Check me out yo :D Instagram: Sondev
Views: 6292 Sonny Delight
Dance Freestyle: Jhene Aiko - Mirrors
Watch HD! Sabaideee, here's a freestyle I did some time ago. Subscribe Song: Jhene Aiko - Mirrors
Views: 1837 Sonny Delight
Dancing in Vientiane, Laos| Mura Masa - Lotus Eater| Inspired by @TheKinjaz
1080p this biscuit. With some good BASS Sup y'all it's been a minute! It has been about a year since my last upload, so you know I had to make a strong comeback lol.. Well I didn't go anywhere I've always been here, just not uploading vids that often. I will when I get the chance :) Gotta go hard with this dancing and having fun at the same time! Just watching videos of Kinjaz going off got me so amped I was inspired to make a video sorta like theirs. I was in Laos for a long period of time so you know I had to film while I was there, or else it would've been time wasted not making a dope dance video. I mean.. Look at that damn architecture!
Views: 3287 Sonny Delight
The Weeknd - High For This (Flufftronix Remix) - Dance Freestyle
Freestyling to The Weeknd - High For This (Flufftronix Remix). Cheaa
Views: 4876 Sonny Delight
Koosung Jung vs. Melvin Timtim |"Ric Flair Drip" by Offset & Metro Boomin| Reaction by Sonny Delight
WHO DANCED IT BETTER? Lmk in the comments. If you haven't seen these videos for yourself, here you go... Koosung Jung "Ric Flair Drip" Choreography: https://youtu.be/kWBiFvybCRw Melvin Timtim "Ric Flair Drip" Choreography: https://youtu.be/DApEfvh_EqI Like, share, subscribe. Thanks for watching! @Sondev
Views: 1574 Sonny Delight
*SonnyDelightProd Dance Freestyle: The Party & The After Party
Woo! Make sure you have good speakers to hear the BASS, Only danced to the second half of the song but I might make one to the first half too, this song is too good. Enjoy and subscribe Song: The Weeknd - The Party & The After Party
Views: 448 Sonny Delight
Dubstep Freestyle: KOAN Sound - Meanwhile, In The Future
Video footage from months back, wanted to upload it. Good dubstep is good. Comment, Like, Subscribe!
Views: 444 Sonny Delight
*PARTYNEXTDOOR - Break From Toronto: Dance Freestyle
Wassup, enjoy this freestyle to Break From Toronto, song goes off!!
Views: 4155 Sonny Delight
Sound & Movement| Flying Lotus - Tea Leaf Dancers| Dance Freestyle
Vibin in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.. Dancers: Michael Badejo and Sonny Delight Thanks for watching! Make sure to subscribe to my boy @MichaelBadejo
Views: 1431 Sonny Delight
*SonnyDelightProd|Migos - Versace ft. Drake: Dance Freestyle
720 or 1080p yao. Wassup I was mad bored and made this little concept vid lmao it's for fun so enjoy that ish! Shoutout to all other dancers that subscribe to me too
Views: 660 Sonny Delight
Dance Freestyle: The Weeknd - Till Dawn(Here Comes The Sun)
Subscribe please! Thanks for the support and feedback =D ***Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.***
Views: 893 Sonny Delight
Dance Freestyle: Trey Songz - Fumble
Fumble! Inspired by Brian Puspos. Been wanting to make a video to this for a while, took at least 5 takes to do this, I've been slacking =/
Views: 773 Sonny Delight
Dance Freestyle: Miguel - Do You...
LISTEN with headphones so you can hear the bass hits lol 720p So frizzing out my hands and toes were numb! 1080p Enjoy this lil freestyle, this song is too good. All of Miguel's songs are on point! Might do a remake, I thought this one was iight
Views: 1233 Sonny Delight
Sonny Delight| Bryson Tiller - Exchange: Quick Freestyle
Just a quickie. Thank you all for the views and subscription :)
Views: 430 Sonny Delight
Sonny Delight & Michael Badejo| Gallant - Weight in Gold| Dance Freestyle
After days of mindlessly dancing, Mike and I finally decided to release something for y'all.. It's been too long. Enjoy! Edited by: Sonny Delight Add/follow/subscribe! Sonny Delight: INSTAGRAM - @Sondev YOUTUBE - @SonnyDelightProd Michael Badejo: YOUTUBE - @MichaelBadejo INSTAGRAM - @mic_bad SC - @Mikebad
Views: 568 Sonny Delight
*Dance Freestyle: Kendrick Lamar - Poetic Justice feat. Drake
Watch HD! Little freestyle I did recently, enjoy! Working on new choreos and dubstep videos coming next.
Views: 603 Sonny Delight
The Weeknd - The Zone Ft. Drake: Dance Freestyle
Nice lil freestyle from months back, working on a choreo atm so sit tight! Comment, Like, Subscribe! :)
Views: 209 Sonny Delight
FREESTYLE FRIDAY (3/5)| Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean
Hey everyone, this is a re-upload of my previous video! The "Dance Vlog" video was muted and removed due to copyrights. Therefore, I'm just re-uploading these freestyles individually because these weren't the songs that were copy written. Sank youuu, enjoy!
Views: 227 Sonny Delight
*J. Cole - Power Trip feat. Miguel: Dance Freestyle
720 or 1080p Enjoy! The water dripping from the ceiling made this look pretty dope I havent been practicing as much as I used to but I will! Have a nice day :D Comment, Like, Subscribe
Views: 525 Sonny Delight
*Dance Freestyle: Drake feat. The Weeknd - Crew Love
Wanted to upload this footage by itself because I like it, from months back
Views: 194 Sonny Delight
Poppin Freestyle: Fall Session - Szjerdene - Leila's Tale
To get lost where we belong. WATCH in 720 or 1080p foo!! Don't mind the hitman in the back, he's just on a mission. Coming up with a new style, just practicing. Comment, like, Subscribe pl0x!
Views: 266 Sonny Delight
Dubstep Poppin: SPL, 12th Planet - Lootin' 92 VIP
For you Dubheads out there make sure you got bass lol, peace. Filmed months ago I forgot about it
Views: 253 Sonny Delight
Freestyle Dance - The Weeknd - "Gone"
If Abel could freestyle this whole track so can I haha.. I'm gone, freestyling. enjoy The Weeknd - Gone Thursday
Views: 1780 Sonny Delight
*SonnyDelight|PARTYNEXTDOOR Ft. Drake - Recognize: Dance Freestyle
Watch 720p or 1080p :)This track by PARTYNEXTDOOR goes in, the beat its dope! I've been wanting to make a video to this
Views: 2162 Sonny Delight
Dubstep Poppin - Disturbing the Peace
720p or 1080p this ish! Wear a good pair of headphones for the BASS!! Haven't posted a poppin video in a while, I've been rusty with my poppin but I'm getting back to it.. Lmk what you think, and don't forget to subscribe!! Much Love Songs: Flux Pavilion - I Still Can't Stop Getter & Protohype - The Peak
Views: 202 Sonny Delight
*The Weeknd - Kiss Land: Dance Freestyle
Hellurr how ya durrin did a short freestyle to Kiss Land with a bonus vid at the end lol tell me what you think. Trying to switch up my dance style and I honestly having been practicing.. I'm a big slacker! Ahhhh!!
Views: 518 Sonny Delight
SonnyDelightProd: Drake - Hold On We're Going Home dance freestyle!
Hey comment, like subscribe! :) Enjoy this quick freestyle.. At first I didn't like this song that much but after hearing it more I got into the vibe with the track and decided to make a vid to it
Views: 583 Sonny Delight
Choreo Cover - "Massive Attack" by Nicki Minaj
My first time doing choreography, still learning I wanted to try something different I'm used to just poppin but choreography is something I want to get into. If you don't like it idc just don't watch this shiiet. Song: Nicki Minaj - Massive Attack
Views: 365 Sonny Delight
Drake - "Headlines" - Freestyle
Comment, Rate, Subscribe
Views: 185 Sonny Delight
*SonnyDelightProd|PARTYNEXTDOOR - Welcome to the Party: Dance Freestyle
720 or 1080p Doesnt matter but I was just messing around with the colors and kept it like this, Lookin like the incredible hulk lol
Views: 1765 Sonny Delight
Sonny Delight| Kingdom Hearts: Dearly Beloved (Violin Cover by Taylor Davis)| Dance Freestyle
Ello! Enjoy this freestyle to one of my favorite instrumentals OF ALL TIME! I remember the first time I've ever popped in Kingdom Hearts into my PS2 and had the feels man.. The soundtrack is so beautiful it can make a grown man cry :') the moment I first saw the violin cover I had a rush of nostalgia, thanks to Taylor Davis. Check out her violin cover here: http://youtu.be/1bzizsJfOlw Like, share, subscribe! I have something cookin up for y'all so sit tight, peace.
Views: 705 Sonny Delight
Freestyle Dance: The Morning (Cruel Summer)
WATCH IN 1080p. Wanted to try some new cinematic filming rather than just putting dancing up. Song: Raekwon, Common, Pusha T, 2 Chainz, Cyhi The Prynce, Kid Cudi, Dbanj - The Morning
Views: 366 Sonny Delight
Poppin Freestyle: Chill Vibes Session
1080p diz bish. At the ocean. Comment, Like, Subscribe please :)
Views: 175 Sonny Delight
Dubstep Freestyle: Lifecycle - Zero X (Requake Remix)
Watch in 720 or 1080 Please listen with BASED headphones, max it buah. Comment, Like, Subscribe, more to come! Shout out to my subscribers that have been watching my videos for some time now
Views: 338 Sonny Delight
The Weeknd - Trust Issues - Quick Freestyle
Quick freestyle to Trust Issues Comment, Rate Subscribe!
Views: 3610 Sonny Delight
Drake - A Night Off (feat. Lloyd) - Dance Freestyle
Comment, Rate, Subscribe please.
Views: 593 Sonny Delight
300 Subscribers Dance Freestyle: The Weeknd - Sango Remixes
I know it's mad blurry, I couldn't focus it right lol but Listen with headphones that have good BASS. I was going to say a couple of words in this video but they were deleted by accident lol but I just want to say thanks for helping me reach 300 subscribers! Woo I know that's not alot but I truly appreciate the support from you all(viewers) It's been a while since I've uploaded a new video and I'm rusty af haha I'll upload more often when I can :)) ok payce!
Views: 827 Sonny Delight
Usher - "Can You Handle It" - Freestyle
Inspired by Brian Puspos
Views: 298 Sonny Delight
FREESTYLE FRIDAY (2/5)| Hotline Bling(Charlie Puth & Kehlani Cover) (Wildfellaz & Arman Cekin Remix)
Hey everyone, this is a re-upload of my previous video! The "Dance Vlog" video was muted and removed due to copyrights. Therefore, I'm just re-uploading these freestyles individually because these weren't the songs that were copy written. Sank youuu, enjoy!
Views: 760 Sonny Delight
Freestyle Poppin
WATCH IN 720p OR 1080p Finally got a chance to record with a new camera, cold as f*ck at the beach. Songs: Robin Thicke - Lost Without You (Remix) Justice - Phantom
Views: 458 Sonny Delight
Freestyles: Justin Timberlake - Mirrors/Ellie Goulding - Tessellate
Enjoy these freestyles I was on a trip to Boston and wanted to make some quickies, enjoy!
Views: 584 Sonny Delight

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