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Ich bin nicht der Eigentümer dieser Audio- und Bildgeniestreiche.
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YoshiSimi Fourth MW3  Dualtage [PC]
Watch it till the end! Spend some time on this dualtage and so please appreciate my work by likes and comments. Simoh Songs: 1:RAC - Lovefool (ft. Liz Anjos) 2:Vicetone vs Nico Vega - Beast (Radio Edit) 3:hans zimmer - time (Auva ChillStep Remix)
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RIOT by Simoh | A Battlefield 3 PC Montage
Like/Favorite/Comment this video. It doesnt take long and it helps me getting more attention :) Hey guys, it's finally here! After a lot hours of playing, editing and rendering it's done. I'm proudly presenting my first battlefield 3 montage, RIOT! Leave a like and a comment and tell me what which moment you've enjoyed the most. Songs by: Stan SB-Need Me Like a Storm-Lie to me Blue Stahli-Ultranumb Cinematics: Mashed8 http://www.youtube.com/user/mashed8 Special thanks to: Dem schwarzen Max Rage-Army Simoh
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YoshiSimi First MW3 Sniping Dualtage [PC]
Zuerst lesen! Hi zusammen, das is unsere erste Montage, wir haben recht lang daran gearbeitet und es war schon ein beachtlicher Zeitaufwand. Wir möchten uns für das bescheidene Editing und ein paar kleine Fails entschuldigen, die nächsten Videos werden besser :) Programme: Sony Vegas/Cinema 4D/Fraps/MSI Afterburner Unsere eigenen Channel:http://www.youtube.com/user/TWYoshi Yoshi http://www.youtube.com/user/SimiClips Simi Es werden noch weitere Videos folgen, mit besserer Qualität und besserem Editing ;) Danke fürs Anschauen! Musik by: E dubble- Let me OH! (Freestyle Friday #9) Cro-Dreh auf! Bitte kommentiert und bewertet :) -YoshiSimi
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One Day In Life | YoshiSimi
Hey fellows, this is the first ever RL edit on our channel. Just a nice summer day in germany :) Trampoline and water jumping videos incoming, with better tricks and better weather. song:Warriyo - Addiction (Original mix) Simon
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GAET entry week 5 by YS
Yo guys, at first, happy christmas to all of you. Hope you like this entry, althought I failed one effect :/ Maybe I'm gonna switch to AE, so stay tuned and please support my work on YT. Disclaimer: All Credit goes to the Above Artist/Label for the Audio Used. This song is for entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement intended. Society Simoh
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YoshiSimi OCC 59 Entry
Yo guys, tried some new things, it's not really as I wanted it to be, but still okay :) Please give me some feedback, so I can learn more and increase my skills. (Y) Simoh Song:
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Conquered | A Battlefield 4 PC Dualtage
Hey fellows, I finally finished my first bf4 montage with Max. It took me quiet a long time, but I guess in the end it all worked out. Hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, don't forget to subscribe for more! -Simon Clips by: Schwabbelschwein and Simohy Edit by: Simohy Cinematics: Simohy, Max and some Uncut members Music: Blue Stahli- Down in Flames Fox Stevenson- Out there Thanks to: Ramona Team Terra Uncut I don't own the music used in this video and I don't use it in profitable usage.
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YoshiSimi OCC Week 52 Entry
Yo guys, thats my 5th OCE, and I think it turned out really good! I don't really think it's good enough to place, but my best edit yet! If you enjoy my videos, sub, like and comment :) As always, 100% Sony Vegas :) Sony: Handbook-Marilyn Monroe Buy: http://handbook.bandcamp.com/track/marilyn-monroe Take a moment to look at his other tracks and support him: http://soundcloud.com/handbook http://handbook.bandcamp.com -Simoh
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YoshiSimi Third MW3 Sniping Dualtage [PC]
Short clip after a couple of rendern fails. Hope you like and if you enjoy, give a like and sub us! -SIMI
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occ66 entry by simoh
couldn't edit for some weeks because I got a new PC, but now I'm back in buisness and that's my new entry for the occ 66 :) sub if have enjoyed it! Disclaimer: All Credit goes to the Above Artist/Label for the Audio Used. This song is for entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement intended. -simoh
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YoshiSimi Leftover Minitage by Simoh
READ FIRST! These are clips, I've got long time ago, when I was recording with the wrong settings, so I didnt't get 60 FPS. But some of them are pretty sick and I didn't want to delete them, that's why I made this little minitage. I didn't use any twixtor here,but I hope you still like it! Song: With Crown and Tail- The Hereafter Simoh
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"INCREASED" MW3 PC Dualtage by YoshiSimi [100% Sony Vegas]
Hey guys, today we're bringing you a new big upload, maybe the last YoshiSimi dualtage ever :( We were working hard for it and i think the result turned out pretty nice, although there are still mistakes. So hope you guys enjoy and don't forget to sub, rate and subscribe. Programs used: Fraps Sony Vegas and the Plugins: -Twixtor -MagicBulletLooks Saint SIMOH
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YoshiSimi GAET Entry Week#3
Hey guys, hope you enjoy my new edit :) As always, please give me some feedback. Likes and comments don't take many time and it really helps me to keep my motivation for editing. Simon
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OCC67 by Simoh
Like for my hard work? :)
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loose myself tonight- by simoh [100% Vegas]
hit this shot today and decided to make an oce from it. I tried to work alot with cinematics but I dont really know how to think about it. May you tell me what you like/dislike? Every feedback's appreciated :) Simoh
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YoshiSimi SoRaF#4 mw3 episode
hey guys, I proudly present you the fourth episode from my series "the story of rise and fall". hope you enjoy and I appreciate every feedback! 100% Sony Vegas -Simoh
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YoshiSimi Second MW3 Sniping Dualtage [PC]
Nur ein paar Clips von uns :) Bewertung und Kommentar helfen uns weiter! Song:Let It Go - Eddy B & Tim Gunter - Overseas EP Danke Ramo fürs Ladekabel :)
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three clips, three games
do you like it? tell me what you think! feedback'd be great!
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Simoh | The story of rise and fall #1 |
Ne eigene Minitage, weil Yoshi wegen seinem kaputten PC nich zocken kann :S Sorry für das schlechte Editing an sich, für das laggende Twixtor und die Light Rays, hab bisschen gefailt. Hab mir aufjedenfall Mühe gegeben :) Music by:KDrew-Bullseye Liken und kommentieren wäre nett, wenns euch taugt dann aboniert uns für weitere Vids :) -Simi
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Simoh | the story of rise and fall #3 |
yo guys, hope you enjoy my third episode :) Rate and comments would be sick! -Simoh
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YoshiSimi OCC/OrignialHive Week 55 Entry
[Reuploaded] Please give me some feedback in the comments below! :) 100% Sony Vegas! Song: Youngblood Hawke - We Come Running (Vicetone Remix) Simoh
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checkentry by simoh
yo, my entry for the check rc, hope you enjoy it and please like and comment this video to show me that you liked it. Song: Matt Eamon- Bullet and a target Disclaimer: All Credit goes to the Above Artist/Label for the Audio Used. This song is for entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement intended. -simoh
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7man :)
Just uploading this to stay active + I hope some channels will upload/ use it :) SIMOH
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YoshiSimi GAET Entry Week 4
Yo, telll me what you like/ don't like :) Disclaimer: All Credit goes to the Above Artist/Label for the Audio Used. This song is for entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement intended. Song: Coat-Handss [100% SV]
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Aimeey got swag#5 by me (Simoh)
Hey guys, this is the first time ever I've done an episode for somebody else, and I think it turned out pretty good, apart from the twixtor :) Please like and share this vid to make more please see my vids! -Simoh Song: Plan Three- Still Broken
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YoshiSimi MULTI (OCE)
Hey yo guys, OCE #2 by me, effects are a bit short, so you cant see them that good. Hope you enjoy, SIMOH "Song: Oscillation - Paranoia Oscillation's channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialOscillation "
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FINAL | A Battlefield 3 Montage by Simoh
------------PLEASE READ------------ Hey guys, hanks for watching my new montage called final. I decided to edit to a unique music style, which normally isn't used in montages. Hope you enjoyed it, liking, commenting and adding this video to your favorites helps alot and motivates me to keep on editing. Song: Bastille- No Angels (feat Ella) Gameplay, cinematics and editing by me. Simoh
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YoshiSimi Simoh EP#2
Like for my hard work? :) As always, 100% Sony Vegas! Sorry for shitty motion tracking :/ Song: Pendulum - Fasten Your Seatbelt(PrototypeRaptor Bootleg Remix)
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YoshiSimi .DE Contest Entry [3rd]
Hey yo guys, this is a new OCE made by me, its also my contest entry for Dynamic Editing.. If you enjoy, please like, comment and don't forget to sub me! Sorry for shitty "motion tracking".. [100% Sony Vegas] Son: Cinema Sleep- Take me home Simoh
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cantina band-shotgun sync- by simoh
i love editing to unique songs :D song: cantina band-star wars
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enki 2k contest entry by simoh
just a short edit to stay active. dualtage with yoshi coming soon! simoh
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Simoh's 3rd OCE: .DE Contest Entry
Hey guys, this is my first time taking part in an editing contest and I hope you enjoy. It turned it different as I expected it but I'm pretty happy with it. Song:TeeTs - Capture My Attention SIMOH
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Could have been a sick headshotfeed
Tha im just too blind and havent got enough luck :(
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FFA-Trippleheadshot feed for Optic Midnite's Top 5 FFA Plays of the Week
Got this sick feed some days ago and I hope i can place! Simoh
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Conquered II || A BF4 PC Dualtage by Simohy
My last battlefield montage. I never did it for the views or the popularity (as you can see :D), but for the fun gaming and editing. The thing is, I quit playing battlefield. I'm not sure what kind of videos I will be doing next, but you can be sure there will be some! Players: Max and Simohy Editor: Simohy Songs: Ilan Bluestone & Jerome Isma-Ae - Tension (Original Mix) Blue Stahli- Takedown The Eden Project- Circles Thanks for watching. Simon
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YoshiSimi 4d1 3CE
Turned out very different as I expected it, but i decided to upload it as well. If you enjoyed it, please like and comment :) Simoh
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71 by Simoh{100%Vegas}
Drop a like and please please, just leave some feedback for me! It would help alot to increase my editing, because I'm really stucked and I don't really get better Simoh
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taube nüsschen by simoh
kinda ashamed uploading this, but it was quiet fun editing it. simoh song: spongebob-taube nüsschen
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OCC72 entry by simoh
Failed lots of things in this vid, but it's still not my badest work :) Feedback would be great! -simoh Song: Infinity-Heaven
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YoshiSimi DE Contest Entry Week #5
Hey guys, i tried some new stuff in this edit, so don't hate and tell me what you think :) Also, please tell me what kind of videos you wanna see. Simoh :) Song:Neutralize- Shining Through The Light Ft. Emily Underhill (Culture Code Remix)
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occ89 by simoh
not my best, but tell me what you think!
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*occ73 by simoh
reuploaded because I found the first one a bit too bright. That ones too blue imo but fuck yeah im gonna upload it! -Simoh
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My clips for the Avis RC (ARC)
If anybody wants to see all of my appclips, please tell me :) Simoh
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OCC70 entry by simoh
yo guys, just a quick edit for occ week's entry number 70! hope you like it, and please take your time to like if you enjoyed it :) -simoh song: Above & Beyond - Thing Called Love (Culture Code Remix)
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three clips, three games #2
short upload. simoh
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magic round | cs:go footage /w long range ns wall bang, one-deags..
Really sick round. Met some crazy random mates and we just ended up trolling and smashing the enemy. Apart from that, I hit some really nice shots and so I decided to upload them. No music, no effects, just demo footage. I'm not happy with the quality yet, I might change some things.
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Battlefield Montage Teaser by Simoh
COMING SOON! Song:Level 5-Neumannfilms http://www.youtube.com/user/Neumannfilms Short cinematic in the beginning by: http://www.youtube.com/user/mashed8 -Simoh
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glow - an occ88 entry by simoh
short upload. what do you think? tell me! simoh beast song:T-Mass-Beauty in Thirds
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Leftover #1
Reupload, i failed at the first time. CC by: www.youtube.com/user/enkiedit
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