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Doom nuts.wad [no kill]
Difficulty: Hurt me plenty Time: 0:58 I was bored so I tried to record myself doing nuts.wad without cheating nor killing any demons. (sorry for the 10 seconds struggling for pressing the end level switch) GZDoom download: http://gzdoom.drdteam.org/page.php?page=download Nuts.wad download: http://www.moddb.com/games/doom-ii/addons/nuts-nuts-2-and-nuts-3
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Doom PSX on PC [E1M8] (Episode 1 finale)
This is the last level of the 1st episode of the PSX Doom (with the 2 Barons of Hell aka the "Bruiser Brothers" Playlist link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvNn3MxYhgcGb2VFSSL1Cutf8XP776gc1
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Kirby Super Star: part 5 [Crystal Field]
After 2 weeks I decided to continue the Kirby Super Star let's play by doing the crystal field level, i won't 100% the game but I'll get the chest in my way. I'll also upload the other Ys PCE boss video as usual (alternating between them and another video)
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Ys I PC Engine CD: Vagullion
I hate this boss, he has only a little frame of vulnerability and the bats are spreading over half of the room size, he can feign regrouping into it's vulnerable form to hit you easily as you dash toward him... At least I've beaten it with the full silver set. Then I'll go to the Darm Tower
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Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst: Dark Falz [Very Hard]
DISCLAIMER: do not raise the sound level because I accidentally put it to the lowest at the beggining. I love fighting this boss even if I cannot do the Ultimate version in solo mode
Views: 17 ikagura
Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst: Sil Dragon [Ultimate]
I am playing PSO on the Ultima server Sola1 RAmarl Lv 143
Views: 49 ikagura
Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst: Cave to De Rol Le
Time to beat the second boss of the first episode
Views: 12 ikagura
Gunstar Heroes Seven Force
For me it's one of the best video game boss ever made
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Darius Burst Chronicle Saviour Gameplay
Just a showcase of another Darius game (following G-Darius)
Views: 14 ikagura
Half Life parcours d'obstacles (Français)
Ceci est une de mes rares vidéos en fr car je voulais rejouer a Half-Life en Français
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Sonic Robo Blast 2 Part 1 [Green Flower Zone]
Another video for Sonic's 26th anniversary with what I consider like one of the best Sonic fangame I've ever played. This fangame was made since 1998 using the Doom engine (with some tweaks like the bridges) I play with Tails (one of my fav character in the serie ^^). This is how a 3D Sonic game should be for me.
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Doom PSX on PC [E1M7]
I think I've got lost at some point hehe. Playlist link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvNn3MxYhgcGb2VFSSL1Cutf8XP776gc1
Views: 11 ikagura
Sonic Robo Blast 2 Part 9 [Egg Rock Core] (Final)
The final boss of this fangame! It is based off Metal Robotnick/Black Eggman from the OVAs, the fight is like a overpowered cyberdemon, you need to put out its electricity by making it walking into the lava, carefull to not fall toward the end
Views: 40 ikagura
Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim Boss Rush (Normal)
Me trying to do the boss rush without dying (too much)
Views: 29 ikagura
Sonic & Knuckles Collection (PC) Part 4 [Carnival Night]
No jam for this level sadly
Views: 200 ikagura
Smash Bros Legacy XP: Mage Ganondorf
My new fav character
Views: 238 ikagura
Doom PSX on PC [E1M4]
the 5th episode of the Doom PSX total conversion. Enjoy! Playlist link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvNn3MxYhgcGb2VFSSL1Cutf8XP776gc1
Views: 21 ikagura
Kirby Super Star: part 11 [Nova and Marx] (Final)
The final episode of Kirby Super Star is here! I liked to do that great game once again! See you for other Kirby games!
Views: 29 ikagura
Sonic Robo Blast 2 Part 6 [Red Volcano Zone]
This level would be much more complicated without Tail's flying ability. At least this zone is good looking and only contain one act without any boss like Arid Canyon.
Views: 22 ikagura
Ys VI the Ark of Napishtim: Demi-Galba [Hard] (Catastrophe Mode)
Yet another video about Ys but this time I make a pause on the PCE Ys 1 bosses to show a Ys 6 one
Views: 38 ikagura
G-Darius level 1 (PS1 - Arcade mode)
This shmup has one of my favourite OST ever!
Views: 56 ikagura
Half-Life killer scientist
A common bug from the blast pit generator room.
Views: 23 ikagura
Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst: Canadine bug
This is a short video to show that the canadines (Canabin in Ultimate) doesn't triggers their self-destruction when you kill their Canane (Canune in Ultimate) leader outside of their aggro range. Ultima PSOBB server.
Views: 56 ikagura
Sonic & Knuckles Collection (PC) Part 14 [Doomsday] (Final)
For the last part I show the last boss of the game + the true last boss (Doomsday) I died several times because it's hard
Views: 229 ikagura
Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim: first 3 mini bosses
The 3 minibosses of Ys 6 (Gaposdhala, Piana-Pius and Noodollon) Yes I died once on the 3rd miniboss but that doesn't count during the boss rush)
Views: 29 ikagura
Ys I Saturn: Nygtilger
I like that boss (even if its the easiest one in the serie) I couldn't run the music properly so I used the youtube OST https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpnzk4S5sEA&list=PLzFTGYa_evXjWJAn19lFm7R4V43uk42dR&index=7
Views: 9 ikagura
Radiant silvergun PC gameplay
I have recorded on Yabause saturn emulator Game mode: ARCADE Player Stock: 10 Extend type: 1 000 000 every I dont play that bad normally but i checked the preview at the same time
Views: 568 ikagura
Half-Life Opposing Force: Chumtoad + Temporal Paradox easter egg
Just a short video because I haven't made one for days (too busy playing half life ^^) So I'm here showing a little easter egg in the first half-life standalone game: Opposing Force Chapter: We are not alone
Views: 67 ikagura
Sonic & Knuckles Collection (PC) Part 8 [Flying Battery]
Also one of my favourite level in the game
Views: 101 ikagura
Test on Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst
Its just a test on psobb PS: RIP Scthack server
Views: 197 ikagura
Half Life: Restore-Life quick gameplay
This is a mod made by Vect0R released the 2nd of October. It is supposed to fix some unused and broken feature in the game Link for the mod: http://www.moddb.com/mods/restore-life/downloads/restore-life
Views: 113 ikagura
Doom PSX on PC [E1M5]
After some waiting I've finally continued my little let's play of the tc. Nothing complicated in the level except the ammount of ennemies Playlist link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvNn3MxYhgcGb2VFSSL1Cutf8XP776gc1
Views: 11 ikagura
Ys Celceta PC test
A quick test with the PC version of Ys: Memories of Celceta by Joyoland (a chinese company that ported Ys Seven and Celceta on PC). I have a translated patch version for the game
Views: 81 ikagura
Kirby Super Star Milky Way Wishes intro
A teaser for the final part of my Kirby Super Star Playthrough
Views: 43 ikagura
Ys I PC Engine CD: Pictimos
well i like most mantis designed bosses in any videogames
Views: 19 ikagura
Doom 2 [Hurt Me Plenty] Part 1
It's been a long time since I've played Doom
Views: 23 ikagura
Terraria Wall of Flesh REMATCH []
It is me doing the Wall of Flesh
Views: 137 ikagura
Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst: Vol Opt [Very Hard]
I haven't the level for the ultimate version of it This time i put a widescreen (16:9) option for visual comfort. RAmarl Lv 141 on the Ultima server
Views: 37 ikagura
Kirby's Dream Land 1 casual playthrough
To celebrate Kirby's 26th anniversary The first game was always an odd one in the serie (no copy abilities, pressing up to fly, the controls were stiffer than the later game) but I still like the uniqueness of the first one. By the way I died like an idiot @ 9:57 (I still hate Kracko Jr in this game)
Views: 17 ikagura
Nights (Elliot) + Ending + Christmas Night
Doing the 2nd story of the game
Views: 11 ikagura
Ys Origin: Flooded Prison Arena Hugo  [Normal]
This is just a test video with OBS (Open Broadcast Software). I know the quality is low but i plan to ameliorate it later
Views: 106 ikagura
Doom PSX on PC [E1M1]
This is the PS1 version of Doom on PC thanks to this Total Conversion mod Difficulty is Ultra Violence to show off every ennemies in the level (and because the UV of this version is easier) Don't hesitate to like and subscribe! You can ask me if you want a Doom let's play soon Playlist link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvNn3MxYhgcGb2VFSSL1Cutf8XP776gc1
Views: 108 ikagura
Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst: Forest grinding
Doing the governement quest 1-2 and 1-3 Also beating the first boss: the Dragon
Views: 13 ikagura
Ys I PC Engine CD: Dark Fact [Final Boss]
This is it, the final boss of Ys 1. Dark Fact is much more easier than his Chronicle counterpart but it's still an epic fight with a great dialogue sequence before the fight
Views: 45 ikagura
Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst: in the Ruins
Beggining the fourth and last level of the first episode
Views: 51 ikagura
Sonic & Knuckles Collection (PC) Part 6 [Launch Base] (Sonic 3 end)
I had trouble finding my way in the 1st act... Anyway I have the seven chaos emerald now (I did the special stage right before recording)
Views: 90 ikagura
Sonic 4 Episode 2
The (way better) sequel to the first episode
Views: 24 ikagura
Half-Life Source: Barney Glitch 2
Just another glitch from Barney in Half-life Source
Views: 22 ikagura
Phantasy Star Universe Clementine Stream
Woohoo that's working!
Views: 64 ikagura

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