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adn0ne + do0msday vs TewChaynz + lisaa - 2v2 on Kohi!
we got rocked LOOOOL gf tewchaynz and lisaa :D hope you guys see this!!!!!! Pack: WeInHereBB 8k pack Song: Ivan B - Teenage Dreamers IP: kohi.us I do not own any of the audio used in my videos! All audio is used for entertainment purposes only!
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1v1 with Kamehamaha on Mineclash!
Hey guys! Hope you enjoy double uploads! MAYBE EVEN A TRIPLE UPLOAD! We'll see about that :P GF to Kamehamaha! Pack: PRIVATE Don't ask for it IP: play.mineclash.com Song: 1. Abstract - I Wrote You A Letter 2. K-391 - Triple Rush I do not own any of the audio used in my videos! All audio is used for entertainment purposes only!
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xFinessed using reach
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Update Video! - iPvP SOTW
Hope you guys enjoyed! Remember to like and subscribe. So I have joined Persia on iPvP (HCF #2). I haven't been uploading because I haven't found good stuff to upload or record. Thanks for understanding. Info: Server: iPvP (hcfpvp.net) HCF Server #2 Song: my voice :D Pack: Some random one :)
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OxPvP - Crate Key Opening - Episode 1
Hey guys! Hopefully you guys like this series! It's kinda boring but hopefully you enjoy. Sometimes my videos make my internet crash while uploading and I give up. See ya guys! People in video: Adnone: https://www.youtube.com/user/xConsoleGame Server: mc.simplyhcf.com Pack: Pink Crocs (private) Song: Hey Mama (D!STO Remix) I do not own any of this music in my videos! All of the music in my videos are used for entertainment purposes ONLY!
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1v1 with Conman1302 on Mineclash!
GF! I wanna try to get 1 or 2 more fights on Mineclash before it updates to the gay ass 1.9. Enjoy guys! Song: G-Eazy - Almost Famous IP: play.mineclash.com Pack: Danteh's Dynamic Duo pack!
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Kohi 1v1 - Mr_Wingman
Gf man! Elo series tomorrow I guess. *Also, he did quick drop me a couple times before we got this good fight xD* IP - badlion.net, kohi.us Pack - Find the pack in the video "Rape Series - VitaPvP" by Verzide Song - Hi-Rez - Your Soul I do not own any of the music used in my videos! All of the music's rights go to their respective owners.
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How to be called out for hacks on Mineclash
Steps: 1. get on an alt that has a low rank 2. give them good gear 3. pvp and try to get called out for hacks 4. ban or you are getting called a g0d gg IP: play.mineclash.com (1.8 only so no toggle sprint or good hit detection) Texture Pack: TeeqHD's pack idk what is it its op tho gg Song: either no song or some random one LOL
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am back - Reasons I left/Came back - admitting to cheating in the past??????!!!!!!!!
thank you guys for supporting me :) Talking part is 5:29 onward Music is a live playlist called something of the lines of "Chill/Study/Game Playlist" Pack is some random one idk what it is.
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Sarefine 1v1 with keystrokes ~ Sorry for not uploading ಠ益ಠ
Sorry for not uploading lately! Pack - idk Song - Stay With You by Coyote Kisses IP - us.sarefine.com I do not own any of the music used in my videos! All credit goes to their respective owners.
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Kohi Practice 1 - Part 1 ~ Fun times!
Hey guys! Hope you enjoy! I had recently gotten braces so my mouth has been hurting a lot so I didn't upload a talking video. Expect Simply HCF videos Saturday or Sunday! I also was very fun recording and editing the video! Sorry for the cut out at the end for the music, I couldn't find a good music that would fit perfectly for the video. IP: Kohi.us Song: #1. Between the Devil and a Deep Blue Sea - XYLO #2. Better Off - Hendersin Texture Pack: Private Pack: Not for download :( sorry
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First Video :D 1v1 with UnderkULF
First vid ;) Enjoy! Should have lost :\ I was losing and he decided to pop.. rip. Server: kohi.us or kohi.eu Pack: Apexey's EUM3 Edit! Song:
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1v1 with ScrubRabbit on Mineclash!
Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoy! Will be posting more often! Also gf to ScrubRabbit! ScrubRabbit: https://www.youtube.com/user/xConsoleGame IP: play.mineclash.com Pack: Stimpay HCteams edit Song: This is War - Nightcore I do not own any the music used in my videos! I give all credit to whoever made this music! Person who made the music(NightcoreReality)-https://www.youtube.com/user/NightcoreReality Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7CuNfVq790
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2018 01 04 14 40 09
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Badlion - Clicking Video!
Hey guys! Sorry for not uploading last week. I quickly made this video before going to bed! Hopefully you guys enjoyed! Pack: Razerfire Mashup (new on his channel) ip: na.badlion.com
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Looking For Faction - ParaPots 1v1
So, I am currently looking for a faction on any HCF servers. If you would like to recruit me, send me a pm or comment down below. Hope you liked the video! Server: Parapots.com Pack: Some random one Song; My beautiful voice :)
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PulsePvP HCF Red - Episode 1 Part 2 - Getting Started!
This is part 2 of 2 of my PulsePvP let's play! Thanks for the support lately! Pack: i don't know lmao IP: play.pulsepvp.org Song: Play Doe - Montana of 300
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Rematch - ImTraqic (Name Change)
Hey guys! Hope you guys enjoyed a rematch against ImTraqic! He had changed his name to Twrlly so yeah :P Double upload! You guys have been really liking my content so I enjoy the feedback greatly! You guys are the best :) Pack: oOYawnOo's Blueberry Pack Song: Love Won't Sleep - LostBoyCrow IP: west.kohi.us, kohi.us, or kohi.eu I do not own any of the music/audio used in my videos. All audio is used for entertainment purposes only!
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When my IRL friends 1v1 me
rekt bitch Thanks to Noah my IRL friend for letting me use him as a rag doll. Song: Spooky Scary Skeletons (Living Tombstone Remix) I do not own any of the music used in my videos! It is used all for entertainment purposes only!
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1v1 with Moon_Zoon
ez. :3 1v1 with the bae himself, Moon_Zoon. gf m8 Moon_Zoon: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIhA7uE3pNIEI4WWB8yezrQ Texture Pack: Basketball PvP's Youtube FPS Basketball PvP's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBAPELOaSrLz4WK40BayTZg Pack Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/iiz0bsx9jz95941/%21%21%21YoutubeFPS.zip Song: Server: Kohi.us
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1v1 on Badlion
Hey guys, sorry for not uploading as much, I've had school and my birthday was this past monday (October 19th) so I had no time to upload. Hope you guys forgive me for lack of uploads and hope you enjoy :D IP: badlion.us Pack: Basketball PvP's Fire Fade pack Song: 109 Degrees by Henderson I do not own any of the music that is used in my videos!
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Kohi - Cubecore - w/ do0msday!
Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed! My friend do0msday who was only there for half the video was very nice to accompany me, and hopefully you subscribe to him! I had turned on view bobbing off because my fps was lagging a lot. Hopefully you enjoyed the sweet but short video! PS: i got in a semi power faction on kohi! expect some let's plays or pvp clips ;) do0msday: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHGbvE4SX1Y5mRSjJKkLmSA Song - Gioni - Trigger IP - kohi.us, kohi.eu, west.kohi.net Pack: Gr33n pack I do not own any of the music used in my videos. All music is used for entertainment purposes only.
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Ovid HCF - Map 3 Episode 1 - Kiting and Farming!
Hey guys! I finally decided to make a Map 3 video! Hope you guys enjoy! It took a very long time to edit and render the videos. Sorry for the skype calls in the video, my friend didn't know I was recording. Hope you enjoyed :D IP: ovidhcf.com Pack: Cerulean Made By Tory I do not own any of the music used in my videos! All music is used for entertainment purposes only!
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New channel/Update
NEW CHANNEL! uploading first vid now! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOSjV2KJfMX9SldmAq6ntKw
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OxPvP - Motion Blur Test!
This is a test of using Gosu's new motion blur texture pack! IP: play.simplyhcf.com Pack: Kyle Smile's FPS Pack #2 Song: none
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Badlion Fight #2!
Hey guys! Like the video if you enjoyed! More quality videos coming soon. -Extra notes: Sorry about the hotter getting cut out, idk why it does that. I have Friday off this week so woohoo! Maybe one more upload before this weekend ends? We'll see :) Have a good Halloween! Pack: EUM3 Stumpy Pack (blue) Song: Stand By Me - Hendersin Server IP: badlion.us I do not own any of the music used in my videos!
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block glitchers
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1v1 with Droppi!
Hey guys! Hope you guys enjoy this 1v1 with my friend Droppi! Hopefully you guys are liking the weekly uploads! Pack: Thame's Private FPS Pack IP: west.kohi.us kohi.us kohi.eu Song: Still Cold - Night Lovell I do not own any of the audio in my videos! All audio is used for entertainment purposes only!
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PulsePvP HCF Red - Episode 1 Part 1 - Getting Started!
Hey guys! This is part 1 of 2 parts of PulsePvP HCF Red series! Hope you guys enjoy! 2nd part coming out soon! Pack: i don't know lmao IP: play.pulsepvp.org Song: Play Doe - Montana of 300
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why did i do this
kill me now ur welcome verdite was in this video he's very fat the turtle porn guy was downings and the guy that was saying ahhhh the whole time was oidee or sobers please like or subscribe or I'm going to hurt u jk I'm fat don't talk to me u downy
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I said I was releasing this at 100 subs, but I feel I should release it early :D Sorry for not uploading lately! Nearly done with school so maybe more uploads :DDD Pack Purple Fade EUM3 (LINK WILL BE RELEASED AFTER 5 LIKES! Song: Jakubi - Can't Afford It All IP: Kohi.us I do not own any of the audio used in my videos! All music or audio's rights go to the producer.
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Update video! + 50 subs pack release in description!
Hey guys! Sorry for not uploading very often, kohi elo series coming late tonight or tomorrow. Hope you guys enjoyed! 50 Subs Pack: http://www.mediafire.com/download/q5s... Pack: Verde's pack (used in Rape Series against VitaPvP) IP: badlion.net, kohi.us Music: SwagyTracks I do not own any of the music in my videos! All of the music's rights to their respective owners.
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WOOOOOOHOOOOO THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe that I hit 50 subs. You guys are the best! Remember: Pack release at 100 subs! :D
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Ovid HCF - Episode 1 ~ Getting Started
Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed! More Ovid HCF lets plays coming soon! Server: ovidhcf.com Pack: eum3 edit Song: none
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1v1 with jmcnamara10 and particles test
gf :D sometimes when I jitter it seems like I'm using an auto clicker ;D Song: Can't find a good one :( Texture Pack: TeeqHD's 250 Subs Pack Server: badlion.net I'm trying to post every week, but sometimes school gets in the way ;(
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Combo Montage! ~ PvP Lounge
Hey guys! Hope you guys enjoyed the combo montage! I put a lot of effort into this montage. Please give me any constructive critizism in the comments below :D Pack - Paintrain Pack (Made by Tory) Song - Wish You Knew - Witt Lowry (Prod. 123IndaPlaceToBe) IP - beta.pvplounge.net (WHITELISTED, MUST BUY IT OR GET A FRIEND TO WHITELIST YOU) buy whitelist at store.pvplounge.net I do not own any of the music used in my videos! All music's rights go to their respective owners.
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MinePots HCF - Map 1 Episode 1 - Getting Started!
Hey guys! Hopefully you guys enjoy this letsplay of MinePots hcf! It is a really great server and you guys should totally check it out! IP: www.minepots.com Pack: Razerfire's EUM3 edit Song: none
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OxPvP - Kitmap PvP - Episode 1
Hey guys! Hope you guys enjoy this OxPvP kitmap pvp! Like and subscribe if you enjoyed and want to see more of this! Also! Shoutout to my friend RedVibe for being a great help in the video and suggesting the song! IP: play.simplyhcf.com Pack: TheHidingSlayer's Purple Haze pack Song: Lucian X Remmi - Bobby K I do not own any of the music used in my videos! All music is used for entertainment purposes only!
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still cheats but still cant beat me lmfao (also biggest quickier in hcf idk why he even still plays)
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1v1 with Razerfire!
gf m8! I tried uploading 2 other things the last 2 weeks but they were too long to be uploaded so they stopped uploading :\ sorry! Hopefully you guys enjoyed this video! Razerfire is a great youtuber guys! Razerfire: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe5Sebl2mTCIYDeNo88-Cqw Pack: Razerfire's FPS Booster (on his channel!) Server: kohi.us or kohi.eu Song: Blackbear - Idfc (Tarro Remix) I do not own any of the music in my videos! It is only used for entertainment purposes only!
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1v1 w/ Vak
gf man! I remember you when we used to play cowcraft sg and kitpvp together :D Pack - TewChaynz EUM3 Edit Song - Ivan B - Make It Ourselves (Prod. Tido Vegas) (Ft. Hendersin) IP: play.basicpvp.net I do not own any of the audio used in my videos! All credit goes to their respective owners.
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