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Y E Λ R S ・・・ - with. Friendly sneakrz - わかりません
gonna use in a bhop run soon too~ just waiting on the map to be done, pce to jagg too thx :) https://soundcloud.com/yevrs00 http://yers.bandcamp.com/album/-
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Song - Owsey - In Memory Of Fallen Stars https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/owsey-my-album-and-beyond#/
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slow run, sick edgebug
mak found a route for 1:04 i think it was and i believe i found the same but who knows, i don't think any of us are gonna do it. just felt like making this public since I've gone inactive again and this edgebug is pretty smooth.
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bhop_rpg [obs]
map is cool, gonna redo this later with a complete no fail, idk if i want to route it or not because it might ruin the map for me, and because it'll take quite awhile to record with srcdemo after I'm done so i wanted to just record my current pb and upload for now sry for it being choppy at some parts
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bhop_woodenxd (47.2)
lol -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/aimer_b
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bhop_monster_jam [segmented/old]
jordan goes faste public again there's some pretty cool stuff in this segmented run that will change wr's on every server, so i felt like recording and uploading so anyone who wanted to run the map can see the the current best route 100% optimized for people who don't know what a segmented bhop run is, its basically taking a bhop map and putting it into sections which someone practices each section as its own little map then in the end they put it all together from the first level to the end resulting in a 100% optimized and perfect run, it's not the actual wr, it's just segmented to show the best route as of right now.
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my sync on rubberdome vs mechanical
look at the sync difference, its actually insane but my speedgain is still better on mech for now the keyboard u use is all personal preference, please don't make it seem like im saying rubberdome is better, idk why i have to say this but this arguement shit is retarded
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end route for 2flocci
360 spin can be 2-3 seconds better maybe sub 4 mins as a whole for the run
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3 bad runs that are laggy
idc if it lags, i need a new computer, come fight me about the music, sry for the video ending to early messed it up forgot to say also, all of these runs were done in 5 mins of trying for each bhop_eazy_4xl - 1:10 bhop_skyruins - 16.290 bhop_dom - 27.730 doubt any of them are wr but who caaaaaares
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clearing demo folder, could've been 38-39 seconds but that route is literally so rng its not worth it to try anymore https://soundcloud.com/inbirth/hot-spring-bath-ft-shades
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sv_autobunnyhopping 1???
shit update from last time that fucked the crouch and now the best update that could ever come to bhop, client side autobhop good thing the crouch stuff is able to be fixed
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trikz test
only recorded to show snow the sc he did in 60 fps since the bots were to laggy for him
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the route is old, and not my newer one which is a LOT faster than this one but i just used this to test more and i hated the looks of this video but i loved the song so whatever https://soundcloud.com/mark_arkinson/tindergirl
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old demos from 2014-2015
didn't really want to upload these, but might as well, might find more which ill upload too sorry for the demo lag there's nothing i can do to fix it, faste just made laggy demos for me still have no idea why #1.the routes me and forest found on thc_platinum awhile ago, wish i could find the last level but i sadly cant, vast room for improvement with the increase of strafe skill and other various things #2.a bunch of stuff i was gonna make a video with for fun #3.my 272 block lj btw, since i don't really bhop much anymore don't expect me to upload stuff with bhop anymore, usually only random stuff that could include bhop
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https://soundcloud.com/agile/askew sry, this was rushed honestly to mess around with the shitty new replay bots, actually hate them now
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bhop_jegg2 (preview)
song : https://soundcloud.com/1-n-f-1-n-1-t-1-corp/teardrops this run and map is by jagg, all i did was make the vid and upload it~ cool map honestly and nice song
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csgo | bhop_omnitopia
https://soundcloud.com/mu-nest/07mnc006 was gonna improve this but I'm pretty inactive, probably going to grind aux again for a few
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R.I.P bhop_impulse
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theres some other way thats same amount of jumps that would take .2 im assuming off this time
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treehouse bonus
14.89 pretty sure actual surfers will OWN dis time
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https://soundcloud.com/vxclusive1/vacant-delusion 25.1
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CSGO | bhop_tanker3
https://soundcloud.com/lumi-nance/sweet-escape 128 tick 57.1 was done on kz-endo so, runspeed is 250 everything else is the same
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thx 2 big day oh for showing me this how it works is you surf off that 2nd ramp, hit the trigger while still having upwards velocity so you go through the teleport flying up, and quickly turn with w to dodge everything and line urself up so you fly through the gap
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tf2 bhop test, run by unskilled
strafes are fucked due to wrong rates, oops would re-record this for their channel but i started working on something else atm so I'm just gonna list this, i also decided to try something at the end as well. https://soundcloud.com/maestrexmusic/dreaming
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https://soundcloud.com/mystdubs/everybody-lies done in sub 10 minutes, forest said i should upload, so i did while doing schoolwork all night
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clearing demo folder, last demo worthwhile to upload i think maybe not https://soundcloud.com/redw00d/feel
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song : https://soundcloud.com/nct-1/nct-diego-torres-no-one-home thanks mak for the route that i found a jump save on, which took me ages, that you could've done in 30 mins time for anyone that cares - 44.058
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sv_rocketship 1
call me an astronaut now boys cuz that slope just took me to the moon
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song - https://soundcloud.com/mark_arkinson/uminance-im-gradually-growing-transparent-and-vanishing-mark-arkinson-edit done in 1 sitting in an hr, its not optimized but at the same time its not horrible, wanted another run to test these render settings with, still gonna be testing more stuff time for anyone that cares - 1:06.599
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song - tomppabeats - i live all alone really only did this to see how smooth i could be on 1.5 sens 400 dpi, and i think it turned out nicely 12:23 PM - nibble my jibbles: oooh yes very smoove
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why u should have sv_enableboost 1
:^) bad run but hilarious, i was chewing on a water bottle cap the entire time of running, quality isn't as good as it should be cause recorded on twitch
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csgo | bhop_omfgdogs
o well, thx biql for route backwhen - goldskin (thx 4 the song gibe)
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clearing demo folder https://soundcloud.com/yevrs00/with-p-s-y-k-o-n
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last lvl of ivy
wish the frame blending looked as good for bhop as it does for surf, 1 day we'll be able to replace srcdemo Edit Error - Another Sea
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https://soundcloud.com/mark_arkinson/october-weekend i did this to take a break from 2flocci, and to use this song done in 40 mins, so, run isn't perfect and it probably isn't wr either
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song - https://soundcloud.com/pond-of-koi-fish/useless made dis 4 aux's new map, route isn't perfect but hey it works and looks good time - 1:05
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https://soundcloud.com/cloudy-rabbit/... thx to tanskin and kz-endo for letting me run this map till i get a decent time, and because tanskin let me on a priv server to re-record the demo like 4 times before it was at a point where u could watch it
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aux run coming in 2020 faste is now central so ez 30 ping runs
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first completion of auxs last level (vid from 2013)
vid by logan but the other vid is actually cancer with annotations and such, so i felt like re-uploading as something i can look back to
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Yeiv & Thomas Prime - Radiant Youth should download the full album if you like the song http://cultclassicrecords.bandcamp.com/album/immersion
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cba to record dis run i got at the start of the year with srcdemo, basically same route as seytans tho i routed first before watching and we ended up with roughly the same route i took his end surf also :^( also id like to say seytans start is faster but the surf i got at the end was pretty OP
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no more bhop vids for awhile only rand stuff since i cba to make stuff unlisted anymore tho its gonna be mostly stuff i record to show to friends like this one.
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https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/850469837813170959/CD4072F78902AF34EF33B7920479D3FC598C8460/ didn't register till after i pressed f1 to save feelsbad, but here's a ss
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clearing out demo folder, got a couple more and there should be a bhop_elate run on globaljumps soon, just improving it by .300 more akihabara! - Sacred
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felt like learning this after i got bored, was gonna try to get some with dashing once, using ult and dashing again doing 2 in a row but it would take awhile due to no option for ults instantly recharging. might make another vid with the rest of the maps dk yet though
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