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surf_sundown WR. Surfed by Morning
[Surf Timer] - Morning finished in 00:59:92 (-00:00:61). Improving by 00:01:37 [Surf Timer] - Morning beat the map record! Rank: 1/1045 [Elite] [hip-hop harry #keepinitreal] : get OWND mike
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Css | surf_fruits | wr | by Sinsa
song = Nujabes Prayer [KSFClan.com] #1 24/7 SurfTimer! [KSFClan.com] #1 24/7 SurfTimer! [Expert Only]
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surf_amplitude_apex WR. Surfed by Sinsa
troll yamaan, welcome back. mike is gay
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surf_sinsane_ksf HSW WR.  Surfed by Nyastle.
Mr. Carmack - Rock Dem
Views: 20379 methepeoplebmx
surf_sinister_evil Surfed by Me.
Views: 3452 methepeoplebmx
bhop_fury by Nyastle
Nice run of fury, Performed by Nyastle on the ThC bhop server. 100tick, 100aa, 300fps
Views: 4955 methepeoplebmx
surf_oompa_loompa WR by niyhM.
get fkd MIKE
Views: 3969 methepeoplebmx
bhop_kz_mix_journeys | 50.7 sec
World Record Performed on: "gotta go faste" - 1000aa, autobhop
Views: 4121 methepeoplebmx
bhop_addict_v2 | 2:11
Server JUMP BTICH, JUMP! 100tick, 1000aa, autobhop
Views: 9816 methepeoplebmx
surf_sluice 100T WR
[SurfTimer] - UK2K finished in 1:20.22 (WR -0:01.91). [SurfTimer] - UK2K beat the map record! Rank: 1/51 UK2K is joining the Spectators Player kLp^ has joined the game *SPEC* [Veteran] εṣ ٠ Dustin: warte ^^ -=[Master]=- Deebs » : wtf?!?!? *SPEC* [Recruit] Kotori: heh *SPEC* [Beginner] UK2K: gg *SPEC* [Recruit] Kotori: gj -=[Master]=- Deebs » : how?
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JORDAN^^ x R0m4n.________* @ Together Demo in description
http://www.sendspace.com/file/ifex8x demo get angry, it's legit 200tick R0m4n._______* W-only JORDAN^^ Sideways
Views: 5315 methepeoplebmx
bhop_sahara_hard | JORDAN^^  - 1:09
300fps 100tick 150aa 800 grav Done on Akb bhop server
Views: 10054 methepeoplebmx
surf_royal WR. by Nyastle
nais run fgit
Views: 4984 methepeoplebmx
Girl Unit - Rezday
Club Rez EP Released: May 2012 Label: Night Slugs All copyright Night Slugs. I do not in anyway claim ownership of this audio.
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Css | surf_map | Surfed by JORDAN^^
new map by Pand3mic http://www.youtube.com/user/pand3micdrums
Views: 3652 methepeoplebmx
Smoov Battle niyhM vs JORDAN^^
Just a fun video, wasn't about being fast, Just trying to surf nice and smooth.
Views: 1857 methepeoplebmx
bhop_danmark | 2:10
Settings: 200tick, 1000aa, 300fps. Server: 24/7 sG | Bunny Hop Time 2:10.78
Views: 3988 methepeoplebmx
surf_libya | Map by b0at | Surfed by JORDAN^^ - Test
song = Netsky - Give and take thanks to hools for song choice. map by b0at http://www.gamebanana.com/css/maps/163802 I suck at editing I turned 70 GB of fraps avi into this 353 MB movie If anyone could give me tips on editing/transitions/inros it would be much appreciated. Map by verybadboat Bonus by Escencia
Views: 1783 methepeoplebmx
Css | surf_cyanide | map by Diealready
Originally a TF2 surf map but recently converted to css by it's creator Diealready. Check him out on gamebanana this map and his other tf2 conversion surf_tensile
Views: 3133 methepeoplebmx
bhop_vanilla | Nofail by JORDAN^^ | 5:56
completed on 100tick 100aa fps_max 300
Views: 15025 methepeoplebmx
bhop_flocci | Speedrun by JORDAN^^ | 10:21
100tick 100aa only used 1 shortcut, with other shortcuts i could have saved about 1:30 fps_max 300 this is best run ive done on this map by far, i think a nofail is possible but would be extremely hard.
Views: 11929 methepeoplebmx
bhop_together | by R0m4n._____* (49 seconds)
roman owned this map, probably the best bhop_together run i have ever seen :D 200tick song = xKore - Renegade
Views: 7262 methepeoplebmx
Kz/Bhop Miniclip
All clips 100tick, 100aa, fps 300 (except sahara_hard 150aa) some of the demos are a bit laggy :(
Views: 1332 methepeoplebmx
surf_frequency | Surfed by JORDAN^^
Map by NoPro http://www.gamebanana.com/css/maps/133895 Testing new codec. hopefully youtube likes this one..... --------------------------------------------------------- sv_airaccelerate 150 sv_enablebunnyhopping 1 tickrate 66 sv_gravity 800
Views: 814 methepeoplebmx
June Miller - From Autumn To Ashes (Full)
Release Date:14-04-2013 Label: Ram Catalog: RAMM131 Tracklist: 01. June Miller - From Autumn to Ashes 02. June Miller - Change (Feat. Sofie Letitre) Buy: https://shop.ramrecords.com/vinyl/ramm131 All copyright goes to RAM Records
Views: 3676 methepeoplebmx
Skyworld: Skittles from 3rd
The hardest strafe trick i have ever done, and probably will ever do. Testing out lagarith, turned out pretty well.
Views: 3342 methepeoplebmx
bhop_cobblestone 30.4 OLD WR
Performed on "gotta go faste." 100tick, 1000aa, autobhop
Views: 4006 methepeoplebmx
bhop_impulse | 38.2
Sit down m8 Autobhop, 100tick, 1000aa -- I forgot to disable resample in vegas, so the vid is a bit blurry. Song = Culprate - Tooth Fairy
Views: 2946 methepeoplebmx
bhop_moonlight_beta w-only
200t, 1337aa, normal auto.
Views: 1665 methepeoplebmx
bhop_wayz_sr | WR. By Jagg | 49.2
Exact time: 49.221 Jumps/Strafes: 36/89 Sync: 92.268 1337aa, 100tick, Autobhop
Views: 2720 methepeoplebmx
surf_take1 | Surfed by JORDAN^^
Map made my Monkeywithagun smooth map, but i wish it was a bit longer I don't know why it's so fuzzy :(
Views: 891 methepeoplebmx
bhop_eazy 30 seconds by JORDAN^^
failed the first telehop badly and the rest weren't very good. could probably pump out a 28 if i practiced more. fps_max 49.254 sv_airaccelerate 250 tickrate 100
Views: 26510 methepeoplebmx
Kenny taught me.
Views: 3693 methepeoplebmx
hi guys, today i learn dis. have fun!!
Views: 11073 methepeoplebmx
Css | surf_plethora | wr | by JORDAN^^
:D 38.745 i can definitely improve on this by about 0.5~
Views: 3903 methepeoplebmx
bhop_overline | 23.53
Video by Aimer, Run by me CS:GO 128tick, 1000aa Server: AusGO.BHOP [128TICK|REPLAY|670 MAPS|TIMELEFT: 10:36] -
Views: 3970 methepeoplebmx
bhop_eazy 9 seconds
1000tick :D
Views: 19830 methepeoplebmx
bhop_eazy | 29.9 | WR
the fastest non-strafehacked eazy time ive seen, there might have been faster with hacks though. 100tick, autobhop, 1000aa Server: gotta go faste.
Views: 4482 methepeoplebmx
Css | surf_euphoria | wr | by NiyhM
song = Shorterz & Enigma Ft. Little Palm -- Rag Doll Sorry for demo lag :S NiyhM doesn't like to be demo'd Habi was being a mega-butthurt faggot in chat just after this^^ Map by Billy [KSFClan.com] #1 24/7 SurfTimer! [KSFClan.com] #1 24/7 SurfTimer! [Expert Only]
Views: 5339 methepeoplebmx
surf_exocube_h | JORDAN^^
Song = Rameses B - Open Your Eyes (ft. Rachel Hirons) Testing out a higher quality
Views: 754 methepeoplebmx
bhop_advi_new | 47 Seconds |
can probably do better. fps_max 300 100aa 100tick
Views: 7713 methepeoplebmx
surf_unusual | Surfed by JORDAN^^
Me surfing dis s1k map
Views: 690 methepeoplebmx
Css | Nic (killer karl) | surf_ambient | wr |
Dis new surfa karl is rly quik check him out guise. [Surf Timer] - killer karl finished in 00:32.15 (-00:00.46). Improving by 00:00.69 [Surf Timer] - killer karl beat the map record! Rank: 1/133
Views: 2405 methepeoplebmx
bhop_danmark | 1:33 (with telehops)
1:33.640 94.314% sync 144 jumps 247 strafes
Views: 2413 methepeoplebmx
surf_rands bonus
Bonus i made for Monkeywithagun's new longest linear map.
Views: 1707 methepeoplebmx
serz is a good mapper and a cool guy :)
complete copy paste from fission's 2011 map surf_overgrowth, with 0 credit given to fission by serz on the gamebanana page.
Views: 2002 methepeoplebmx
bhop_skyppy_alpha_v1 | 23 seconds
Settings: 200tick, 1000aa, 300fps. Time 23.340
Views: 1823 methepeoplebmx
bhop_boatylicious | JORDAN^^ (19 seconds)
weird bhop map by b0at, kinda like tronic and fun to speedrun :D 150 aa 100 tick sv_gravity 800
Views: 2823 methepeoplebmx
surf_core_fix | WR surfed by Skyline.
Nice run m8
Views: 2014 methepeoplebmx
Lesson #2 from Kenny.
Views: 2550 methepeoplebmx

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