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Toon Twister
Nickelodeon toon twister 3D for PC. Join the nick toons spongbob and rugrats in this movie maker program
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Operation : PC board games review
I always found it odd for a board game to be put on the PC but sometimes the results are interesting. Today I`ll be reviewing Operation and giving my take on it.
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Dream Life Game
From Hasbro a interactive plug n play TV games where you play as a teen girl in a life simulator..or role playing game?
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Police Quest Swat 2 PC Game Review
A squad based video game where you play the role as either the cops swat team or the bad guys. Sort of a police sim. check out my other reviews at strange little games channel
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Stratego :  PC Board Games
The 1998 version of the classic board game for Windows. A turn based strategy war game with rules intact and online play. Ill give my thoughts on it.
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Disneys Villains Revenge Game Review
A collection of cartoon games featuring your favorite Disney characters like Captain Hook, Snow White, and Alice in Wonderland. Both for PC and Mac.
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Fisher Price Dream Dollhouse: Extra Ice Cream Factory Gameplay
I normally dont do extra gameplay after a review due to uninstalling the game or deleting video footage but since I still had the footage and I told someone I would put the ice cream part up..here you go.
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Hollywood High: Movie Maker
Create your own scripts, scenes ,and stories with text to speech voice. Check out my own story "The Last of Us part 4".Quack. Kinda of a movie making game I guess.
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Disneys Atlantis :  Search for the Journal PC Game Review
Atlantis The Lost Empire game was a Disney first person shooter. Wasn't that game called Trial by Fire? Whats this then?
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Battle for Troy: Real Time Strategy Games
A PC RTS war game where you play as the Spartans or the Trojans. Recruit swordsmen, archers, scouts who scream ARRGGGHHH !!!
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Nicktoons Summer Camp Tv Plug and Play Games
A Jakks TV games featuring Sponge Bob in a arcade Olympic style competition. Yay for Joystick plug n play video game,
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CandyLand PC Board Games Review
The Nostalgic board games comes to PC ! Crush your opponents and venture threw the epic saga known as Candy Land featuring gummy cats and peppermint pianos !
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Nicktoons Basketball PC Games Review
A crossover game with Nickelodeon animated characters like Tommy Pickles, SpongeBob,and Cindy Vortex released in 2004 from ImaginEngine, and also Digital Eclipse.
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Jimmy Neutron vs. Jimmy Negatron
The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius vs. Jimmy Negatron is a video game by Nickelodeon, THQ, Human soft, Awe games for the PC.
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15 Video Game Demakes
What happens when you down grade a video game to a older system ? Demakes are usually a fan remake of games showing a almost " what if " of a particular game was released during the retro gamer time . Most of them are for PC A lot of these games can be found at TIGsource if you want to try playing.
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Sonic Schoolhouse PC Games Review
A first person learning game in a 3d world featuring Sonic the Hedgehog and Dr.Robotnik. However the rest of the games cast seems lost and some awful design choices may make you put sonic06 in a better light. Hope you have fun with the review. :)
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Cap'n Crunch Crunchling Adventure PC Game Review
Captain Crunch Crunchling Adventure a game based on the cereal Show the troll thing whos boss in a pet simulator and see commercial product placement in the mini games you play as you feed them crunch berries.
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Star Trek Away Team : StarTrek PC Games Review
A sci fi squad based real time strategy game for the PC. Fight the Borg, the Klingons, and save the galaxy
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Cybermercs: The Soldiers of the 22nd Century pc games
A Diablo style game inspired by Alien movie with scary zombie aliens. A mix of action and RPG, a early predecessor to future sci fi monster games like dead space and was fun to play.
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Disney Arcade Frenzy
A PC game.Play games from 4 favorite Disney movies. Mulan Aladdin Hercules and The Little Mermaid. Heres the review
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Star Wars: Behind The Magic
A interactive CD-ROM from LucasArts in 1998 for Windows with a trivia game, deleted scenes, and lots of star wars universe info.
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Timon and Pumbaa Jungle Games PC Game Review
A collection of minigames featuring Timon and Pumbaa from Disneys The Lion King.. Play pinball , hippo hop , a puzzle games and others in this neat collection . Check out my many other videos of pc game reviews at strange little games
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Fields of Fire War Along the Mohawk  : A quick look
An RTS combing role playing, squad and army set in a intresting time period. The game in this video is Fields of Fire War Along the Mohawk
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Fantastic Four : TV Plug & Play Game Consoles Review
A TV plug in games by Jakks Pacific with Marvels Mr.Fantastic, Invisible Women, Torch and the Thing Vs Dr.Doom and the Molemen
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Mademan for PC Review
Mademan: Confessions of the Family Blood based on real-world events. Play as Joey Verola in a Goodfellas 3rd person shooter.
Views: 4023 Strange Little Games
No Man's Land  : RTS Games
No Mans Land Fight For Your Rights, a old PC real time strategy game featuring war in early American with the English, Indians,Spanish, and American freedom fighters. Muskets, cannons, naval battles and ghosts all in this battle of the New World. Worked on windows 7 with compatibility mode :)
Views: 24358 Strange Little Games
Barbie Storymaker PC Games Review
A kinda game and editor that lets you create animated stories featuring Barbies . I will give a review and show the end result with my zombies Barbie story ``Day of the Zarbies`` with some extra editing
Views: 2951 Strange Little Games
My Little Pony PC Games Review
A ponies pet simulation video game with mini games, dancing,hair styles, and baking.Explore the magic land and make friendship with Ivy, Sundance, and the pony who is Crunchberry. All additional songs created by strange little games for this channel.
Views: 7473 Strange Little Games
Star Wars Game : Gungan Frontier  Simulator Games PC
A ecosystem simulation game with Jar Jar Binks and the Gungan king based on Star Wars episode 1 where you plant trees.
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Wildfire PC game review
An RTS game that has you battling fire. Take your squads of firefighters and vehicles and save the forest while leaning about fire prevention , fire fighting tactics, and the history of Smokey the Bear. Oh sorry theres a few glitches in this video review :(
Views: 11246 Strange Little Games
V.smile : Spiderman and Friends : Doc Ock Challenge : VTech Games
A V smile game with The Amazing Spider-man, Storm from X-Men and the Thing From Fantastic Four Vs Dr.Octopus in a learning game to save the town from his wacky experiments. Heres my Review
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Power Rangers Time Force PC Games Review
Join the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in some time traveling mini games by THQ for Microsoft Windows.
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Talk With Me Barbie
I check out the CD for the talking Barbie doll that has a few games. I also play pretend as a princess :)
Views: 6074 Strange Little Games
Disney TV Games
For Jakks Pacific TV plug it in and play games , a joystick with a build in game. I ll take a look and give a quick review and give my take on some of the games.
Views: 9513 Strange Little Games
Swashbucklers Blue vs Grey  Game Review
A pirate sim mixing ship battle, dynasty warriors, fallout, boxing and fighting during the north and south war. For PC and PS2
Views: 6825 Strange Little Games
SpongeBob SquarePants Typing PC Games
SpongeBob and friends in a learning game that makes typing fun!
Views: 3740 Strange Little Games
Vet Emergency 2 PC Game
A pet vet simulator game where you work at a animal hospital and treat cats and others. A more realistic vet sim.
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X Men Cartoon Maker
A awful Xmen make your own movie game with Wolverine, Magneto and other popular X-men for PC
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Clue : PC Board Games
Classic board game for Win95. This has FMV and a who done it mystery for PC in a point and click adventure games style. I'll show some gameplay and give my thoughts on it..Im aware that I made some name mistakes in this and I spoil one of the scenarios.
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V Smile Mickeys Magical Adventure  Disney Games Review
for vtech v.smile based on fantasia cartoon. Join Mickey Mouse and Pluto on a magical platformer adventure.
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SpongeBob SquarePants Games : Nighty Nightmare
A PC game featuring Sponge Bob Square Pants, Patrick, and Plankton in a dream like RTS sytle game
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Turn Based Strategy Games Tale of Imerion PC Game Review
A fantasy turn based strategy game in the style of Warlords and Heroes of Might and Magic featuring elves , zombies, magic and conquest. Check out my other video game reviews at Strange Little Games .
Views: 3007 Strange Little Games
Nikolai`s Pirates PC Game Review  : Strange Little Games
A kids video game released both on PC and Mac . Set on a adventure with Nikolai and his cat friend Neow Neow in a interactive story full of minigames , humor, and learn about pirate history in the Caribbean .
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Darkstar One:  Space Combat Simulation Games PC
A fantasy sci fi spaceship simulator game with epic battles, RPG elements and a space trader system. buy it on Steam or GOG: http://www.gog.com/game/darkstar_one http://store.steampowered.com/app/12330/
Views: 2910 Strange Little Games
Batman Toxic Chill Game Review
Help The Dark Knight and Robin solve the Riddlers clues, save Gotham City and send him and Mr.Freeze back to Arkham Asylum . For Mac and PC
Views: 5336 Strange Little Games
Ascension to the Throne Review of PC Game
In this fantasy game of war, you as the king return to unite the thrones of the land in a rpg turn based strategy. Recruit gladiators amazons werewolves and battle trolls zombies and witch armies.
Views: 11228 Strange Little Games
Retro Remakes for PC : Strange Little Games
Sometimes you would like to play an old video game favorite again but only if it was a little more modern ...hmm. Today we will have a look at some classic games of the past remade for the PC and i`ll give you some of my thoughts and experiences with them.
Views: 3001 Strange Little Games
Disney Princess : The Crystal Ball Adventure : V Flash Games
A V.Flash Vtech game with Ariel The Little Mermaid Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella Has dress up, dancing,romantic boat trip, and other games and learning. Heres my review.
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Disney Girlfriends Game
Join Ariel Belle and Jasmine in this social network PC program thingy with games, a diary and a future prediction cube.
Views: 4516 Strange Little Games
Planet Alcatraz: RPG Games for PC Review
A 3D role playing game like fallout and baldur's gate where the player travels a dark world. On Steam and Gamersgate. http://store.steampowered.com/app/289420/ http://www.gamersgate.com/DD-PLAAL/planet-alcatraz
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