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Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky - Ending Song (Subbed)
While I was sick and unable to record, I decided to go through with subtitling the final song for you guys. The translation was done by yangxu of GameFAQs, and I couldn't reach him to actually ask for permission to use his translation, so if he requests, I will end up taking this down. He did a walkthrough that you can find there that may help you in ways that my playthrough did not, so check it out if you need more help.
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Cosmic Star Heroine - Lauren's Song (Talk Back)
I wasn't sure what to title this video exactly, but the thing is that this is the song Lauren sings with the scenes attached to it when you first meet her. It already was sub-titled, so I didn't have to do anything for this one like I did for Sky 1. Basically if you want to see this at your leisure without having to go through the scenes from Chapter 4, here you go.
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Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel - Fie Ending
As requested, I intend to get more of the endings rather than just Emma, which brings us here to Fie. I will get another set of 5 endings as I play through the game again. The current picks are as follows: 1. Laura 2. Alisa 3. Towa 4. Sara 5. ??? I am wondering if those of you that are interested in this have a particular pick for the 5th spot. I can't stand Millium, so I'd prefer to leave her out, which means I need to get another ending with one of the guys. The question becomes which one...
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Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel - Alisa Dance + Ending (R is for Romance)
One of the requested characters for an ending was the girl the game goes the distance to try to set you up with, Alisa. While I wasn't a fan of hers, she does have some out there, which brings us here. I don't know what minimum link level is required for this, but make sure you spend the day on Sept. 19th with her. I suppose if you went for the infinite link points NG+ ability, you could probably get all of the endings, but that does mean you have to repeatedly fight the final bosses, like I had to...
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The Letter - Isabella's Madness Chapter 7 Failed
This is how things play out if Isabella is not the only survivor. Here we have both Luke and Ash live, and their fates play out similar to the Grim Reaper alternate where they remain eternal enemies and Luke has to disappear. However, unlike the Raving Mad ending, here Isabella does not ever wake up. She remains comatose for the remainder of her life while Ash watches over her, wishing for her to improve. And my final note here for you guys, is that this weekend may look like a return to form, but it is more along the lines of me emptying my pockets. There is no telling if I'll even be updating after next week, so I can't make any promises on what, if anything, is coming next.
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Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Second Chapter Trailer
This plays at the very end of the game as a taste of what is to come. There are spoilers here, so watch at your own risk.
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Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel - Laura Dance + Ending (Here With You to Knight)
I think some people may have gotten tired of seeing the guys' endings, so continuing down the list in alphabetical order, we arrive at Laura, one of the most desired picks for an ending. Her ending line definitely has to be one of the better ones, but whenever I hear someone talking about being someone else's sword, I can't help but remember Raziel and think that at least he meant it literally... As for things to come: tomorrow is the final day for my ending videos. With Alisa being first, Crow being second, Jusis third, and Laura fourth, who will get the final spot?
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The Letter - Chapter 4 Ending #2A (Together At Last)
This ending is achieved by choosing to stay on the ground floor and talking to Luke, then choosing not to enter the secret passage. Lorraine will make her entrance, there will be some talking, and then things play out like you see in the thumbnail. Also worth mentioning is that this is the ending that will be used for the remainder of the playthrough. Basically, we'll only be seeing Marianne in flashbacks from here.
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Nefarious - Dating Game
I imagine a lot of people would want to watch this on its own, so I'm uploading it separately. This is the last section of part 3 uploaded, so there are no new choices to be had. Just plenty of laughs. I need to see if there is an easy way to replay this area so we can see the other routes. And maybe we can help the writer of that letter, whoever he was...
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Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel - Towa Dance + Ending (Mentorship)
And here we are with our final Cold Steel 1 video. The much requested student council president finally gets her scenes. Now, one thing I was not aware of is that since Towa wants to meet with you on the 19th, there are no events with her that you have to spend points on that day (this is why I have Crow and Jusis in this batch also). Instead, if you have a close enough relationship with her, you can get her ending in addition to the other 19th picks. Now, since she doesn't follow you into battle, she has no additional lines to say while Rean retreats, but on the other hand, she does have additional lines while you leave to go to the final battles. It is only a few, but you had to have danced with her to get her to say them. So in the last bit of news, Cold Steel 2 is scheduled to come out in September. I intend to pick it up and put out videos just like with this one, but I'm not convinced it will actually meet the September date. Still, I will try to keep some openings in my schedule around that time in order to put it up the day I get it. Unfortunately, since some places do break street dates, there may be some people getting it before me, but hopefully my schedule will permit me to do the longer videos right out the gate. Those are the breaks I guess...
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Anima: Gate of Memories - Just Too Competent (Funny Ending with glitch)
And here we are with the last of the 5 endings. It would be between this one and the True Ending that I'd describe as most difficult to get. When you beat Nameless here, you are not given an reprieve (Velez's shop isn't open yet), and are immediately thrust into the final battle. Now, since there is no way to interrupt or cancel the 1 HP attack Nameless uses, you're going to need to burn some healing items for his fight, and hopefully you'll have enough when you fight the boss. Now, the tactics that I used in the True Ending apply here, and you can pretty much pelt the boss into oblivion. Instead, a glitch happened to where Ergo became completely invincible (released his true strength?), and I just exploited that to end it. Since this version of Baal has no unique tricks, I didn't really care to do this over the proper way and instead you can watch this and get a good laugh before hitting the ending. And for those of you waiting for the secret boss, I haven't tried him yet, and I probably won't get the opportunity to today. I still can't make any promises regarding what is going to happen with that.
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Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force - (Evil Goddess) Tiara Ending
This is probably the weakest of the endings on this route and I was pretty disappointed with it overall. I don't remember if it was confirmed during the main game if Tiara still had her masochistic tendencies on this route, but it is verified here and nothing else is really accomplished. If nothing else, maybe a crack about the tea being drugged (again) could have made up for it, but this is probably the boring ending of the route.
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The Letter - Chapter 5 Ending #2A (One Thing's Constant)
Here we have the second of Rebecca's endings for the chapter, which only differs from the third one based on what is actually said during it. In order to get this one, you just have to go to the roof of the library instead of dashing for the door. If you have negative or neutral affinity for Ash, you get this ending. If you have high affinity for him, you'll get 2B, which I can look into getting at a later date.
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Why Am I Dead at Sea - Prelude to the Final
Here I am picking up 2 things that I overlooked. Now that Darryl is fully possessed, there are a couple things we need him for. The first is that hidden inside of the normal fully possessed text is a flag that will allow Gwen to confront Ferdinand. The second is that he can talk to Garv and unlock him for "complete" possession. There is still more you have to do for Garv, but those will be pointed out in the different endings.
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The Letter - Chapter 2 Part 2 (Ending 2 route)
This is an extremely annoying ending, as you have to make choices during Isabella's chapter in order to sabotage their relationship. From there, you need to lower the affection levels as far as they can go, for the two of them to have a meltdown at their party. Needless to say, Luke seems to channel his inner O.J. when it comes to resolving relationship problems. If I weren't so pissed off after trying to unlock this, I might have even said it during the video.
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The Letter - Ash & Luke Ending
Here is the requested ending, featuring Ash alive during Luke's chapter, which causes things to play out somewhat unfavorably for both of them. Ash succeeds in delivering the Letter, which Luke understands how to use, but the two of them remain on opposing sides...
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Party Hard - High Crimes
We're back in Party Hard with the release of some additional levels. The goal was to add things to these levels that were not found in the original game, such as killing or doing something specific rather than trying to butcher everyone in the entire level. Sadly, due to technical problems, especially in the 3rd level, I can't really say this went as well as the devs might have hoped. The first level is our first of two assassination levels. Rather than kill everyone, we're supposed to kill the drug dealer in the top left corner. Normally, we're supposed to kill some people to get enough money to buy pizza to bribe the dogs with. Here, I got really lucky and one of the poisoned guys cause the dealer to come to me, and we get a very quick finish to the level. The second level is the stealth level where we don't have a weapon to defend ourselves with, but on the other hand, we have far more places to hide than normal, and a few traps placed here and there that can kill an annoying cop. We have to traverse the level something like 3 times to get through in order to get all of the keys and then grab our target. The third level was pure agony with all of the glitches and bugs I encountered. Random deaths, people not behaving like normally (namely our cop partner), and being seen without line of sight caused me to have to repeat this level too damn many times. Due to the problems, I would recommend keeping the body count to a minimum, but I figured I'd make that one bloody on account of the brief first level. If not for the rampant problems, this probably would have been my favorite level of the DLC. And the fourth and final level had one technical problem and just the RNG factor that made it tedious. For the first part of the stage, I had the scaffold glitch out because I tried to use it before actually powering it up, and as a result, it wouldn't work at all when the power was active. When I knew not to do this, I was able to get through as you can see here. For the next part of the stage, I opted to poison as many people as possible, which worked in the recording here, but the attempt before it had the most random arrest of the entire DLC. Basically I was hiding in the corner away from the bodies and for no real reason, the cops grabbed me. After that, we have our duel with the crooked cop, which seemed more RNG than anything. If he chooses to keep his distance and destroy the tables on the edge of the area, it's game over. You need more stamina than you actually have to reach him from the middle before he kills you. In the attempt you see here, he actually moved back and forth from ideal positions, allowing me to get through him, but I did have a scenario where he never approached a point where he could be stabbed. This makes him the only boss fight of the entire game, and it might have been better if we could have used smoke bombs or something to mask ourselves, or some kind of tool. The fight is just kind of lackluster at the moment. As for my overall opinion of the DLC, I can't really say I'm impressed with the offerings here, but it's possible that with the new tools at their disposal, the community will come up with better levels that feature the new mechanics. Storyline-wise, I didn't really try to follow what was happening as we have a new narrator here which makes me wonder if the devs are scrapping the cop being the killer theory or what exactly. Regardless, we get to go on one last darkly heroic rampage, before heading off into the sunrise.
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Why Am I Dead at Sea - Douce Amere Ending
And this is considered to be the best ending of the game where you prove both Garv and Ferdinand are together. You need the master key evidence, the camera footage, the missing food information from Marc, the bracelet information, and the missing page. Follow the sequence here and you can get Donovan to find the guilty parties and the semi-innocents get to survive. No word on what happens to Paulo though. As for my thoughts about the entire game, it was a nice little distraction that ended up taking more time than I had intended. Originally, I wanted to do the entire thing over the course of one weekend where I didn't have to record Chroma Squad, and we can see that did not work out. A few more save files would have been nice as I could have tried to manipulate things better. Otherwise it took me an entire hour to record Chapter 4 when I was trying to do different things to figure out what exactly needed to be done. On one hand, I kind of like the game and wouldn't mind playing another, but I also would like either an improved saving system or some kind of checkpoint system to make it easier to go back for anything that is missable. I think the devs were going for a retro vibe with the entire game beyond just the graphics, but that is one modern convenience that I definitely would like to see added in future games. Unless they can find some way to avoid having missable information. Sadly, there is not really any replay value to be found here. Once you get everything, that is pretty much it due to the linear nature of the genre. If you want the game, the Steam Summer Sale is coming up soon to get it and you can take the plunge when there is a discount. Otherwise, if you don't mind the lack of replay value, there are a couple different stores to pick up the game now.
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Undertale - Part 4 Waterfall
A couple things to talk about here. First, you will notice the persistent raining sound throughout the video. Yes, it actually was storming here so hard that my microphone picked up some of the rain, through a closed window. Due to the rainfall in-game, I'm hoping that most people will just pass it off as something to increase immersion, but I started recording during the break in what was essentially a 10 hour long storm and the break proved to be shorter than I had hoped. As for the game itself, the segments are getting longer, but due to the brief nature of the game, I'm quickly approaching the end. We traverse the area Papyrus was guarding and finally get to see Undyne, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow's video for when we actually deal with her. In the mean time, you do get to see me fight a dummy that is breaking the battle system by forcing me to send his projectiles back at him. Sadly, this is a problem that does require violence to solve. The main thing that I do not like about this boss fight is that the position of the guys taking the shot does not seem to be factored into where the boss is standing. What this means is that you may have to stand opposite of the boss to dodge some attacks, meaning there isn't anything you can accomplish that round unless you want to absorb an attack. This might not be as bad if you've been killing things as you went, but we're doing everything in our power to make sure no one gets hurt. Beyond all of this, I did record pieces for tomorrow's video, but I'll need to find time to upload it. The bad news is that my schedule is not going to be letting up for this week, so I'm trying to record as much as I can during this weekend so I have stuff to show. It probably won't be until the last Monday of September before I have a chance to revert to some normalcy. As we approach that, I'll have a better idea of how things will look on the channel for the remainder of the year. How the remaining three months play out (in real life) will be pretty important in determining if I want/am able to keep the channel going another year.
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Why Am I Dead at Sea - Justice Ending
This was the last ending that I found. Basically, you need to throw everything at Garv while not calling any attention to Ferdinand. Additionally, you must be able to fully possess Garv to have him confess. Basically, you need to talk about the second key, the Captain's disappearance, the cameras and have Garv confess. I was a little worried while recording this, because there was a section here that apparently freezes on people. With the way the bubbles just went away, I thought I fell victim to that glitch, but that was not the case.
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Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel - Sara Dance & Ending (Re-Upload)
As requested awhile go, here is the re-upload of Sara's Dance and Ending. Essentially, there are a pair of extra lines as she's leaving the class to set it apart from the others since she is not present when Valamar goes down. As for why I'm doing this today, you should know why. And you should also know what's coming later...
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League of Legends - Spirit Guard Udyr Jungle (Tiger, Bloodrazor & Press the Attack)
My first Udyr game with the new rune system, and I was a little at a loss as to what to do. Generally I liked my Udyr tankier in the previous season, but I'm not entirely sure that will be as easy to do in the coming season. So without Courage of the Colossus or Fervor of Battle, I think there are 3 options that you can fall back on. I'm not a fan of Dark Harvest since you need to build it up and Udyr can't deliver the damage to the lane as reliably as things could devolve into a chase. As such, you can go Press the Attack if you plan on building Bloodrazor since you can proc the Attack more easily. If you go Warrior, you will want the one that gives you attack speed so you get more procs of Tiger off. Then if you want to try something tanky, you can go with Aftershock which will detonate after stunning a target with Bear. Some might try to make a case for Predator, but you need to channel this in a blindspot, which will not always be available, plus it has a long CD like Ghost. As for overall strategy here, Udyr is still best against characters who are generally immobile. This means picking a fight with Kayn will not always be a wise choice, but Udyr is stronger than him earlier, which is why I thought that early move would work. Otherwise, Taliyah, Twitch, and Nami are good targets to gank if you can dodge the CC they will throw at you. Now, I don't know how Kleptomancy works just yet, but it is possible that it enables all sorts of Bank builds, as you see Gangplank do here. It's possible this is one of the more overpowered Keystones, and I may look into doing that Nami game next week where I can try this. So overall a brief game, but no one is taking these games seriously at the moment since everyone is trying to get a feel for the new systems. I'm not happy with the Blue Essence system as it feels like a couple steps back, but hopefully Riot will address this in the coming weeks.
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The Letter - Chapter 5 Part 4 (Chapter End)
Judging from the tree, it looked like this last part was going to be longer than I anticipated, but we fly through the remaining nodes and resolve the chapter. Due to its brevity, I was able to get the other videos I needed to upload, so today will be a brief day of many endings.
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Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel - Machias Ending
As requested, I intend to get more of the endings rather than just Emma, which brings us here to Machias. I will get another set of 5 endings as I play through the game again. The current picks are as follows: 1. Laura 2. Alisa 3. Towa 4. Sara 5. ??? I am wondering if those of you that are interested in this have a particular pick for the 5th spot. I can't stand Millium, so I'd prefer to leave her out, which means I need to get another ending with one of the guys. The question becomes which one...
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Undertale - Part 2 Toriel's House
After the fact, I think this house section should have been the part that concluded the last video, but the scenes here were considerably shorter than I had anticipated. Basically, when the events have finally wrapped up, we deal with our second boss who is not to be taken lightly. From there, we are able to move deeper into the ruins and come across the bone brothers, Sans and Papyrus. The residents are starting to become more and more colorful, but that doesn't mean the enemies in the third and fourth sections will be as interesting as those in the second.
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The Letter - Chapter 3 Part 2 (Chapter End)
Zach's chapter is overall shorter than the others, but this is largely due to how severe his branching is. There are a lot more events on each of his routes than the other characters, and you'll see what I mean when I come back to record his alternate scenes. Also, unlike the previous chapters, he only has 2 real endings, and I'd say you see the better one here. Now, we just have to see what fate awaits our Gaelic friend...
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The Letter - Chapter 7 Part 3 (Everyone Lives)
And here we reach the conclusion where Takako confronts the group of 7 and sees what they've got. Luke's paranoia does get the better of him, but a little paranoia makes everything a bit more fun, doesn't it? As for where we go from here, I am going to record a video of burning the letter alone. I am going to record everyone but Ash lives. Then we pick up in Chapter 2 for the True Ending, which I plan on speeding and skipping through for the most part. I'm going to hope that I have everything resolved by October for the Halloween project. I have a massive backlog that I need to cut through. Also, it is definitely looking like there is no way to save Kylie. What's kind of worse is that if the ghost is still around, we may get a sequel while I'm hoping more for a spiritual successor, no pun intended.
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Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 2 - Part 10b Hot Springs Alternate Scenes
As I knew in advance this was going to be requested, here we are with all of the different scenes you can have while in the hot spring. Sadly, the variation here is non-existent, which does kind of drain any sort of intended emotional impact these dialogues are supposed to have. Now, strategically speaking, you may be best off spending this event with either Toval, Claire, or Sharon if you want a specific accessory from one of them. As such, I should have spent time here with Toval as I really wanted his accessory, but if you want Claire's or Sharon's, you can just as easily spend this event with them. In the event you don't want the accessory, then feel free to spend it with whoever you want. It is your playthrough after all.
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Anima: Gate of Memories - A Premature Conclusion (Early Ending)
A somewhat brief video, because you can get this ending that early. Basically, we're in NG+ (as you can see by the costumes), and then when we confront Lady at the beginning of the game, we need to beat her, then win the fight immediately after hers before time runs out. Doing so means you successfully complete your retrieval mission and the crisis is averted. All's well that ends well, right, Romeo? Also worth mentioning is that I'll change the costumes for the next video so you can see a bit more variety. It would have been nice to unlock these the first time around since I don't have much desire to play through the entire game again. It also doesn't help that all of the cutscenes appear to be pre-rendered since the costumes don't show up in them.
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The Letter - Chapter 1 Ending #3 (No Jaywalking)
As promised, here is the third ending of the first chapter, where we stay away from work, but leave to meet Rebecca. However, things do not go as planned, and Isabella has to make a detour into a shady neighborhood...
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Fairy Fencer F (PC) - Part 29C (Eryn Ending)
And while I don't show the final boss in its entirety here, you can see Eryn's ending. It's up to you on how it compares to the others. I recorded this on my third playthrough of the game, way after I completed everything else there is to be done. The Shukesoo's Tower videos will be coming in the next couple days before I'm done with this and ready to move onto the next game.
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Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel - Crow Dance & Ending (Re-Uploaded)
As requested, this has been re-uploaded featuring the dialogue before the knight battle between Valamar and Ordine. I did not re-watch the scene on another playthrough to see what all differed, but you're free to do the comparison yourself. And like I mentioned in the other two videos, I plan on releasing another video later today. If nothing interferes, it should be something people have been waiting almost a year to see...
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Ace Academy - Valerie Route
The time has come for everyone's favorite foreigner/stalker character to take the spotlight, and here we are. Prior to recording this, I heard people claim that this was seemingly the favorite route for the majority of players. After playing it, I am not entirely satisfied with how things played out, but considering the circumstances of the characters, with what I've seen so far, I'd say Valerie is a better fit for the MC than Yuuna is. Kaori or Mayu may be better, but we'll have to wait and see. I am a little concerned about their routes after the praise I heard for this one. So another point of note is that with the two routes I've recorded so far, this is actually where the game would have originally ended. Kaori and Mayu had their routes added during development supposedly, meaning there was originally only going to be a choice between Yuuna and Valerie for who you ended up with, possibly with Shou as a friend route. Basically, from here we are going into the territory that was created by fan request, and we'll see how things fall into place.
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Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel - Jusis Dance + Ending (Noblesse Oblige)
Since I did get Machias's ending in my first playthrough, it would only be fair for me to get Jusis during the second, right? It was a request that arrived a little bit before the cut off point, but I ended up doing Jusis's Sept. 19th event, which allowed me to do his ending route. As for things to come: tomorrow is the final day for my ending videos. With Alisa being first, Crow being second, Jusis third, and Laura fourth, who will get the final spot?
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The Letter - Chapter 2 Part 1
With Isabella's segment behind us, we are free to move into Hannah's perspective and she what the inside of her world is like, giving us some insight into why she wants the mansion so badly as well as her strained (at best) relationship with Luke. And of course, our spectral friend will be making appearances here and there. It is her house after all...
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Zero Time Dilemma - Pop Off (Q-Team Pod Room)
Sadly, in this room I had little understanding of what was going on as I rotated the room, but it appears you only really needed to do so in order to access the various hidden items, then to line up the green markings. I also didn't understand what was going on in the dial puzzle at first and even solve the first one by luck before understanding and being able to explain the second one. However, I am familiar with the sliding lock puzzles that you see here and didn't have that much trouble with them (unlike Eric). When everything is said and done, we get our first hint that this is actually the game's morgue, as evidenced by Mira's corpse, but that won't be completely revealed until tomorrow's video. And as long as we did the segment already where Carlos sends a message to Q-Team asking them to check the family picture, we will get the hint needed to open a door for the D-Team. Now, this is your warning as tomorrow's video is going to force Zero into the open, and the day after will be the grand finale. The opportunity to experience the game without the final set of spoilers is reaching its deadline, and I am increasing speed by the three videos a day upload. My objective is to have this conclude by the end of the week and I can return to the other games I've had on hold.
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Sunrider Mask of Arcadius - Part 3 Investigate Lost Technology Side Mission
For the second side mission, I went for the one that sounded like it would be the hardest. My strategy here is merely exploiting the fact that the enemy riders don't have kinetics to hit the Sunrider, so I focus the other ships to thin the numbers. Both shield riders have their shields upgraded once on both levels and I keep them close enough to cover the entire formation. Claude is an Aim Down bot here as I need to limit their damage as much as possible while Chigara keeps everyone topped off. Icari is kind of useless here as you can really only afford to melee the ryders when there is only one left or you can kill it before it turns around and one shots her. Namely, I put her where she was just so I could use her Flak defense. Asaga is pretty much in the same boat, but she is merely tankier. Kryska and Sola are the main hitters in this battle as I need Sola's rifle to weaken the enemy as they move in while Kryska finishes off the weakened enemies. With all of my firepower, I should be able to down 2 battleships a turn. And at the end, I don't really know why the riders weren't using their pulse. I kept Aim Down on them so they couldn't use their big lasers, but I suspect some of the new aggro system may have played a role in why they locked up. They may not have been able to land a shot on their priority target so they merely chose to sit there until the Sunrider drew more aggro and they could shoot it. By using the Attack and Aim Up buffs, I was able to get both the Paladin and Sunrider to hit them, and then I just needed to cut through their massive amount of HP. As for the reward from this battle, I haven't tried the Wishall yet, but if it is a one time use item, I think I would be best off just selling it and using the 10k for other items. This opinion may change if there is a really pricey CP move that unlocks over the course of the campaign, but that's just my observation for now.
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Why Am I Dead at Sea - Living Hell Ending
This is the worst ending of the game which you get for overlooking some information before going down into the hold. I think you can get this ending even with all of the information if you just have Xu and Marc speak before using Garv and just saying "Nevermind". There is another ending similar to this one coming up.
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Pier Solar - Part 12 Verahansha
As for this video, we explore part of Verahansha, and get the pieces in place to enter the mine in the next video. To summarize this place, it's large, has tons of narrow walkways, and too many NPCs in proximity of those narrow walkways.
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The Letter - Isabella's Madness Chapter 5 Pt. 3
We conclude Rebecca's chapter in here, once again failing to achieve the love confession ending. Beyond this, it is a fairly short video since I simply am unable to record much currently. I don't have a proper thumbnail for this one (I might do something later), but hopefully this is putting the current situation in proper context.
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Infinite Crisis - Shazam (Captain Marvel) Jungle
I've wanted to try out Shazam again for a little while and I decided this could be the game to do it. I am sharing the jungle here, and as a result, I dedicate the vast majority of my time on the bot lane. Shazam is a lot more fun than I remember him being, and I think things may have been better if I actually did put points into the passive as I should have. Few people get tenacity/resilience early, meaning that the stun from Power of Zeus could have really shut down Atomic Joker. Not to mention I had SHAZAM! to follow up in sealing his fate. I probably could have gotten an early Booster Gold suit if we wanted to dive him a bit more often, but the game didn't last that long, plus I don't get any power damage from it. The other bad part is with the exception of his ult, Shazam's other moves are energy gated and there is no way to boost energy regen in the game, so CDR isn't exactly a stat that helps him. As for my build here, I wasn't really thinking much past the Marauder Ring and Royal Seal. Sources of power damage with other stats are the way to go I think, because as you saw at the very end of the video, my job is to jump into the middle of the fray and unleash havoc. I don't remember any of Shazam's ratios being anything spectacular, so you have to deal your damage over time rather than in one upfront burst. In other news, I think the only jungler I have left in my actual owned collection but haven't uploaded a video of in awhile would be Atomic Green Lantern (I'm not sure if Batman can jungle anymore). Unless I have a string of lane videos to rack up some merit, I may be returning back to the top of my list, or some other neat jungler becomes free to play. Plus I still kind of want to get Swamp Thing as my next character, but I think the needs of the channel may come first since I think this game has quite the dedicated following.
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Pier Solar - Part 4 Sanctuary
With a new 4th party member, we're good to go tackle the second dungeon of the game and the boss inside. There are a couple things to mention about this dungeon: First, there is that room with the invisible corridor that I still do not know the secret of. It is possible it may be something I need to return to like with some of the chests that can't be reached yet. Second, this dungeon pulls some other perspective tricks by hiding the tiles you need to ride behind some of the environment. As a result, progressing can be a bit confusing. And lastly, the Sandworm ambushes are brutal here. Those alone make this dungeon an ordeal of attrition and there is nothing you can really do to mitigate their damage at the moment since you only have a single Dragon Tooth. As for the boss, he did not spam his AOE attack which made this a lot simpler than normal. If you find yourself in a situation where he is spamming his AOE, you can use the Fire Gem item to buy yourself a little time to heal up or just finish him off. In the event you did not pick the one up inside of this dungeon, you can buy them from the merchant on your way to the dungeon. The key to this boss is just preparation and utilizing Gather. If you can do those, finding this crab's weak point is simple, and then you know what you have to do to inflict massive damage. I'd like to say it was nice to have Mohu while we did, but he has gone the way of Josef, Galuf, Aeris, and many other RPG characters. Maybe one day he'll be like Josef and get a Soul of Rebirth.
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League of Legends - Jax Jungle
A small taste of the Feral Flare and a new addition to the channel. It took so damn much to actually record this video that I'm going to be taking a break. The end game stats are kind of close to the game I really wanted to record where I got to farm an enemy Vayne. And I actually did pick up Jax, so even after the free week ends, I can try to get a couple games more with him, assuming you guys actually like to watch him. As for the Feral Flare, I have to admit that I kind of like the item. It is definitely not for every jungler, but it definitely does make the Wriggle's line viable once again. In one of the games I couldn't get to record properly, I got to duel a fed Olaf and actually beat him due to my sustain from BotRK and the Flare. The sustain may need to be tweaked a bit, we'll wait and see. And I should mention that I do not think it is a good fit on Kha since he is more of an AD caster than auto-attacker. As for lane match ups, I think we might see a bit more Singed due to the new Rumble skin. Rumble has the advantage for the first couple levels, but once Singed can start proxying, he should be fine. Singed will just need to worry about dodging Harpoons and fleeing once the Equalizer is dropped. Akali/Ahri is pretty much a skill match up. If Ahri can land her charms, she can wreck Akali. If Ahri can't, then Akali will just rip her to shreds. Spirit Rush has 3 charges, but so does Shadow Dance. And if Akali gets a lead, it will be that much harder for Ahri to make a comeback. As for bot, Jinx/Blitz against Ashe/Karma kind of favors Ashe more at early levels. Blitz may be able to pull one of them, but Jinx needs a few levels to get some damage. If Blitz pulls the wrong one, Crystal Allows and Focused Resolves will come out, and then the entire fight can get swung around. As for Jax/Kha, Kha can get around some of Jax's strengths due to being an AD caster, but the longer the fight drags out, the better off Jax will be. He has a stun to help him get some free hits, both of them have ults that reduce the damage they take, and both have a move that follows up on their auto-attacks to become even more annoying. If Kha itemizes correctly, he can squeeze out a bit of an edge, but I think the later the game goes, the more likely Jax would be to win. I have to say that Jax is not a bad pick for the jungle anymore. It may be difficult with him if the enemy team can get ahead and start itemizing with Warden's Mails, but luckily for him, all of those items were recently nerfed. Unfortunately, that does mean auto-attackers in general may start rising up.
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The Letter - Chapter 7 Part 2
Warning, this is the video that is going to blow the lid off any remaining secrets regarding the ghost. After this video, you should be able to guess her motives, goal, past, and so on. And while all of this is going on, Luke is getting more tangled in her web...
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The Letter - Chapter 2 Ending #3 (In Safe Hands)
This is Hannah's happy ending, where you leave the hatch alone and are on good terms with Luke. I edited out some of the events leading to this, which are in their own video, and you can see the happy resolution in this one before I move onto the next grizzly demise.
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The Letter - Isabella's Madness Chapter 5 Pt. 2
In this video, we get to see Rebecca flip out after seeing a moment between Ash and Isabella that Zach just happened to sleep through. We also finally run into Luke, but nothing new is to be seen there, so we speed through it until we reach the next hospital visit.
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Anima: Gate of Memories - True Ending
Since there is no achievement name to go with this, I only have True Ending to put into the title. As the name implies, here we choose to disobey Romeo's orders and refuse to sacrifice the Bearer, even if it means dooming the world. As you might imagine, Romeo and Lady don't take rejection kindly... Once you've beaten them, the path to the bottom of the tower opens (remember that Ergo's true body is at the top), and we descend to stop Baal before he can completely materialize. We have to fight our way through lots of enemies to reach him, and then when we reach him, we have to re-experience some parts of the game all over again. Sublime. As for endings, now that I've seen all of them, I can put this one as my 2nd best, still preferring the bad ending. With the exception of the two endings that have yet to come, all three of the ones I've posted have you sacrifice either Anne, our beloved Bearer, or Ergo. I have to edit the remaining endings, so I don't know if both will be posted tomorrow, or if they will be spaced out over 2 days. Sadly, the fight against Baal in the joke ending got glitched, which may actually make the entire experience more humorous. The only thing left for me to record is the secret boss, which I'm still undecided on whether I want to bother.
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League of Legends - Spirit Guard Udyr Jungle (Bloodrazor, Tiger)
Season 7 has undoubtedly changed the landscape of the jungle and it seems to be clearest when observing our resident man-bear-pig. Prior to this season, I believe Phoenix was always the optimal way to clear as there wasn't a single solo camp until the wight was added to the jungle. However, with the changes to the buff camps and even the respawn timers, I'm part of the group that believes Tiger has finally achieved supremacy. The best way to compare this style of clearing is kind of like a single target Shyvana. You can power through the camps at a blinding speed and you have a mobility steroid to boost your movement when ganking. Unlike Shyvana, you do have CC at the cost of not having a true ult. However, with the way items seem to favor Udyr, I don't really consider that to be a draw back right now. Maxing Tiger is the highest priority as it is the new clear move and it scales with both AD and AS. I'm going Turtle second so I have durability and more life steal to sustain, especially since I don't have any life steal of my own. This comes into play when I actually duel Shyvana as she can't pierce my defenses, especially in our final duel at the very end, where she has all of those advantages on me and still loses. As for summoner spells, I think Ghost is the way to go simply because it complements Bear while having a much lower CD than Flash. With the summoner CD reduction on the tank tree, you will have it up often and can make someone's life a living hell. As for this game, the only enemy who posed somewhat of a threat to me was the Gangplank. I don't know if he had a legitimate build, but while reviewing the video, I noticed that he went for a crit/movement speed hybrid build, which I suspect is probably due to the pressure I'm able to exert on him. While I don't know a lot about GP mid, I don't think this was actually a build he could actually carry with, so try it at your own peril. Also worth mentioning, you will not see normal ADCs on my team this weekend as everyone has started to move away from those. Today is Ziggs, tomorrow will be someone else and you can see how it plays out. The important thing is that I will probably be using Udyr a bit more on the channel than I used to. I do need to get some use out of the only Ultimate skin I own.
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Anima: Gate of Memories - Part 3 The Cathedral of Erynnes
There is an edit in place that is going to remove the music before the boss fight, so you'll hear things go silent. That is not a glitch or mistake on either of our parts, but instead addressing the copyright flag on this video. As for this video, we move into the second wing where we encounter some familiar faces. I will actually show the first meeting with Elienai in the next video (Romeo too), since I did things out of order. The main thing you need to know is that she is the one who sealed Ergo into the book. The cathedral is a pretty straightforward level where the only issues we encounter are primarily the big encounters. The Guardian can be pretty deadly if you get hit by his pillar, but you need him to use it to expose himself to damage. Otherwise, you can only chip away at him periodically. Then the boss fight can be pretty difficult, but having fought Kappel already, the guy seemed like he was moving in relatively slow motion and I took him head on for the most part with Ergo. It would be nice if Ergo's damage buff casted a little more quickly, but I still manage to come out on top. The other problem is that due to how quickly we both had to move, you can burn through stamina insanely quickly, so stamina regen is very valuable for this fight. With the second wing out of the way, I am going to be uploading the foray into Folklore. You will see me at my weakest, but I'll cheese the Noth Queen, and deal with the first set of enemies that can only be damaged by a specific character. Stay tuned.
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Sunrider (Upgrade Overview)
After Camarilla's comment and some talk on the forums, I'm making this video. I show off what I'm using before the Legion battle and I talk about the value of everything throughout the game. Kinetics are vastly superior, to the point of pretty much trumping everything, and being only weak to ryders (somewhat). Normally, I would assume this is because you're supposed to laser ryders to death, but near the end, some of the ryders have shields, so what do I know? The advantage of Kinetics is that they ignore shields, but not armor, and they are unlimited in their use. The drawback is that their accuracy falls off sharply at long ranges with the exception of the Seraphim. As for lasers, they are your best tool for killing ryders most of the time. They are accurate at longer ranges, but their damage falls off immensely against shields. And shields are extremely common the farther in the game you get. Ironically, I'd say lasers are at their strongest in the very last battle of Mask of Arcadius, as that is when the greatest number of ryders are sent against you. And the junk lasers on the federation ships make doing that battle on the sacrifice route extremely tedious. Luckily Asaga has a strong back to carry us through... Missiles seem pretty good on paper, but when you realize how many of the enemies have Flak, how great their numbers are, and how their Flak is vastly superior to yours, the missiles become kind of useless. Chigara does Flak-Off, but more often than not, later on you're probably best off just having her shut down the carrier that is spawning ryders rather than unleashing a barrage in one turn. Plus your missiles are limited in their use, so once you run out, you have to rely on the weapons you have not upgraded as much in favor of the missiles. Missiles can be worthwhile in short battles, but they become increasingly weaker as the fights take longer and longer. As for shields, they stack. There is some justification for huddling as they mitigate laser damage (in addition to Flak overlap). Until PACT supports hit the field, defense is usually your key to victory unless there is some weird mission condition (something getting across the map). Basically, you can see the upgrades that got me through Mask of Arcadius. Whether or not these will be worthwhile in the finale will be revealed in time.
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