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An epic battle witnessed by Karl Pilkington
There was an epic battle between a wasp and a cricket....
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Ricky Gervais | Religion VS Atheism
I love Ricky.. he tells it like it is, and tries not to offend anyone. (If you didn't know, he is an Atheist)... He makes great points... I have always agreed with everything he states here.... So I put this together to share with everyone..
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Depressed Jack - You Can't Help Me!
My favorite scene from Lost Season 3 Finale. Jack mentions his father and tells the new chief of surgery that he can't help him. "Do you have any idea what I've been through?", "You can't help me!"
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Soldier: Fear and Discipline
In case anyone never saw this ... this film takes place in the far future and Kurt was only brought up since birth just be a soldier... he was never close to anyone... had no family or anything... if you weren't strong even as a child you were killed... he becomes obsolete, when they genetically create new soldiers, and drifted off to a supposed desolate planet with people living on it... this is probably the first time he speaks in his entire life...
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Soldier: The Ending
The awesome ending to Soldier...
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Terminator: A Family
I'm not machine, not man, I'm more... (a couple spoilers)
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Depressed Jack
One of my favorite scenes of Lost. This is from the Season 3 Finale when "Depressed Jack" tries to commit suicide.
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Juliet Explains Lost Ending: Reprised
She explains during her death, "It worked". It didn't make sense until the finale. (This is better quality, better editing, and a MUCH better explanation of Juliet explaining the end of LOST) She explains exactly that when Desmond unplugs the island, MIB's power is gone, and it's not against the rules (she says it's technically legal). We even see that when Sawyer unplugs the machine the power goes out. Just like the island's power that gives MIB his invincibility. "Can I tell you a secret? If you unplug it, and then you plug it back in again.. the candy just drops right down. And it's technically legal.." It is like when Desmond had the flashes of this afterlife without actually dying... When she is dying she randomly says, "We can go dutch" (right after scene, when he asks for coffee) also "It worked." Was in both scenes..including this video. If anyone doesn't see what was done here... they forgot LOST or didn't pay attention to it.
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LOST - Jack finds out his sister his Claire
My friend Fred's favorite scene. (Well with Matthew Fox's acting). I'm surprised no one uploaded the full real scene.
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The Dewey Cox Story - The Funniest Scenes
Best part of the whole movie
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The Rogue Cut - Break Out Scene Comparison
This scene from "Rogue Cut" gives us an entirely new vibe from that of which was stolen from the Theatrical Version. (As you watch the film you will see most of the past and future scenes intertwine like this on this sort of parallel of what is happening. It gives a whole new feel to the film, and this is just a taste of it.)
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Sheldon Has Asperger Syndrome - From "The Big Bang Theory"
Although it is never stated in the show, the main character shows all the signs, especially when he explains how he feels in a very recent episode (at the beginning of this video clip). His character is extremely interesting and without him the show would surely fail. Asperger's syndrome is an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) that is characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication, alongside restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests. It differs from other autism spectrum disorders by its relative preservation of linguistic and cognitive development.
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When Nicholas Cage freaks out in Peggy Sue got Married
This takes place right after Charlie Bodell catches Peggy Sue cheating... His character totally loses it in this scene... It makes me laugh. I don't think the director (his uncle - Francis Ford Coppola) meant it to be comedic, but he gave Cage full control of the character (squeeky voice, etc)... I especially love the start with the creepy vampire-like hands as he approaches Peggy's window..
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Trump: The Essential Con Man
The opening night of his casino, too many quarters, caused his casino to blow a fuse, it was SOO HOT, a fuse blew..... Ha!!!!!
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The Lonely - Best Scene
Twilight Zone Episode - The Lonely
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Army of Darkness: Alternate Ending (to some)
There were two endings. This is the one that did not air in theaters in the United States. They had the S-Mart ending. It appears from comments, only the U.S. featured the S-Mart ending, where he returns to the present, so this is for those fans who don't have the Blu-ray or DVD for to them this is "the alternate ending." The USA ending, shows Ash in the present back in S-Mart just as he rides off on his horse near the very end. (The whole movie was a flashback of him telling him his co-workers... who obviously don't believe him until a she-demon suddenly appears Ash destroys her in the department store in front of everyone, grabs the girl, kisses her and says, "Hail to the king baby". This ending has Ash imbibing a secret potion that would make him sleep one century for each drop of the potion he drinks. He then goes to a cave to sleep. However, he drank one drop too many and wakes up to find a barren post-apocalyptic landscape. The final shot is Ash screaming in rage at a red sky.
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Sheldon's Creepy Comforting Smile
Sheldon tries to comfort Penny in the hospital.
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The Universe Shouldn't Exist | Physicists Questioning Reality
The universe shouldn't exist, scientists say after finding bizarre behaviour of anti-matter. We don't know why the universe isn't destroying itself.
Short scene of Vertigo in 12 Monkeys
This scene from Vertigo was so compelling in 12 Monkeys (one of my favorite films).. I had to find and rent it.
Donald Trump ONLY Eats Fast Food - CNN Breaking News
He is paranoid of someone poisoning him. So he trusts Mc'Ds. Trump's road trip meals - revealed LOTS of fast food!! He LOVES Big Macs, Filet of Fish, KFC, Pizza, Soda, etc.. Calories are as fake as Climate Change.
The OA - Proof She is Telling the Truth
Also some very interesting, unique facts, such as HAP being in the cafeteria during the shooting (slow-mo clip). I had to cut this DOWN from 30 minutes... Due to copyright. Did a reload.. Let's see if it takes!!!!
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Vader saves Chewbacca and Luke is Standing There (blooper?)
Vader is not such a bad dude... Luke was there early?? Is it part of a deleted scene? A blooper? (Luke should not arrive till much later). It doesn't look like a soldier. No helmet and appears to be carrying a light saber on his belt. Lando also looks right at him for a second. Also don't forget this entire scene was created because actor Harrison Ford wasn't sure if he would return.......
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Old Georgie speaks the Tru Tru
Scene from Cloud Atlas "No un'scapes the tru tru"
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Trump Begins: The Dawn of The Donald
Funny Cartoon by Showtime.. Based on a True Story
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Hardcore Jack
Hardcore Jack listening to some Nirvana with some sick shades while driving.. then walks into traffic. So hardcore...
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Depressed Jack Needs a Fix.
Scene of Jack in the Pharmacy
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George McFly Figured Out '55 Marty - His Son: Part 2: Extra Info
Marty explains more in this extended scene, including the space/time continuum... and also being a Klingon.. Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDSMS2iJ0Gg
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Interview: Mark Hamill | On his role in The Last Jedi | The Dark Side | Favorite Characters
Hamill was very disappointed with his role in The Force Awakens, with only a few minutes air time. He is much happier this time around in The Last Jedi. He claims R2D2 is the true hero. Also, he discusses if he could choose the light side or the dark side, which would he pick?
Tutorial: Remove Cinavia from Bluray/DVD. Super Easy and Free.
There is an app called CinEx HD that is no longer around. Now, they force you to pay to remove Cinavia Protection. This free version was removed from their website (I believe it is now called DVD-Ranger CinEx). Well, luckily I still have the one that works for free. It is not some crack or anything, it is a legit program from the company. The video shows you how to do it. And I was kind enough to upload it, because you won't find it anywhere, and/or end up with a virus. Any questions, please leave in the comment section, and I'll try to respond. Also, let me know if the link goes down. And with filedropper be careful not to click the ads. Happy burning. Download App: http://www.filedropper.com/setupcinexlpcm02 List of movies with Cinavia: http://www.cinexhd2.com/cinexdb/
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Arnold - How he talks to his wife on the phone...
Uh huh...Yea, yeah, yeah...
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Jack is having troubles with his XBOX 360: Part 1
Based on a true story. *** For the people that don't have 360.. When the 360 lights up red instead of green it's broken. It happens to 99% of them, even when you get it repaired it breaks again, and Jack is sick of the run-around from microsoft. For people that don't watch Lost.. What the hell is wrong with you? And if you don't like Lost.. try watching it consecutively starting with season 1 episode 1.
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Arnold posts Stuff for FREE on Craigslist - ALL INCOMING PRANK CALLS..
Arnold gives away all of his stuff a free... An Old Computer, A Video Game, and even an Uzi 9 MM, with laser sight range (from Terminator 1).... He get's lots of a calls... Wait for the best bit, with the free Call of Duty game... Arnold's response is mint.
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CNN: Secretive US Military Program Tracked UFOs for 5 Years | Dec. 18, 2017
The now-defunct secretive federal program designed to track unidentified flying objects is facing new scrutiny while some officials deem it a national security priority. CNN's Brian Todd reports.
11.22.63 - Jake's Dad
Jake's Dad, was a quick scene in the beginning.... Most likely forgotten by viewers later.... Also is Dad would be like a kid in 1960... Interesting.... (but who wouldn't attempt this?) In his shoes... Now he learns the past really does screw with you, if you try to change anything...... (he wasn't), but, he should not call his Dad....... Think BTTF......
How to Rip a CD to MP3 for Beginners - Older Folks - For MP3 Players/Ipod
Step by Step Guide: Use Windows Media Player. It is free with Windows. It is a very short and to the point tutorial. Remember this is for beginners. I got this idea from my boss at work. She said there are no tutorials for people her age, who don't have a clue to things that are super simple to others. So, this video is for people like our parents who bug us to do this sort of thing for them. :)
Back To The Future:  Predicted Trump As President
The writers actually used Trump as the Biff character in the chaotic alternate 1985...........
Atheists React To Creationist Saying Dinosaurs Were On Noah's Ark
This shows both sides, but it is obvious which side is right.
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DOWNLOAD NETFLIX FREE!! To PC, Mac, Android, Burn DVD. LEGAL! Works! Rest are Fake!
The other videos that claim this, have apps that charge you, such as PlayOn. My method is totally free. I have an upstanding YouTube Acct (9,000 Subs and near 7 Million views). There are no tricks here. This is a screen capture tutorial - I will show you how to download to your PC Netflix movies and shows permanently. It is actually legal. This is the real deal. It will be saved in MP4 format which plays on most anything. It plays on PS3/PS4, with no conversion needed. Download Link: https://www.dvdvideosoft.com/Netflix-Download.htm
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President Jimmy Carter Denied Access to UFO Documents - SCI CHANNEL
He saw a UFO as governor and when President, he promised to reveal to the public the truth. Then he unwillingly told the public, it was a threat to national security. THEN...... Not too long ago, Hillary said she would release the info, well, if not a threat to national security. Sound familiar??? She already knows the game.
Back to The Future: The Clocks... Doc knew? Or Coincidence
This video suggests from the very beginning of the film somehow Doc knew the future already before Marty even time-traveled.. This goes against the laws of the single timeline theory in the film... This Trilogy is based ONE timeline. So, once Marty changes time, the mall name changes (twin pines mall to lone mine mall, etc), and everything and everyone around him does too.. So, in the opening sequence of the film, Doc did indeed die.... and never experienced everything we witness later throughout the film.... Marty changes that later and changes this very timeline... So, why this clock??? Never heard anyone bring this up, thus far.....
LOST - Finale Explained by Juliet - "it worked.."
She explains exactly that when Desmond unplugs the island, MIB's power is gone, and it's not against the rules (she says it's technically legal). We even see that when Sawyer unplugs the machine the power goes out. Just like the island's power that gives MIB his invincibility. "Can I tell you a secret? If you unplug it, and then you plug it back in again.. the candy just drops right down. And it's technically legal.." It is like when Desmond had the flashes of this afterlife without actually dying... When she is dying she randomly says, "We can go dutch" (right after scene, when he asks for coffee) also "It worked." Was in both scenes..including this video. If anyone doesn't see what was done here... they forgot LOST or didn't pay attention to it.
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REM - Everybody Hurts - with Lyrics (Music Video)
First off, this is my FAVORITE song; BUT obviously the lyrics are certainly NOT about people getting annoyed in traffic and then walking..(That's sadly the Official Music Video) I'm sure they were told not to make a totally depressing video.. When this video shows exactly what the lyric's msg is saying: hold on, don't kill yourself. So, I had to make this for 2 reasons, because not only when I wanted to find this song on YouTube with lyrics. It was just a black background(that's fine); BUT, they took the easy way out... (none of the lyrics are in sync during the song, because they copy and pasted lumps at a time). So, I did the lyrics in the exact proper placement (even an overlay,of the lyrics) I did all this, because that official video is an insult to the writer of the lyrics. And there's no way would he stand for their video of such amazing lyrics, unless paid off or forced to. (So, its a music video, w/ full quality mp3 (no changes to the song, no people talking, etc), and it contains all the lyrics, and they appear where they should by the song (in sync), and they fit the scenes of the video as well. I never gloat, but I feel this music video is way better than the official one. (some fans may get mad, but I hope you have heard me out, and if you don't agree with me, compare videos)
A Debate on The Bible, Panel of 4, Only one is an Atheist.
GENESIS 19:5 is the most interesting... A debate full of 4 people, each from different religious backgrounds, one is an Atheist.
Cloud Atlas Scene - From Womb To Tomb
"Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb, we are bound to others. Past and present. And by each crime, and every kindness, we birth our future." -- Sonmi-451
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Sloth - Part 2 - On planet Alderaan???
It gets weirder and weirder..
BTTF 2: Marty Stares At Mom's Boobs
When he wakes up in the Alternate 1985 and the whole world as he knows it has gone to hell.... he is super concerned with her breasts......
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Arnold Wants Some Plasma Rifles: Prank Gun Shop Calls
Arnold needs his plasma rifle.
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