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bhop_muchfast 1:24 segmented
sorry for spamming these segmented runs, this will be the last one as ive only got 1 more route left on csgo.. theres a tele skip and probs some other stuff you can do for sub 1:20
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new style that Slidy and shane are working on atm, rly fun!! cut out laggy part HUH?? - terry 2018
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bhop_arcane 4:05 segmented
Did this awhile ago and figured i'd upload it since the chances of me running this on csgo are very low.
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bhop_epiphany in 3:28 by roger
Its been a 4 month on and off journey but i finally did it!! ヽ༼ ° ͜° ༽ノ My planned route was 3:27, but i took a +1 at 2:40 for consistency AND also messed up the slope at 3:18 which gave me 1800 speed instead of 1950. This completely changed my end which led me to jump on the booster on the right at 3:24 instead of jumping on the left side. I am happy with the sub 3:30 and simply dont have the fortitude to continue grinding this map any longer. This is likely the last run i will ever do on CSGO. From now, any video posted on this channel will be css unless stated otherwise. BIG SHOUTOUTS: biql - number 1 router in the world™ (also bhop coach) Applez - bhop manager terry - top noodles - #1 RS)) ahimsa - finding a +1 at the start (he's good at finding +1's!!) Slidy - providing a server for me to grind on and generally being c00l freeze - providing a server for me to grind on (put in some MAJOR work recently at ausbhop.com (better than KZG)) px - ron ford dont take L's lappyy, bela, ruthles_kila, madness, myk, fool, shane and anyone else i missed - motivation and people to endure my rage against THESE GARBAGE BOOSTERS Song: CloZee - Arena (same as GlobalJumps cos i couldnt find 2 songs that fit) Settings: CSGO 128tick 1000aa sv_maxvelocity 3500 sv_cheats 0 ;]
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bhop_p09 46.658
can get .4 with this route and also improve more but im sticking to waterfall_ez for now
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inspired by pym(!!) - was originally just gonna do pisco but i added some more. obviously the strafe map times are trash i just figured someone might be interested in how i strafe. not sure what happened to the quality on sketchy but the camera was out of focus anyway rip changed cameras cos the good camera has a dumb battery that needs to be charged overnight to work for 1.5hrs Lorn - Mount Kwaku #handshow
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CS:GO - bhop_wave in 39.96
Done on AUS.GO whitelist server (now non-existent, RIP) Had to use shadowplay cos bots didnt work Auto / 1000aa / 128tick https://soundcloud.com/wizardbeats/lobster-music-take-it-back
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bhop_fps_max_sr 2:54
SEGMENTED Sorry for any choppiness, its a combination of segmenting and shadow play. Also the bot at higher speeds sometimes adds like 100 speed to what i actually had, so if you try for the route keep that in mind. I probs wont go for this since the circle surf is so precise and annoying to hit, which is why im posting this vid - in hopes that someone else tries for it. Honestly the route is pretty ez except for the surfs. nukumachi - snuggle up
Views: 2492 roger haha lol
watch till end for ebic aux meme https://soundcloud.com/rituvls/drwn-x-rituvls-a-r-t-i-f-a-c-t-s all runs done on myks whitelist!!
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CS:S bhop - bhop_summerland in 42.21
skrrt shadowplayed low qual garbage because the demo refused to be smooth with srcdemo open LAN 1000aa 100tick
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CS:GO BHOP - 5 records by roger
Its about time I wanted a version of this on my channel too, since i put a lot of effort into it :D! Notes: After months of internet issues and server issues, ive finally finished this. Despite a bunch of fairly obvious improvements on some maps, im satisfied with the routes i hit. I also recorded a handshow for fun last year when i was running bhop_same: https://youtu.be/NYoCVRERZYI Servers: Sourcecode NA, AUSGO.Whitelist, LAN Songs: https://soundcloud.com/jiantmusic/electricc https://soundcloud.com/nyquill/feel-your-love
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New year compilation 2017
who knows what im doin in 2018. maybe more big things Couple of WRs i got during the ausbhop.com competition in early December. And some trackmania stuff!! Having more fun playing trackmania and i might end up doing some more vids if i can get any decent times Times: bhop_mindfk - 30.530 bhop_behomeby11 - 34.718 bhop_fantasy_speedrun - 37.811 Trackmania ESL - best of! - 1:07.50 A07 (campaign map) - 28.79 (#4 time in Australia) Song: Subsonik - NFFR
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bhop_same WR (handshow xd)
Did this for fun whilst running da map Uploaded 26th November 2016 #handshow
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1:11.289 what is this music haha?????????????????????
Views: 633 roger haha lol
43.95 - yes this is css
Views: 1164 roger haha lol
Yeah the boys
Merry Christmas everyone! I started this project with my fellow AUS and NZ players a couple months ago for a bit of fun. Im happy almost everyone i asked for demos was able to give me something to work with (rip lappyy D:). Hopefully I spark some sort of inspiration into other communities because these kind of videos are definitely more satisfying than pure strafe compilations imo. I hope this helps to prove that you also dont need perfect times to make an entertaining video for people. anyway, enjoy! Settings: CSGO 128 tick 1000aa sv_maxvelocity 3500 Songs: oshi - found mr carmack - humbled ok2222 - we are stronger together. Times, time stamps and names: 0:13 Belä - bhop_flocci (TAS) - 1:50.476 2:09 biql - bhop_x - (Auto) - 1:01.842 3:13 Madness - bhop_compact_city (Auto) - 16.781 3:34 Madness - bhop_suicide_pls (Auto) - 24.882 4:04 Maharero - bhop_fruits2 (bonus) (W-Only) - 17.141 4:25 Maharero - bhop_fly_xerotic (W-Only) - 18.474 4:47 px - bhop_translucidity (bonus) (Auto) - 20.343 5:14 px - bhop_kitum (Auto) - 21.919 5:43 roger - bhop_treehouse4 (Auto) - 49.890 6:37 ruthles_kila - bhop_lupadamadami (HSW) - 32.546 7:15 ruthles_kila - bhop_matans (SW) - 24.701 7:46 TrauMa - bhop_blue_abstract (Auto) - 42.593 #YTB #communitycomp
Views: 2916 roger haha lol
39.29 https://soundcloud.com/sdotcharles/latex
Views: 1798 roger haha lol
CS:S BHOP - bhop_sandtrap in 37.56 by Applez
sweet run by s l i c k r i c k jhfly - Learjets, coupes
Views: 1480 roger haha lol
33.400 disgusting lag after surf WOO
Views: 697 roger haha lol
dumpster tier
I Have No Competition......................... 20.620 or something - can get 19
Views: 472 roger haha lol
spooky bhop comp for trash holiday
strafes are gettin there idk if any are wr bhop_horseshit_7 8.52 bhop_huni 35.87 bhop_nona 25.63 bhop_p04 14.96 needed glock for last one so blocks stayed white..!
Views: 1046 roger haha lol
aquatic // ambience 液ケ浦
messing around with HLAE features lmao, bitrate dumpster'd because sony vegas crashes if the quality is too good
Views: 388 roger haha lol
CS:GO BHOP - New Year Compilation
big things coming in 2017 messed up the end for khonsu pretty hard, and i can improve the end for emevael a bit. Might see prux again in my larger compilation if i get lazy bhop_topgay - 27.57 bhop_emevaelx_2 - 34.92 bhop_khonsu - 42.38 bhop_prux - 1:02.69
Views: 2709 roger haha lol
CS:GO BHOP - bhop_wildcard 56.46
bad quality cos shadowplay
Views: 914 roger haha lol
more short runz
all pbz couldve improved mp_stairs to .1 or .0 but my wrist started hurting after like 10min of playing it xd
Views: 1130 roger haha lol
CS:GO - bhop_blocky_speedrun in 29.968 by px
sorry for the quality/choppy frames - my srcdemo likes to be trash a lot the cut at 0:25 is also because of srcdemo :/ Blank Banshee - B​:​/ Start Up
Views: 548 roger haha lol
bhop_helvete 17.9 (MEME)
was going to do more maps with boosters with meme initial d music but i lost motivation
Views: 858 roger haha lol
some light grinding yesterday xd fun map style 38.81
Views: 795 roger haha lol
been playing css lately!! fan of da glock
Views: 404 roger haha lol
sp00k compilation 2
1 year later on css!! Didnt optimise any of these routes, most are just first completion. Talk wanted me to do a showcase for his maps so i decided to put them in here. 0000 - 31.1 0001 - 38.6 0002 - 29.4 0003 - 18.8 soi - 22.2 paskamappi - 26.1
Views: 728 roger haha lol
bhop_speedart 26.9
testing srcdemo xd !! DEMO LAG STRIKES AGAIN !!
Views: 263 roger haha lol
CS:GO BHOP - bhop_ruska in 43.39
Views: 321 roger haha lol
CSGO leapings - sum pb's
ridgy-didge i consider these to be beaten already xd server: back to business (ausgo wl)
Views: 417 roger haha lol
old vid made public!! ebin wallbang xd
Views: 225 roger haha lol
Map showcase. Clearly not an optimised route. It took me longer to get a nofail run than it did to make the map. Tapes - Crowns Time (for anyone who cares): 1:18 or 1:16 idk
Views: 487 roger haha lol
ye u mad old vid made public!!
Views: 82 roger haha lol
random stuff, fps issues cba re-recording, no edit, etcetc Wiley - Born In The Cold (Klimeks Remix) Thriftworks - Observations
Views: 113 roger haha lol
1v4 v old phetz
old vid made public!! THIS EDIT MAKES ME CRINGE
Views: 51 roger haha lol
old vid making public!! sony vegas is the biggest peice of dog poo ive ever seen
Views: 139 roger haha lol
td robbed
old vid made public!! not mess with deagle ! ! hahalol
Views: 45 roger haha lol

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