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Suicide Commando - The Perils of Indifference (HQ)
From "Implements of Hell" 2010.
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Bane & Poison Ivy vs The UV Paint Gang (Batman & Robin)
No idea what the gang's supposed to be called, feel free to correct me. Scene from Batman & Robin (1997). Love the UV make-up and costumes :) Shame the movie was so awful, and the potential of these characters was wasted on a ludicrous stunt.
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Black Bomb A - Your Enemy
From the album Human Bomb (2001)
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Black Bomb A - No One Knows
From the album Speech of Freedom (2004) http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Bomb_A
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Koldborn - The Uncanny Valley
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Urkraft - The Inhuman Aberration
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Fear My Thoughts - The Masters Call
From the album Hell Sweet Hell (2005)
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Transwave - Land of Freedom (HQ*)
Phototropic (1996) * I've tweaked the levels a bit for more clarity and hopefully higher quality :)
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Your Shapeless Beauty - Wolves Are Not Yours
From Swan Song (2002) http://www.metalstorm.net/pub/review.php?review_id=473 available on amazon
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Machinery - Reason Is The Rush
From "The Passing" (2008)
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Alien Vampires - Her Blood Into My Veins (High Quality)
Tired of seeing bad quality uploads.
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Fear My Thoughts - My Delight
From the album Hell Sweet Hell (2005) One of the best outros in melodeath I've heard so far :p
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Hypocrisy - Warpath (HQ)
From the album Virus (2005)
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Bombay TV vs Magmaw Resto Druid
Second or third down, a couple of people were complaining about latency and things suddenly went tits up towards the end, not the cleanest kill, oh well! In my usual role of tank healing + raid assist. Music: Mors Principium Est - The Unborn Mors Principium Est - Sinners Defeat Recorded & edited by Yrann www.bombaytv.fr.nf Cho'gall EU
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Your Shapeless Beauty - Mourning of a New Day
From the album Swan Song (2002)
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Your Shapeless Beauty - Sine Sole Nihil
From the album Swan Song (2002)
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Dark Muse - Once Amid A Dream
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Hypocrisy - Incised Before I've Ceased (HQ)
From Virus (2005)
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Wall Of Sleep - From The Bottom Of These Days
Sun Faced Apostles (2005)
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In R Voice - Resonance
from the album Resonance Metaphizix (2002) http://www.discogs.com/In-R-Voice-Resonance-Metaphizix-/release/1437703
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Dark Muse - Star
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Dark Muse - The Seduction
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Your Shapeless Beauty - Contempt
From the album Swan Song (2002) available on amazon
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Utopy vs Omnitron D.S. 25 Heroic Warrior & Rogue PoV
One of our kills of 25 man heroic omnitron defense system. Little surprise for the last %. Recorded by Kalax (Fury Warrior) & Gorkle (Combat Rogue), edited by Yrann. Music: Hanz Zimmer - 160 BPM (Angels & Demons OST) Trellis - Ouch (Green Wing OST) www.utopy.net Cho'gall EU
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Tanktics theme music
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tanktics_(1999_video_game) I think this was included on the demo, kept it ever since. "Tanktics was a game developed by DMA Design in 1999 for the PC and the PlayStation. It was published by Interplay.(...)" Just picked a random screenshot from google to make this. Apologies for the way the song cuts out at the end, that's Youtube, not intentional :(
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Your Shapeless Beauty - Song For a Ghost
From the album Swan Song (2002)
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Dark Muse - Aria
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Utopy vs Maloriak 25 Heroic Warrior & Rogue PoV
One of our kills of 25 man heroic Maloriak. Recorded by Kalax (Fury Warrior) Gorkle (Combat Rogue) Edited by Yrann Music: Noisia - Block Control VIP 2 Skrillex - Kill Everybody (Bare Noize Remix) Noisia ft. Foreign Beggars - Shellshock Skrillex - Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (Noisia Remix) www.utopy.net Cho'gall EU
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Urkraft - A Miracle Grotesque
http://rateyourmusic.com/release/album/urkraft/a_scornful_death/ download the entire album free at www.urkraft.dk
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Bombay TV vs Ascendant Council Holy Priest Resto Druid
The first boss to give us some real problems, killed a couple of days before the hotfix, got as many ranged dps as we could, spread out well and got the job done! recorded by Éthylène (Holy Priest) & Yrann (Resto Druid) edited by Yrann Music: Afrocelts - When I Still Needed You Skrein - Reach (Adulthood OST) www.bombaytv.fr.nf Cho'gall EU
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Bombay TV vs... Lolwut?
Very bad taste but who gives?
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Lauthus - Elongate (Rave eJay 2)
Created somewhere between 1998 and 2002 (so yes pretty old) on Rave eJay 2, a limited but entertaining music program, all with pre-made samples and a drag and drop 16 channel interface. The closest I could come to trance with this at the time was closer to Dream House than anything else.
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Equinox vs Mimiron 10 Hardmode Holy Priest
Music: Mercenary - Lost Reality Defeated in tier 9 gear Recorded and edited by Particle
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Utopy vs Chimaeron 25 Heroic Resto Druid
A slightly bumpy first down, thankfully not too laggy this time ;) Choice of music was a bit of a surprise, the "oh wow I didn't have to do anything, it syncs up with the fight by itself" kind. Cheesiest yet but hopefully you'll enjoy it! Any constructive criticism & suggestions are welcome. Log of the kill: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-3o5ofpa7yt9nr5x2/dashboard/?s=1548&e=2026 Music: Hans Zimmer - Greed (Broken Arrow OST) Recorded & edited by Yrann www.utopy.net Nous recherchons: Paladin Holy, Rogue, DK, Chaman Amélio/Resto, Mage, Demo. Cho'gall EU
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Utopy vs Atramedes 25 Heroic, Fury & Prot Warrior POV
Probably the most boring fight in the current tier, imo anyway. Someone panicked towards the end and barbecued the raid ;) oh well! It was the last one in our way before Nefarian, next stop is Conclave and then the twin dragons. Recorded by Kalax (Fury Warrior) & Kilow (Prot Warrior), edited by Yrann. Music: Brian Tyler - Evac (Battle: Los Angeles OST) Brian Tyler - Command and Control Center (Battle: Los Angeles OST) Trellis - Jolly Scarface (Green Wing OST) Cho'gall EU patch 4.06 www.utopy.net
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Utopy vs Conclave of Wind 25 Heroic
Weeks after the down, finally got this done. Sorry it's so late! recorded by: Kalax, fury warrior (Rohash / Nezir soak) Samoth, resto shaman (Nezir / Anshal destack) Yrann, resto druid (Nezir / Rohash solo) music: Within Temptation - Where Is The Edge Within Temptation - Iron Aim - The Force (feat QNC) www.utopy.net Cho'gall EU
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Dark Muse - Amber
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Quake Live Clan Arena - gash miniseries part 1
I made this really quickly just to save some of my best Clan Arena (tier 3) rounds over the last couple of weeks (may 2012). A couple of the dm6 clips are mixed up but I don't think it's the end of the world... If you're a movie maker and would like to include any of these frags let me know, I'm keeping demos. No inclination to do a really flashy movie even if the frags were good enough :p music: Celldweller - Outland Celldweller - Surgical
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Bombay TV vs Omnotron Defense System Resto Druid
Couple of notes about this one, this is only my second ever pull of the boss, so I miss out on a lot of mana void zones :( Aside from that sorry for a couple of odd camera angles. Live servers, 10 man, 23rd Dec '10. Any questions feel free! Music: Prometheus - 9th (The man who swam through a speaker) recorded & edited by yrann www.bombaytv.fr.nf Cho'gall EU
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Bombay TV vs Lich King 10 Heroic, Resto Druid PoV part 1 of 2
Music: Eternal Basement - Taking Place In You Chakra feat. Liquid Metal - Resurrection Marilyn Manson - This Is Halloween Recorded and edited by Yrann About 4-5 players killed him once before, took us about 10 attempts this time (some mistakes:p) + 400 ms lag yay! Cho'gall EU www.bombaytv.fr.nf
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mek - Audience (Sample)
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Utopy vs Nefarian 25man Resto Druid
Second or third down, recorded this mainly as a framerate test, nearly cancelled it mid-pull 'cause of the lag, but hey :p So no, not great fps, sorry. I do however plan on making more movies, as long as I can reduce the lag. Not a perfect pull either, not sure what happened right at the end, shit happens. Oh and please forgive the obvious fail on my part :) Music: Daylight Dies - All We Had Daylight Dies - Lies That Bind Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong - The Nearness of You Recorded & edited by Yrann www.utopy.net Nous recherchons: Paladin Holy, Rogue, DK, Chaman Amélio/Resto, Mage, Demo. Cho'gall EU
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Bombay TV vs Putricide 25 Heroic
Music: innerpartysystem - Heart on Fire innerpartysystem - Don't Stop Celldweller - Stay With Me (Unlikely) Recorded and edited by Kaiku
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Utopy vs Magmaw 25 Heroic 4x POV (Alt sound)
Between bad ISPs and people working late it took us a while to really get going, took surprisingly few pulls once those problems were out of the way. This kill pushed us up to 5/13, next stop Atramedes! Patch 4.06. Note: as some may have experienced before Youtube disabled the audio in the original movie, I have hastily re-rendered it with Shpongle - Divine Moments of Truth as a new soundtrack, and there's a small glitch during the outro (just shows the 4.1% wipe so you're not missing much :P). The original video with the right music can be seen here: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xhjye0_utopy-vs-magmaw-25-heroic-4x-pov_videogames 4x POV: Kalax, Fury Warrior Meneldor, Shadow Priest Kilow, Protection Warrior Yrann, Restoration Druid Edited by Yrann Music: Daft Punk - C.L.U. (Tron Legacy OST) Tyler Bates - No Mercy (300 OST) Steve Jablonsky feat. Linkin Park - Nest (Transformers, Revenge of the Fallen OST) Tyler Bates - To Victory (300 OST) Steve Jablonsky - I Claim Your Sun (Transformers, Revenge of the Fallen OST) Lord Rockingham' XI - Hoots Mon' Includes audio from Meneldor's recording, if you hear some Mind Flays, that's why :p www.utopy.net Cho'gall EU (FR) Le recrutement est toujours ouvert pour certaines classes, venez jeter un coup d'oeil!
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Utopy (Alts) vs Halfus Wyrmbreaker 10 Combat Rogue
Alt / rerolls raid, I record these for fun and in case anyone has any tips for me on my rogue:) Music: Speech Debelle - The Key (Loose Cannon Remix) (Shank OST) Alt Raid www.utopy.net Cho'gall EU
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Utopy (Alt Raid) vs Magmaw 10 Combat Rogue PoV
Alt / rerolls raid, I record these for fun and in case anyone has any tips for me on my rogue:) music: Tempa T - Next Hype (Shank OST) Adam Deacon - Madness (Shank OST) Trellis - King Jelly (Green Wing OST) www.utopy.net Cho'gall EU
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