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TF2 - Taunt Kills
Hey guys! It's been so long since I've made a video, but now here is my taunt kills compilation! I procrastinated so much on this video, as most of the clips are from two years ago, but I finally managed to make it, and now I'm so relieved! Thanks for everyone who has subscribed to me and stuck with my channel despite rare uploads. My inspiration comes from Displeased Eskimo. https://www.youtube.com/user/DispleasedEskimo Music (title then artist) ------------------------------------- Shotgun Senorita - Blue Stahli Gettysburg - Ratatat Axel F - Harold Faltermeyer
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TF2 - Taunt Killing Saxton Hale
A little video in which I play on a Saxton Hale gamemode server for a while. The only taunt kill used in this video is the Sniper's huntsman. This video also includes Vagineer gameplay! Team Fortress 2 is free to play. www.teamfortress.com Edit 2/9/16: Holy crap 7,000 views! By the way I noticed some skeptic people in the comments, let me explain... When you get someone with the huntsman taunt, it freezes them until they die (unless they get out of the way of your arrow). This is how Hale was stuck in the taunt. He has too much health to die from one strike of the arrow.
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Sommerrodelbahn - Toboggan Run
Here is a video from my summer vacation to Europe, where we travel to Salzburg, Austria and go on the sommerrodelbahn, or summer toboggan run. I would have uploaded this a LOT sooner, but I accidentally spilled Fanta on my HP Mini, and...yes, stupid move of mine, I got a new laptop and finally am uploading this video. So, I hope you enjoy! Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe!
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Minecraft - Worst Seed Ever
Seed: -168268353 I imagine someone could make a Survival Island map out of this by adding a simple tree. You can get Minecraft at www.minecraft.net.
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TF2 - Griefer on Doomsday Server
Hey guys, what's up! I have not made a video in a while, and I planned to make tons of videos before this, but I didn't have enough time. On the bright side, this is my 50th video! For those of you wondering, I use Fraps to record my screen. Also, I plan to make an intro for my videos. This will be coming soon. This is my official 50th video. I removed the three episode Skyblock series from my channel, but back when that was still on my channel, this was my 50th video. So it won't appear as my 50th video, but including the Skyblock series, it is. So just go on with it :D Team Fortress 2 is Free To Play. Visit teamfortress.com for more info.
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TF2 - Hat Crafting
Just a short little video on me crafting a hat in TF2. Nothing special. Of course, the hat is special... And yes, I have sold it for a Festive Scattergun.
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Portal 2 - Secret Room
A secret in the test chamber designed by one of Aperture's Nobel Prize Winners. The prize wasn't for being immune to neurotoxin. This video is a bit of a spoiler, so warning to those who want to find the secrets themselves.
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Garry's Mod - We Made a Zoo
Hi guys! This is my first Garry's Mod video, so I hope you enjoy. I also hope to make more Garry's Mod videos in the future, so please subscribe! In this video, my friend Sammy and I make a zoo with the hideous monsters from Half-Life, and we felt it needed to be recorded. Garry's Mod is a sandbox game. It lets you fool around with ragdolls and props from other video games Valve has made. You can get Garry's Mod on Steam at http://store.steampowered.com/app/4000/
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[Gmod] scout tossing ball test
Tell me what you think I should improve on yada yada
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Minecraft - Don't Dig Straight Down - Part 3
Hey guys, it has been forever since I made a Don't Dig Straight Down video...the first one came out in 2012, the next one is 2014, this one in 2016...part 4 coming in 2018 confirmed?? Anyway, I hope you enjoy this video, and don't forget to leave a like if you did. I use Fraps to record if any of you guys still somehow don't know.
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Legend of Zelda OoT (first time) continued
thanks for the views
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Sparkles demo submission - 360 no scope
I'm not sure what category this falls under. Hacks or Luck, or Lucked Out?
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Sparkles demo submission - Teamkill
Submission for epic fails.
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Maybe some sort of glitch...?
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I'm bad at PUBG
the guy with me is my stepbrother
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Scout in 2Fort [second ever gmod video]
I'm definitely going to attempt to get into gmod animations more. Please leave criticisms and tell me what you think. I'm new to gmod stop motion (relatively)! EDIT: Hmm. After watching it in 720p maybe I should render at that resolution, as anyone who can't watch in 1080p will have blurry video.
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Make Me Sandvich
Hey guys! I FINALLY finished this freakin' 11 second video. My friend gave me the idea a few years ago and I made it happen. Oh, sorry about the shaky camera during the spy part, I took the pictures during two sessions. Anyway, I hope you enjoy. This is my first Gmod video and I mainly made it because my friend suggested it and I wanted to experiment with lip syncing. Song: Dub Spirit by Jingle Punks
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Team Fortress 2 - Mann vs. Machine - Part 2
In this video I play Mann vs. Machine in Team Fortress 2 with my friend. Mann vs. Machine is a new co-op gamemode for Team Fortress 2, where you defend Mann. Co, from robots. Team Fortress 2 is Free to Play. For more info, visit teamfortress.com.
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Legend of Zelda OoT (first time)
thanks for the views
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Dirty Bomb Funny Bug
two uploads in one day guys
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tossing ball reupload
eye candy
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Mother's Day Stop Motion
It's just a short ten second stop motion for Mother's Day. Whole thing was 160 frames. Hopefully the next stop motion video will be in HD, because I have an HD webcam. Subscribe if you like my videos!
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Minecraft - Hanging Out On My Bro's Server
Just a little clip I decided to record to show the first baby wolf I've raised in Minecraft. Little Fritz is so cute. Minecraft is at www.minecraft.net Look under the downloading page for the Minecraft_Server software.
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Taunt Kill at the Front Gates
Thanks to DispleasedEskimo, I can perfectly time a taunt kill at the front gates just before a round starts. Check him out: http://www.youtube.com/user/DispleasedEskimo
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Match Rocket Success!!
this is epic...also my first time doin it
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Minecraft - 12/12/12 Special!
This video is special, if you think about it, considering it's about 12/12/12. December 12, 2012 Considering that the next "twelve, twelve, twelve" will not come again for a long time, I thought that making a video would be cool. Sorry for the slanted part at the end :/ Windows Live Movie Maker decided it was going to be retarded. Hopefully you guys don't mind too much. And yes, I didn't have enough time for the video's sake, so the upload date is 12/13/12. Whatever. Kinda the same.
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Minecraft - Don't Dig Straight Down - Part 2
Hey guys, sorry for not uploading videos a lot. But here's a new video for my mini series of digging straight down! Something happened to the first part 2, so I uploaded a new one. Enjoy and rate, comment, and subscribe! The game I'm playing is Minecraft. www.minecraft.net
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TF2 - Hat Crafting 2
I had enough metal, and I always want to record so my fellow viewers and subscribers can see what I'm doing, so I recorded my second hat crafting video. Hope you enjoy! I have been trying to make a New Years video, but have never been able to get around doing it. Hope you guys don't mind too much. Team Fortress 2 is Free to Play. Go to teamfortress.com for more info.
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My Minecraft Memories [Reuploaded with music]
Hey guys, just decided to upload this video again but with music so you don't have to click another link. Music is Minecraft - Volume Alpha by C418
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hey, 49 frags [reuploaded]
The Sony Vegas template I was using wasn't delivering the best quality so I changed it now my videos will hopefully look better
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I haven't done any stop motion for a while now, so I hope you enjoy. It's not my longest, but I don't look into doing any full-length film, as my channel is more about gaming. The stop motion program I use is a free program online called Stop Motion Animator. You can find it on Google. It isn't a pro tool like StopMotion Pro considering it's free, but it's a good program for beginners.
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Portal - Episode Fun
From going through the first portal to placing the Weighted Cube on the *deep breath* 1500 Mega-Watt Aperture Science Heavy Duty Super-C---*exhales* to grabbing the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device from its' podium to bringing the radio with you after completing the test. Good times, good times...
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Minecraft - Don't Dig Straight Down - Part 1
This the first video in my little series of digging straight down. You may be lucky...but maybe not.
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TF2 - Unboxing Naughty and Nice Crates 2012
A little video about me opening the new Naughty and Nice crates from Smissmas 2012. No unusuals, but it was still pretty fun. Hope you enjoy! And yes, I did put Tnanks instead of Thanks at the end. :P Team Fortress 2 is Free To Play. Visit teamfortress.com for more info.
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Minecraft - Fun in SkyBlock with Friends
My friend on Steam told me he was hosting a Skyblock server, and I decided to join... and record some of it.
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Minecraft - The Mining Episode
I need to lower the volume of my music.
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Terraria - Nighttime Slaying
I just got this game. It's pretty fun. Sorry about the screen blinking black. =/
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Terraria - Rise of the Blood Moon
The Blood Moon rose! Why not record it?
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Portal - Test Video
Fraps won't record my voice for some reason, but enjoy anyway.
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Bank: Putting In Money
just putting money into the bank... or blowing it up?
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tf2 again
enjoy this oldie but goodie
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Just a short war scene. Would be much better with sound and special effects. I made this because I hadn't made a stop motion film in a while, and it's just, you know...a test.
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Minecraft 1.4 Piston Glitch
This is a weird glitch using pistons and a rapid redstone pulser that I discovered. I'm sure this glitch has been occuring earlier than 1.4, but it's when I discovered it. I'm also sure that someone has already made a video about this same glitch and it is more accurate than mine, but I'm just putting this out there just in case. Here's a trick you can do using this glitch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ov9NCKq19kQ&feature=related Subscribe if you want :)
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Battlefield 1 Funny Bug
memes yeah this was recorded a while ago i dunno why i waited so long
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My Minecraft Memories
Back from Beta 1.2_01 to 1.2.5, these are the screenshots that I took. The first couple are in a small resolution because I got Minecraft on my laptop. Play the music in this link while watching this video. http://c418.bandcamp.com/track/minecraft Hope you enjoy :)
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