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1960s Wolverhampton Low Level To Stourbridge Junction
All Credits for this video must go to Michael Clemens of B&R Videos, and his father Jim Clemens who did such a marvellous job of recording the scenes of this long gone and forgotten railway. So enjoy the ride from Wolverhampton Low Level to Stourbridge Junction as it was in the 1960s.
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Wolverhampton Low Level 1960s.
A few minutes of action at Wolverhampton Low Level Station in the 1960s. These clips were taken from a video tape produced by A To Z Production, a collection of video tapes I bought in the early 90s called The Changing Face Of British Railways. Very little is seen anywhere of Low Level Station and I think it's a shame because of the history behind this former G.W.R. station. If I have to delete the few clips because of copyright, I will do so, but at the moment please enjoy what was a wonderful place to be a part of many years ago.
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1960s Two Long Forgotten Wellington (Salop) Branch Lines
This is the last of a series of three videos I was allowed to extract various clips from originally filmed by Jim Clemens, and will show two former branch lines that used to run into Wellington (Salop) The first clip is from Stafford via Newport to Wellington, and the second is from Crewe via the Market Drayton branch to Wellington. All former Halts and Stations along both branch lines are clearly shown. These two former branch lines disappeared many years ago, but thanks to Jim Clemens we have a superb record of what used to be. All credits for this video must go to Michael Clemens of B&R Videos for allowing me to show material filmed by his late father Jim Clemens. Enjoy.
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1950s/60s LMS Steam Around The Midlands.
A look at LMS Steam workings around the Midlands during the 1950s and 60s. All credits must go to the producers of A-Z Video Tapes The Changing Face Of British Railways. I bought these tapes in the early 90s. Enjoy a blast from the past.
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1960s Steam Snow Hill To Shrewsbury
This video will show parts of what the former Great Western Mainline from Birmingham Snow Hill to Shrewsbury was like in the 1960s. Today the line from Snow Hill to Priestfield is now used by the Midland Metro. A special thanks has to go to Michael Clemens of B&R videos for giving me permission to use various clips by his late father Jim Clemens who filmed the majority of the clips in this video. Credits also go to Michael Marsden for the clips of Swan Village and Oxley, and also Terence Dorrity for the clip of Stafford Road Shed 84a. Any B&R video by Jim Clemens is well worth having in anyone's collection. Enjoy this real blast from the past.
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Diesels Bristol Bath Road Shed.wmv
A few clips of loco movements on Bristol Bath Road Shed, now just a memory.
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1960s Steam Paddington To Banbury Via Bicester
This video will show parts of the line from Paddington to Banbury via Bicester North. This line was used by the Paddington - Birkenhead services. All credits for this video must go to Michael Clemens of B&R videos who kindly gave me permission to use various clips filmed by his father Jim Clemens, who did a wonderful job of filming the route of the Cambrian Coast Express from Paddington to Shrewsbury Please enjoy this look back to the 1960s.
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1960s Trains At Worcester
All credits for this video must go to Michael Clemens of B&R Videos who kindly gave me permission to use various clips of Worcester Shed and Shrub Hill Station in the 1960s filmed by his late father Jim Clemens who did a superb job filming the clips shown. Any DVD by Jim Clemens is well worth adding to anyones collection of railway videos. Enjoy these superb steam scenes of days gone by at Worcester.
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1960s Trolley Buses & Trains Wolverhampton
This short video is by courtesy of a Michael Clemens B&R video, who kindly gave me permission to use various clips from another of his collection of videos.The footage from this one is called Along LMS Lines Pt 1 Euston To Stafford. It shows a few Trolley Buses in Dudley & Wolverhampton along with a brief look at Wolverhampton High Level Station in the 1960s. Enjoy
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60s Steam and Diesel @ Birmingham Snow Hill pt 1
A look at Birmingham Snow Hill in the 1960s. the clips in this video were taken from a video tape I bought in the early 90s called The Changing Face Of British Railways, produced by A to Z recalling all the action seen at Snow Hill Station, this used to be a magical place to visit. Enjoy
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1960s Steam Banbury To Brum
This video contains clips of what the former GW mainline between Banbury and Birmingham Snow Hill used to look like during the 1960s. Plenty of action on Hatton Bank including Kings, Castles, etc. All credits for this video must go to Michael Clemens of B&R videos for giving me permission to use footage taken by his father Jim Clemens. Please enjoy another great blast from the past.
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1960s Trains At Shrewsbury
In this video we take a look at movements around Shrewsbury Station in the mid 1960s as steam was coming to an end. All credits for this video must go to Michael Clemens of B&R Videos who once again kindly gave me permission to use these clips that were filmed by his late father Jim Clemens, who did such a superb job recording these scenes which were taken from the DVD Steaming Through Shropshire Pt 1. Enjoy.
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A Job For Life Swindon Works BBC 1985
This is the second episode of 3 about Swindon Works and some of the men that worked there. Broadcast by the BBC in 1985. I recorded all 3 episodes on to a video tape at the time they were shown on TV. No infringement of copyright is intended. Enjoy.
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1950s/60s B-ham New Street
A look at B-ham New Street Station during the 1950s and 60s in the days when natural daylight was available around the Station, before a shopping centre was placed on top of it during the mid 1960s, making it now at platform level the dark and dingy place it is today. All credits for this video must go to the producers of A - Z videos a series of video tapes I bought during the early 90s called The Changing Face Of British Railways. Enjoy
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The Duchess And The Streak 22.11.14.
On a rather damp and dreary Saturday morning the 22nd of November 2014, 46233 Duchess Of Sutherland is seen passing Berkswell with a charter from Sheffield to London Euston with 57315 at the rear,. Followed by A4 4464 Bittern at Tamworth working the Cathedrals Express from London Euston to Chester. A special thanks to Rob my next door neighbour for giving me a lift to both locations. Enjoy.
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Bristol Bath Road Open Day 1991.wmv
Bristol Bath Road Depot Open Day was a great event, the variety of loco's was excellent.
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5043 The Shropshire Express 30.9.17.
5043 Earl Of Mount Edgcumbe is seen at Wolverhampton on Saturday the 30th of September 2017 working a Vintage Trains Charter from Tyseley Steam Trust To Chester. Enjoy.
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Birmingham New Street 1990.wmv
A few clips of Birmingham New Street 1990, when real electric & deisel loco's and coaching stock worked all main line services. Not the dmus of today Pendelinos etc.
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Loco Photo's Pt 5 1985-1987 Paddington-Old Oak-Reading-Swindon Loco Works-Bristol.
Again a few more of my photo's from 1985-1987, this time from Paddington - Old Oak Common - Reading - Swindon Loco Works, and Bristol. Alas no more Old Oak Common or Swindon Works may they both R.I.P. Enjoy
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Bescot open day 6th May 1990.wmv
A clip of Bescot open day 1990, a good variety of loco's on show including 6024 King Edward 1 and 6115 Scots Guardsman as a static exhibit.
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60s Steam & Diesel @ Birmingham Snow Hill pt 3
A final look at Birmingham Snow Hill during the 1960s. All credits as previous videos. If I have to take down these videos because of copyrite I will do so. I am not sure whether they are copyrited so at the moment please enjoy.
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Trains @ Leamington Spa 6.8.12.
A couple of hours mid morning on Monday the 6th of August 2012 produced these few clips of workings at Leamington Spa. It's nice to know that Leamington Spa station has retained some of it's features from it's former G.W.R. days. Enjoy
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60s Steam and Diesel @ Birmingham Snow Hill pt 2.
A second look at workings at B-ham Snow Hill during the 1960s, a fascinating place to visit, and to be a part of during this time. Again all credits must go to the producers of The Changing Face Of British Railways. Enjoy.
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Tribute To Swindon Loco Works.
A few years ago the BBC made a programme called "Of Coppersmiths & Kings" narrated by Peter Brown, shown here are a few minutes of that programme. During the filming by the BBC it was announced that Swindon Loco Works was to close. Enjoy.
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Saltash To Plymouth 1991.wmv
A drivers eye view of the road from Saltash to Plymouth from a d.m.u. 1991
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Of Coppersmiths And Kings Swindon Works BBC 1985
In 1985 the BBC broadcast a series of three programmes about Swindon Locomotive Works, the first was called "Of Coppersmiths And Kings", the second was A Job For Life ? , and the final episode was called Off The Rails. I recorded these 3 episodes onto video tape at the time. In the first episode it was announced that the works were to close in 1986, a sad day for everyone at Swindon Works, all those jobs and skills lost, a very sad time indeed. Each episode is approximately 30 minutes long. If copyright is involved with these programmes no breach of copyright was intended. Enjoy.
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5043 1Z45 The Welsh Marches Express 13.8.16.
5043 Earl Of Mount Edgcumbe is seen passing through The Hawthorns on Saturday the 13th of August 2016 with Vintage Trains Welsh Marches Express from Tyseley to Hereford. Enjoy.
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Trains At Crewe 1989.wmv
This was amongst the first videos I ever did with my then new Panasonic M7 video camera. To try it out I popped down to Crewe for a few hours. These were the results. Another one from my archives enjoy.
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diesels  teignmouth 1991.wmv
A small variety of Diesel Locomotives shown on the sea wall at Teignmouth in 1991
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Off The Rails Swindon Works BBC 1985
This is the final episode of 3 documentaries I recorded on to video tape at the time of broadcast, filmed by the BBC in 1985 about Swindon Works and some of the men that worked there up until closure in 1986. A very sad day indeed for all those concerned. No infringement of copyright is intended. Enjoy.
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Trains at Wolverhampton 1990.wmv
This video begins alongside the canal at Lock Street, then onto Wolverhampton Station,and finally a short clip of a derelict Wolverhampton Low Level Station where main line through services ceased in 1967 a wonderful place which holds so many fond memories from my firing days at Stafford Road and Oxley Sheds. Enjoy.
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Trains Around Dawlish 1991
A brief look at trains around Dawlish in September 1991, all filmed with my old Panasonic M7. Enjoy.
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5043 The Shakespeare Express 28.8.16.
5043 Earl Of Mount Edgcumbe is seen at Solihull and Birmingham Moor Street with the Shakespeare Express on Sunday the 28th of August 2016. Enjoy.
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The Jolly Fisherman 20.7.13.
37419/20312 are seen arriving and departing Wolverhampton on Saturday the 20th of July 2013 with The Jolly Fisherman tour from Hooton to Skegness. Enjoy.
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Trains In The 1990s
This video was filmed entirely with my first video camera a Panasonic M7 which I bought in November 1989 and used 4 hour blank VHS Tapes. Obviously the quality is nowhere near as good as modern day HD video cameras, but the content may be of interest. Enjoy.
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Trains In Cornwall
The clips in this video were taken during various holidays we took in Cornwall between 2003 and 2010. All clips were taken using Panasonic video cameras using either vhsc or minidv video tapes. Obviously the quality does not compare to HD cameras of today. I hope you enjoy.
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60s Steam @ Hockley
All credits for this short video must go to A-Z productions I bought this video in the early 90s called the Changing Face Of British Railways. The clips show Hockley ( now known as the Jewellery Quarter) in the 1960s. Enjoy
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A Duchess @ Stafford 14.9.15.
46233 Duchess Of Sutherland is seen at Stafford working 1Z33 The Lakes Express from London Euston to Penrith on Monday the 14th of September 2015. Enjoy.
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Trains At Bristol Temple Meads 1991
Having been to an open day at both Bath Road and St Philips Marsh Depots earlier in the day, I filmed a few of the workings at Temple Meads before catching my train home, all filmed with my old Panasonic M7. Enjoy.
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Snow Hill - Solihull Variety 67/52/31/70/ 25.4.14.
On a very wet Friday afternoon the 25th of April 2014 I popped over to B-Ham Snow Hill to catch D1017 Western Warrior aka D1015 Western Champion, then quickly shot over to Solihull to see 31285 working 3Z09 Eastleigh Astolm - Derby RTC. Enjoy.
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The New Birmingham New Street Station 22.9.15.
A brief look at the new B-ham New St Station which was officially opened to the public on Sunday the 20th of September 2015 after 5 years of reconstruction. I filmed this on Tuesday the 22nd of September 2015. The two Colas 66s seen in the video were 66848 and 66850 TnT an engineering train. Enjoy.
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37s Tnt The Round Robin Railtour 1.4.17.
37716 and 37069 are seen at Fowlers Park Crossing Wolverhampton on Saturday morning the 1st of April 2017 with Pathfinder Railtour the Round Robin from Crewe to Long Marston. It was a pleasure to meet up again with Andy (Bushbury Bertie) a fellow Youtuber. Excuse the wobble towards the end. Enjoy.
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Diesels Cardiff 1991.wmv
A couple of hours spent at Cardiff in 1991 loco's are mainly 37s video taken at Cardiff Station and outside Canton Depot
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My Second Visit To Carpenders Park 18.4.17.
I paid a second visit to Carpenders Park and spent 90 minutes there on Tuesday the 18th of April 2017. Enjoy.
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Tyseley Diesel Depot 1991.wmv
This video was made during a walk around Tyseley diesel depot in January 1991. The foreman and staff were always very helpful.
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Trains At Oxford 1991.wmv
A few hours spent at Oxford on a wet and murky day in April 1991. A time when 47s ruled on the Paddington - Oxford service and Cross Country Services.
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34027 and 60103 Llangollen 19.3.1994..wmv
34027 Taw Valley and 60103 Flying Scotsman (with double chimney and blinkers) in her former B.R.livery at Llangollen 19.3.1994.
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68012 1H17 Kidderminster To Marylebone @ The Hawthorns 25.3.17.
68012 is seen at The Hawthorns on Saturday the 25th of March 2017 with the 09:40 Departure for Marylebone. Enjoy.
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Trains At Stafford 1990.wmv
A few clips of Stafford Station 1990
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60163 Tornado Races Through Codsall With The Red Rose 11.2.17.
60163 Tornado is seen at Codsall working 1Z61 The Red Rose a UKRT Charter from London Victoria to Shrewsbury on a very murky Saturday the 11th of February 2017. Enjoy
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