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Digimon World NEXT Order English - 04 - 1st Impressions
I don't know about you, but I ended up doing that Tentomon impression actually killed a little bit of my soul...
Digimon World NEXT Order English - 06 - Onward Champions!
Its time we super size our Digimon order with some Champions. I can't believe I almost got wasted by BkGarurumon. This game...the difficulty ramps up too quickly in some areas.
Spending x50 Coins On This Rare Coin Machine - Digimon Masters
Will the RNG Gods bless me with fortune...or curse me with junk. 50 Coins. 1 Machine. And a lot of praying...
Digimon World NEXT Order English - 02 - Becoming a Rookie
Now its training time. Jijimon said not to start til we got to Rookie and I am gonna follow his lead. What Rookie Digimon will I get? Watch and find out.
Digimon World NEXT Order English - 28 - Death And Rebirth
"For something to be born, something must die" - Mia of Dot Hack That being said, this statement rings true on a universal level. The death of 2 Mega level Digimon, and brings to life 2 new Digis.
My Account Lock Has Ended. Time For A Damage Assessment - Digimon Masters
EDIT: I got my Email and Passwords changed so now I'm good to go. I'm not gonna be able to do the Events this time but I'll be ready for April!
Digimon World NEXT Order English - 61 - Destiny...Thy Name Is Zwart!
So whats better than having 2 of my fav Digis for the final battle? Finding out they can DNA Digivolve in this game with impressive graphics. We launch into the final showdown next part!
DMO Q&A: How To Calculate Your AT Clons In DMO Properly
Today I explain to the Internet what Perfect Cloning is, the ranges for each clon increase as wella s how important it is to invest properly in it.
Digimon World NEXT Order English - 66 - Omega Recruitments
Post Game time! Lets go find us some Digis to recruit!
Digimon World NEXT Order English - 10 - The Trials Of Taomon
So now finally at Logic Volcano and I'm faced with lose encounters and some good old passion math quiz. Side note I prefer Rika's Taomon over this grump Taomon.
Digimon World NEXT Order English - 77 - Grand Finale!
And so, this concludes my run of Digimon World Next Order. It was quite the roller coaster ride but it was...pleasant. I'd love to keep playing but alas, theres nothing left for me to do. Thank you everyone for watching the run to the very end.
Digimon World NEXT Order English - 05 - Social Activity!
...I couldn't help myself. We find some humans and go into a desert. ...Do not to mistake this Guilmon with Takatomon's
Digimon World NEXT Order English - 07 - An Ultimate Goal
I was surprised how fast I got my Ultimates. Now I should be good on finding Taomon...I hope
Digimon World NEXT Order English - 71 - Philosophy Of Yin And Yang
Lucemon definitely lays it on thick... The concept of Good and Evil originates as far back as the origin of self awareness.
Digimon World NEXT Order English - 01- The Wrath Of Machinedramon
3rd times the charm they say (plz) Its time to go digital...(once again) Whats in store for me here...keep watching to find out.
Digimon World NEXT Order English - 14 - Digi-Renovations
I'm not surprised that Digimon can remodel towns. DW1 did that. I wanna know how just 20ish Digimon could turn a small can village into a japan cultural lands city in just 24 hrs?!
Sonic Heroes: Last Boss: What I'm Made Of 2003 Ver. Feat. Neo Metal Sonic
I didn't have many lines to work with. Neo Metal Sonic has a pretty limited word pool here. I wanted to recreate the ingame final boss battle against Neo Metal Sonic without other character dialog. Basically aiming for it to be true Neo Metal Sonic theme. Thanks for listening
Digimon World NEXT Order English - 27 - A Crimson ExE!
I had to turn off the sound to show off the ExE form between WarGrey and MirageGaoga. The song played in ExE fusion is the Opening song ( same one that played during Part 1) Its blocked in 5 major regions.
Digimon World NEXT Order English - 21 - The War On Meats And Veggies
No seriously they made food into a concept of war here. At least THIS Leomon isn't just watching a savanna on a cliff Or for Mr. Protag to go fetch a stone piece to tell it what to do.
Infinite Undiscovery Blind Playthrough With Commentary Part 1
My 1st impressions for the 1st 5 min this game is something else. *Gets to half point* HOLY ****! It turns into a scene like those wall mimics from Final Fantasy 12! **Mic Audio's low due to how high ingame's AFTER lowering it**
Digimon World NEXT Order English - 65 - Dimension Armageddon
Basically this is the Back Dimension of Digimon World 1... Its definitely spacious. Definitely a challenge here. With that chapter 5 is cleared and now...Post Game time!
DMO Q&A: Why Do People Hate Botters? Its Not As Simple As You Think.
This topic is about as old as Runescape itself. Bots are a common thing in MMOs. Every MMO has them. Some handle it better and some...are DMO. I explain the main points to why people hate Botters in detail.
Lets Play Digimon World 2 Part 3-2 Showdown with Leomon
We come face to face the the mighty King of Beasts...Leomon. And of course a battle like this is not complete with awesome battle music. 1 of the main reasons this game is indeed, one of the best out there.
Digimon World NEXT Order English - 18 - The Fallen Omegamon
So the Protag from Digimon World 1 is here... Theres a zombie like Omegamon that appears outta nowhere... And then theres Mirei. Actually thats scarier than the top 2 combined.
Top 5 Most Difficult Seals To Farm - Digimon Masters Online 2016
These Digis may look bad ass, but the method and time to farm 3000 seals to have them on your shoulder...is it worth it? If you enjoyed this, tell a friend and let them see if they enjoy this too. Thanks for watching and good luck grinding out there.
Digimon World NEXT Order English - 44 - The Viking Pirate Digimon
Renamon goes to cook for the city... I find a Vikemon that took little pity... In the end DemiDevimon couldn't split it...50/50
Digimon World NEXT Order English - 70 - ...WHAT?!
Ok. Not this Digimon World 4 BS again! We already had to deal with a MALE Ophanimon there. Now here its a male Mastemon?! Mirei I get that you're lonely most of the time...but cmon...
Digimon World NEXT Order English - 67 - Royal Decrees
Seeing Susanomon's model ingame here, I about shed a tear. Ok...moving on we got more recruitment and boss fights to do.
Digimon World NEXT Order English - 34 - Lets Upgrade!
Still looking for that 1 fish for Seadramon. Also MetalMamemon has arrived. Loved this fella in DW1-3. His look in recent games...looks like a cheap metal strainer for pasta.
Digimon World 3 Patamon Run - 46 - Its Time To Settle The Score!
So this guy...thing...whatever, has 3 Digimon and all of em are Burst Modes! Fujinmon, Suijinmon, and Raijinmon. This fight was very annoying for several reasons. See Comment Section for Extended Description...
Digimon World NEXT Order English - 62 - An All Out War! The Final Battle!
With the power of Zwart and my revived 1st gen partner Omegamon... Its time to end this in style! Its time to stop Shoma and bring peace to this world.
Digimon World NEXT Order English - 74 - High Speed Recruitment
Not really sure if these time attack recruits are legit or not anymore... Also Sakuyamon here...making Taomon look like a saint... And thats saying something.
Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth - 01 - The New Game Plus Hype
We starting things off hard and with some benefits. 1 hr uploads! Lets get pumped for Hackers Memory coming out next year! Like And Subscribe to keep up with my uploads. Every bit of Love helps
Digimon World NEXT Order English - 29 - OmniPotent
We just went Xros Wars people :)
The Best Day Of My DMO Life Part 2 - Global Digimon Masters Online
Another special shout out to Abdulbari for giving me the pleasure of enjoying KaiserGreymon on GDMO. He didn't have to get me Kaiser, but I do appreciate everything that he has done for me. Durandal...has returned.
Digimon World NEXT Order English - 63 - Rebirth
At long last, we save the Digital World and now...we must leave. The credits play and thats the end...or is it? We still got work to do and...a new threat?
Defeating Rush Zwart Defeat In Minutes - Digimon Linkz
Havn't uploaded or streamed in a while. Been busy with stuff. Lack of energy and motivation. Heres me beatting a 56k HP Omegamon Zwart Defeat in less than 2 minutes with a little trick.
Digimon World NEXT Order English - 72 - Last Generation
It was a grand adventure. They saved the Digital World and watched over it. Now its time for them to lay to rest for a new Generation... The last one for this run.
Digimon World NEXT Order English - 53 - Rival Machine Wars
MetalMamemon and MetalGreymon involved together...DW1 nostalgia confirmed... Also next part is gonna get ugly...
Valkyrimon - Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth
Digimon 5/7 of March 10th 2016's update Valkyrimon My new fav Mega level for Cyber Sleuth.
When 2 Old DMO Players Come Out Of Retirement For A While...
Myself and ShadowSun were in a Skype call and decided to do a little commentary as we chatted a bit about DMO and well, anything in general while Questing and even some talk topics. Nothing serious or scripted. Just 2 DMO players playing casually.
Digimon World NEXT Order English - 36 - A Rosemon Thorned Prisoner
At least I'm making progress... So much back and forth reminding me of Digimon World 2003...
Lets Play Digimon World 2 Part 5-1 SCSI Doman and a Gabumon named Hyperon
We Explore SCSI Domain and befriend a Gabumon named Hyperon.
Omada Plays: Digimon World 2003 Episode 36
Time for some POST game action...
Digimon World NEXT Order English - 11 - Killing Time For Gardening
So what to do for 24 hrs while the seed grows...
Digimon World NEXT Order English - 52 - Fixing The Mistake
Totally not a shiny Charizard and Spyro with oven mittens... Also Saberdramon dat jaw line...
Omada Plays: Digimon World 2003 Episode 16
On the hunt for a Digimon that nobody really likes... unless you are a true Digimon fan that is.
Omada Plays Pokemon Emerald No Evolution Run Part 18 - No 2 Spinda Alike
Pun intended. Another short part as we reach a new milestone in our journey...Spinda.
The Best Day Of My DMO Life Part 1 - Global Digimon Masters Online
A very well deserved shout out to Abdulbari for such a blissful donation to me for DMO. He didn't have to do this but I am very grateful to everyone that supports me in DMO, Life, my Lets Plays, and in spirit. Aside from all the negative things thats gone on, this is the 1st real positive trigger I had in months. And I needed that positive reinforcement
Digimon World NEXT Order English - 20 - Emotional Breakdowns And Miscommunications
Wow. We went from 0 to 60 in an instant here with everyone going nuts. Also Angewoman's email couldn't be more cryptic. - side note it still takes roughly 3-4 hrs to upload these parts.

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