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The Big Bang Theory - Schere, Stein , Papier, Echse, Spock (GERMAN)
Ich hab da mal was zusammengeschnipselt :) Die deutsche Fassung von "Schere, Stein, Papier, Echse, Spock" aus der Folge S02E08 - "Stein, Schere, Spock"... --- Movie cut with: Sony Vegas Pro 9.0
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MCB Commands » /weather - Minecraft Command Blocks
Why don't start with a nobrainer? The /weather command allows you or a command block to change the weather in a minecraft world. Wiki: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Commands#weather Watch the full playlist: http://bit.ly/MinecraftCommandBlocks --- Thank you very much for watching. Please like and subscribe or if you want to make me really happy, share it as well. ♥ Subscribe http://bit.ly/SubChaosmagican ➤ Twitter http://bit.ly/TwitterChaosmagican ➤ Facebook http://bit.ly/FacebookChaosmagican ➤ Google+ http://bit.ly/GooglePlusChaosmagican
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Lost Introduction Intro GERMAN S06E00
Dies ist das Intro der Final Chapter Introduction (S06E00), welches ich so geil fand, dass ich es erstmal ganz vielen zeigen muss :)
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OS X - Debug applications that won't start
Start Mac applications from the terminal to see what is going on.
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Minecraft - Huge lighting updates kill clients and servers
I think lighting update could be async and not lag the hell out of the main thread? --- MCL wrapper: https://mcl.breitzeit.de/
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CBS builder - Texteditor to command blocks - Minecraft with MCL wrapper
Command Block Scripts: Write commands in a simple markup language and let the CBS builder do the rest. Create clickable signs which update the build from a remote source (e.g. Github). Main intend is command block stuff but pixel art works as well :-) *vvv* there is more *vvv* Did I mentioned? It's vanilla! MCL wrapper: https://mcl.breitzeit.de Examples used in this video: https://gist.github.com/2called-chaos/7eb650a0fc235361c06e68daabdbc179 CBS doku: COMING SOON --------------------------------------------- Music used: "Actionable" & "Moose" by http://www.bensound.com
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Merry Christmas
A short Movie to say Merry Christmas...
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Do you think that we are alone?
I've found that video some months ago and as I can't find it anymore I uploaded it again :) This version is not the original! I added the music at the beginning and the font at the end... The titel is also a bit different iirc. Music (at the beginning): Alma - Teddybears
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Minecraft - Clip through solid ceilings with boats! (14w31a)
No longer works in 1.9 apparently, boats are now tanks! -- 14w31a still works! (recorded 14w25b) --- FIXED https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/MC-55824 --- Due to changes in Minecraft boats now behave differently and break if you just look at them. I discovered that you will sink into a solid block if you land with a boat which breaks due to the impact. If there is no other block below you just clip through it, even through bedrock! This is different from the old glitch (which I show at the beginning) where you could clip through solid blocks only on client side. This bug actually lets you pass through solid ceilings which are 1 block thick. --- yeah I forgot to mute one music there :/ I was tired as hell
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Bed Bug - Minecraft 1.6.5 SMP
A little bed bug in Minecraft 1.6.5 SMP music: http://daftpunk.themaninblue.com/
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Chaos and Bilbo in Action - Counterstrike (No Fragmovie!!!)
//DE Ein kleines Movie wo Chaos und Bilbo nen bissel Faxen machen ^^ Sind keine Frags aber recht lustig... //EN A short movie where Chaos and Bilbo do some jokes ^^ No Frags but its funny...
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Die 10 Gebote - Du sollst nicht morden
Musste ich für die Schule machen und ich hab das vergessen und hab das dann in 10 Minuten zusammengekloppt. Ist net so gut aber wayne ^^
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Firefox install on OSX
Someone struggled with this for whatever reason. So this is how it works...
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TS Cut: Goliath vs. Chaos @ GunGame
Gleiches Spiel, gleicher Chaos, anderer Ausraster: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuLfF-gjJ_o Aufgenommen auf dem TS von FunCS.de, gespielt auf dem beliebten HighSpeed-GunGame-Server von FunCS.de -- R.I.P Ich Depp hab damals die ganzen Pausen rausgeschnitten, sorry 4 hardcuts...
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DLE -- Edit file structures in your favorite editor
https://github.com/2called-chaos/dle Copy, move, rename, chmod, chown or remove individual files or directories with your favorite text editor.
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TS Cut: Chaos goes Ausraster @ GunGame
Gleiches Spiel, gleicher Chaos, anderer Ausraster: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwGOUDFCQng Aufgenommen auf dem TS von FunCS.de, gespielt auf dem beliebten HighSpeed-GunGame-Server von FunCS.de -- R.I.P
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[GER] Launchy (+alias mod) Introduction
Hier stelle ich euch kurz das revolutionäre Tool "Launchy" vor. Zusätzlich gewähre ich noch einen größeren Einblick in mein selbstgeschriebenes Alias-Addon welches ich ggf. bald releasen werde... Feedback ist gerne gesehen und ja ich weiß, ich bin ein bisschen verpeilt aber ich war auch übelst fett :D
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Compact minecraft clock
Compact minecraft clock
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Plants vs. Zombies - Gold bot
A simple mouse recorder with some delays, that's it!
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Gala - Freed from Desire (only the nanananna part)
Dedicated to BFIT7A :D Special thanks to Pacman ;)
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Diablo 3 Animated Background
Ich hab da mal ne HTML Seite gemacht die man sich als Hintergrund einbinden kann... Features: - Ersetzen des Flash-Films in ein Bild (am Ende der Animation) - Stop/Play(again) Button
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DbSucker - sucks DBs as sucking DBs sucks!
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Minecraft FTB: Fancy broken item
Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAjyD1wktEI I connected an MFE to HV and this item was the result of the explosion. While holding the item all GUIs were broken but I've managed it to put it into a chest. Item ID is 25131:1 on FTB Unleashed MC 1.5.2 Sorry for the lag :D
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Repeater is powered from the side (14w26b)
FIXED IN 14w26c This is a short pulser. Well at least usually it is one but in the latest snapshot it's broken. If you remove any of the three redstone wires the repeater will stop flickering. The repeater is facing east, all blocks are in the same chunk. --- https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/MC-58918
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Portal 2 - Lachflash auf mp_coop_mentalbreakdown
Ist zwar schon mehr als ein Jahr her, aber besser spät als nie... Sollen wir öfter mal ein paar Szenen hochladen? Lasst es uns wissen!
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MCListener repository/development visualization
This is a gource animation of the git repository of MCListener, a vanilla mod for Minecraft. This animation is based on MCListener-0.5-400-DEV MCListener → http://project-production.de/projects/mclistener gource → http://code.google.com/p/gource/ Minecraft → http://www.minecraft.net
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iAlertU (Shotgun 2 face system)
iAlertU mit custom lock screen.
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Fastest supply mission ever - GTA V Online
That was kinda convenient :D
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Teamspeak 3 GUI unresponsive, the reason
THANKS!!!!!!! The latest versions are blazing fast! Really, damn fast, thanks for that teamspeak! --- The Teamspeak 3 Application on OS X suffers from (some) Unicode characters. The performance decrease is enormous! The entity value at the start is wrong, it is ⁞ or ⁞
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Minecraft TooManyItems with MCListener
This shows the usage of TooManyItems with MCListener which provides the give functionality for non-ops. In addtion the fast crafting thing is really cool and useful (as it works either if you have no give privileges)... MCListener → http://project-production.de/projects/mclistener TooManyItems → http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/140684-172-toomanyitems-in-game-invedit-july-1/ Minecraft → http://www.minecraft.net
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Counter strike extreme v5 more guns mod

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