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szf isaac beta7 gameplay (WIP)
This is actually the 9th version of this map, because I had a very annoying bug which caused many player to crash while downloading it. Finally it works =D The map wouldn't be so epic if FissionMetroid101 didn't make this awesome particles, Husk and heart model. You should check out his brilliant tf2 mods here: http://tf2.gamebanana.com/members/917387 And we aren't even finished yet! The final version will contain about 20% more content and probably two more bosses and a few other features. :D Check out the RedSunOverParadise community for servers which run the map and other great mods.
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szf isaac trailer
After more then 6 months we finally finished our binding-of-isaac map :D And just in time a few days before SteamPipe. With this update we added way more stuff then I have actually planed at the beginning. If you want to play it, I recommend the RedSunOverParadiseCommunity who resurrected the map by fixing the broken SZF gamemode on their servers Have fun fighting lots of bosses and zombies while finding special items that cause various effects to enemies and teammates. I think I forgot to show Gurdy in the trailer :o And hey, even Edmund McMillen took notice of this gain :D Music: Big Giant Circles - The Clubbing of Isaac http://dbsoundworks.bandcamp.com/track/the-clubbing-of-isaac-remix
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pf dark meat
Remember pf_meat_saw? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyCMROzKb_Q Someone named Tumbolisu wanted to make a darkworld version of this map and here is a little playthrough of it. Tumbolisu's channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Tumbolisu/discussion You can connect to the parkous server with this link: steam://connect/parkour1.mechatheslag.net I actually wanted this to be a halloween map, but now it simply replaces pf_meat_saw.
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Szf turtle attack v3_4 - Hardcore win
This map is not by me, it's made by Alpha_Alex and this map can be realy chaotic, especially on hardcore. And it's damn hard to survive the hardcore mode but this makes wining on this map even more epic. I didn't add any music tracks in the video, they all play at the map Link for comment: http://slag.hosted.nfoservers.com/tf/maps/
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HL2 mod: Strider Mountain bad ending
Strider Moutain is a half life 2 mod. This video shows the bad ending, wich you get, when you didn't download all portal datas in each map. D:
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Overwatch RIP-tire Sextuple Kill
Had this lucky moment in a competetive match. No idea why you'd stick to the ice wall when you clearly hear a RIP-tire behind it :P
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basement (WIP)
I learned modeling and the poop and greed are my first props :D And as you can see, I'm making a szf map, based on the indi game hit "binding of isaac" Only the basement is pretty much finished, the caves are next.
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Strider Mountain good ending
Strider Mountain is a Half life 2 mod. The video shows the good ending, which can be unlocked when you downloaded all portal data in each map. :D
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pf meat saw
My map for Parkour Fortress. Based on Super Meat Boy Download FissionMetroid101's SMB sawblade skin here: http://tf2.gamebanana.com/skins/115507
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pf meat saw gameplay
A little walkthrough of pf_meat_saw plus easteregg. My best time is 1:44. The best time i have seen is 1:22 by Bunnytrack :o
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New item for szf isaac
It took longer than I thought to finish the map, but we added way more as I promised. When will the final version be released? Well.... soon-ish ^^ But let us take our time. Beside Dr. Fetus there will be 3 other items and multiple bosses and endings 'n stuff. Satan, bomb, fetus model and explosion particle effect by FissionMetroid101 ;D
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sb skybrawl gameplay
I made this map a month ago, with another mapper from slag: Darthmule. We tried to make a map-collab and this was our result. I think it turned out pretty well He also made the preview video, so it's on his youtube chanel. Watch the preview here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nd2uVQ_Ohxw
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Szf labs remake gameplay
A little gameplay video of labs_remake. Sorry for the lagy recordings ._.
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Giant blood decal test
I changed the vtf of my modded blood decals and now they are four times bigger. muhaha How to do this: Download and instal blood decal mod like this one: http://gamebanana.com/tf2/sprites/106 Now open the vtf with an texteditor and incrae the number behind "$decalscale" of every vtf. example, change this: "DecalModulate" { "$translucent" 1 "$basetexture" "Decals/Blood1" "$decal" 1 "$decalscale" 0.25 } to: "DecalModulate" { "$translucent" 1 "$basetexture" "Decals/Blood1" "$decal" 1 "$decalscale" 1 } I recomment to incrase a bit the value of the console command r_decals_cover_count. Default value is 4. Don't choose high values like 20, otherwise multiple decals will color the floor black.
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zf expedition gameplay
How to survive in the desert
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pf Offshore
I start working on this map around a year ago, but stoped for some reason. Recently I suggested someone called Scarness to finish the map, since he is interested in making Pf maps. And that's our result: A new parkour through a town to the sea. I hope we did a well job :D PS: I'm not that good in pf (^^)7 You will beat my time easily
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Some fun with cheats
Welp, that had to happen when cheats are enabled. It wasn't my idea to spam tanks,zombies,bosses and then my game crashed twice ^^
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TF2 fort wars bug - unlimited crits
This happened on SLAG #1 TF2 ware server.
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Get a life eastereggs
This video shows two eastereggs in Get a life, a very good action/horror hl2 mod.
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szf expedition
My first map for the Super Zombie Fortress mode. Escape the undead through this ruin in the desert
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bm magma
Another map for the bomberman gamemode. On this map every 15 seconds it will explode somewhere at the plattform. Even more explosions! :D When I look at the trailer now, I have to laugh how crapy I made it. At the beginning you can even see a steam message on the bottom right xD
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sb deserted canyon
That's my very first map. Excuse the boring trailer ^^ I was such a noob.
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szf labs remake
It made a remake of a very old zf map, because it acutally made fun to play on this map, but it definitely needed some atmosphere. In this video you can compare my improvments on zf_labs_ext. Gameplay video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuVQT1o_UFw&feature=relmfu
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Satan's boss fight test
I invited a few steam friends to test with me satan's boss fight for szf_isaac. Turned out pretty well, but when the map is finished on the szf server, you have to fight all the zombies players too which prevents the red team from attacking satan. This won't be so easy as in the video. Also I have to add a effect when his second form dies.
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"bm magma" in action
Some gameplay of bm_magma
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bm detonation store
A little map for the new bomberman gamemode which made Mecha the Slag and Lefonna. Thanks for not noticing that I didn't made a single sticky frag :S
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dm_junction comparision
cp_junction is one of the rarely played TF2 maps due to its layout, but I thought it fits well as a Deathmatch map in Black Mesa and ported it. So here is a little comparision how the map looks in TF2 and Black Mesa You can download the map at the Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com//sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=456348656
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Zf biotics lab
Nothing too special. I just tried to rebuild a map from Killing Floor in TF2. It's a simple survival map for the zombie fortress mod where player just have to survive 5 minutes to win the round. I put some little extra features like a pipe bomb which can be actived to act as a mine and the shops, which have the same location as in Killing Floor, are randomly opened for ammo and health pick ups. You can download the map here: http://tf2.gamebanana.com/maps/179134
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SnapMap - The closet hideout
SnapMap description: You are hiding in a closet. Wounded, low on ammo and now you run out of food. Run and avoid fighting! Map ID: Y5CU9NFW SnapMap is rather limited and I hope they add some content, since you can do some fun levels with it. The 12 active demons limit is really annoying, I had to enable every demon manually when the player comes close, and lock doors behind the player constantly and remove demons behind it, just so that no more then 12 demons are active simultanously or it would screw up the spawns. :/ In the end some parts of the map were litered with I/O connections. In the editor it looked like this: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=687412995
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Counter strike extreme v5 more guns mod

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