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Varial Kickflip BIG GAP!!
Nice clean Varial kickflip over a big gap
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Opening 10 Duelist revolution packs *EPIC PULLS!*
Wow.. Probably the best pulls ive ever had.. Especially cus i got 2 ULTIS IN ONE PACK!! -----SUBSCRIBE-----RATE-----
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Tutorial on tac gun glitch
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Possibly the wierdest and most ugliest heelflip ever XD ( by me :P )
I do some wierd ass heelflip.. when i was actualy tryin to go for a DOUBLE heelflip.. but idk what happened lmao
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Bayonet on a Scar-H on Mw2 ?
Some wierd kinda glitch i guess.. looks like a bayonet on a Scar-H on Mw2.. I Did not hack or anything its someone elses gun..
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In the end - Linkin Park  (Piano Instrumental)
I messed up a bit lol.. Learned this song by ear
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Black Mamba On My Little Brother.. ( LMFAO )
Caught my brother sleeping.. This was recorded in the morning around 7:30.. We had to get ready to go to school.. So i smacked him with a dirty Black Sock Lmfaoo.. To me the funniest part is after i smacked him the first time.. He was still asleep.. hahaha
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Modern Warefare 3: Lucky Throwing Knife HEADSHOT - S&D
Scarface4321(Me) with an amazing lucky throwing knife across the map and in addition it shows the throwing knife's path to a hit.. Hope you guys enjoy my videos and makes sure to subscribe to me and MY NEW CHANNEL OfficialPwnageNation: http://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialPwnageNation Subscribe to keep yourself updated on our latest videos and updates.. Thanks! -Scarface4321
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Bigspin over a big gap.. This was his Last try before he gave up LOL and he Owned it.. It was raining..
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Unboxing 5D's Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist Pack Collection ( Yellow/Gold Tin )
Sorry i didnt have a sort of stand for the Camera so you can barely see the cards..
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Modern Warefare 3: Search and Destroy on Dome- 5 Kills with Striker (First Round)
Scarface4321 (Me) with a small Search and Destroy on Dome killstreak with the Striker Semi-Automatic Shotgun.. I get 5 Kills in a row on one round at the beginning of a game.. Subscribe for more short Modern Warefare 3 clips!
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Yugioh special edition pack opening and duelist pack yusei 2 (Ok Pulls)
Don't know the name of the s.e pack lol but enjoy   SUBSCRIBE
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Pwnage Nation
MW3 Misc Clips - created at http://animoto.com
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Rocket League Trickshots and Cool Goals!
(2:16 for a SICK play.) Rocket league montage of cool shots/ trickshots. SUBSCRIBE! *MUSIC NOT OWNED BY ME*
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MW2 Quickscope 1v1 (360's baybee)
Srry 4 bad Camera angle.. D=
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Game of Skate Terry Jones vs Reynaldo Espada (Edited)
This isnt the full version as the full one was about 12 minutes long and youtube didnt let me put it up because of the length.. but i shortened the video to aroun 5 mins and its up and ready :) i edited this video using my PS3 Video editor.. hope you like it..
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All of my Yu-Gi-Oh Cards For Trade Or Sale
These are all of my cards including Commons and Rares. Hope you enjoy :). These are all up for trade or sale. For more information or if you have any questions PM me or Leave a comment.. If you are looking to trade please PM me.. If you comment i probably wont reply to it.. Please Subscribe for more Updates on my Yu-Gi-Oh cards coming soon.. I will also have unboxing videos.. Wants: Ghost rares Ultimate rares Stardust Dragon (Ghost Or promo preffered but any rarity is fine) Stardust Dragon Assult mode ( Any rarity i mostly want ghost tho ) Pot of greed ( ultimate ) Cyber dragon ( any rarity ) Fusion cards At the moment thats all i need but if u need any of these cards pm me and if u think i need cards that u have feel free to comment of pm I DONT SEND FIRST.. My rule is if you come to me YOU send first and if i come to you I send first Please dont make stupid offers or i will just ignore them.. if i like the offer il accept.. I dont take damaged cards or dented cards unless i really need the card and dont care in what condition it is in on certain circumstances
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Ollie off a small Ledge
Its a ledge in one of my old schools.. St Adalbert.. I HATED THIS PLACE xD But alot of good memories ...
Views: 68 MarvinMfz
Kickflip over cone @ 4 Seasons Skatepark in Milwaukee
My friend jack kickflips over a cone and lands on hardware clean..
Views: 66 MarvinMfz
A crispy Kickflip By Jack
My friend jack's Nice kickflip.. lands on bolts..
Views: 115 MarvinMfz
Scarface4321 - MW3 Game Clip
360 Silent Shot.. Add me on PSN Scarface4321 and don't forget to subscribe Mfs x)
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360 Silent shot - Modern Warefare 3
360 Silent shot.. Subscribe MFS x)
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Free Snes and nes games on your PC
Yo i just found out a cool website on the PC that lets you download SNES, NES, Nintendo 64, Genesis, and Atari games for free.. Just in case you want your childhood memories back :)
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Unboxing Duelist toolbox&Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste Tin-Pt2
All 4 Trade Look at my channel 4 my wants
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Unboxing Earthbound Imortals Tin [Crappy Pulls -_-]
Finaly got my tin :) LOOK AT MY CHANNELS 4 MY YUGIOH CARDS 4 TRADE OR SALE N MY WANTS these cards except earthbound are 4 trade n sale
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My little brother getting slapped ( SLOW MO ) FUNNY!!
Haha i love the sound of slaps in slow mo :)
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Ok so the last kill which was a 360 didnt get on tape which sucks :( but yeah i won ... later on he asked for a rematch and i won again
Views: 83 MarvinMfz
Unboxing 5D's Yu-Gi-Oh Machina Mayhem Structure Deck
Bought it at walmart for 10 bucks :)
Views: 298 MarvinMfz
Scarface4321 Vs D3T_x_cracka 1v1 Quickscopes MUST WATCH! W/ 2 360 Throwing knives
Ok so this guy was talking shit and thinking he could beat me in qs :/ well i pwned him in this match and he started complaining about * AIMBOT * which i dont have.. I show you on the video i have nothing on my controller and i still own him... Guys just to let you know its all skill.. i dont even know how to put an aimbot on MW2.. :/ well please enjoy and subscribe :) and rate too :) btw later in the vid i found out he was HARDSCOPING :) xD and im not good at QS but only reason he thinks i have a "mod" is cuz HE SUCKS lmfao :)
Views: 73 MarvinMfz
My Skating Montage With My Friend  (Small)
Just a small Montage with me and my friend.. Skating..
Views: 71 MarvinMfz
Skating At The Forest Home Library
Just a little line on the manny pad.. along with a friend Thomas with his 50-50 grind
Views: 71 MarvinMfz
Unboxing Duelist toolbox&Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste Tin Pt1
All 4 Trade look at my channel 4 my wants
Views: 70 MarvinMfz
All My Regular, Super, Ultra, Secret Rare Yu-Gi-Oh Cards ( FOR TRADE OR SALE )
If any questions on what cards you'd like to know more about PM me or leave a comment.. If your looking to trade.. Dont bother asking xD i dont know how to send cards.. Ive never sent anything through mail before.. Unless you explain how to do it It would be more then appreciated and then maybe hopefully il understand how to do it then we can make a deal.. I know these cards might be crap but ive just started playing yugioh.. and ive either got them from packs or traded.. at the time i didnt know about Rares and others but.. most of them i got from trade.. Please no rude comments.. If you recommend something that might help me in other videos feel free to comment below..
Views: 143 MarvinMfz
My Custom Machina Mayhem And Duelist Structure Deck ( Gold/Yellow Tin ) [ READ DESCRIPTION ]
I have added some of my recent cards that i had to both of these decks and ive found out that some of the cards i had involve cards that were in these decks as i chose 2 random decks to buy at walmart.. Now i have 2 Road warriors.. These cards ARE for sale or trade Just PM me if you leave a comment i might not reply depending on the trade offer..
Views: 61 MarvinMfz
Ollie on a 2 Stair ( Barely made it )
I barely made this and the back of the board hit the higher set of the stair.. but still made it :) it was kinda sketchy..
Views: 54 MarvinMfz
Library Line Remake
I tried to do the same line i did in the other video i landed sketchy though..
Views: 29 MarvinMfz
4 Seasons TOUR.. ( as in showing you around the park xD )
Just a little line made to show you the 4 seasons skatepark.. thats not the whole skatepark but its the middle of the park (Indoor)
Views: 45 MarvinMfz
Call of Duty 4 Modern Warefare -- Sniping Montage
Hey guys.. just bringing you another video... This time on 2007's Game of the year nomine " Call of Duty 4 Modern Warefare " Hope you guys like it SUBSCRIBE 4 MORE
Views: 47 MarvinMfz
Scarface4321 - MW3 Game Clip
Game Clip
Views: 24 MarvinMfz
Yu-Gi-Oh Deck UPDATE ( New Deck ) ( ALSO FOR TRADE OR SALE )
I Bought this deck from a friend that didnt play this game anymore and i got a pretty good deal.. These were actualy 2 Seperate Decks but i combined them and added a few cards from my previous deck..
Views: 19 MarvinMfz
4 Seasons line ( REMAKE )
Do the same line as in the other video but i give you more of a "tour" of the park xD
Views: 12 MarvinMfz
Hey guys this is me playing snd on salvage doing mostly im pretty sure it was all quickscoping and throwing knives and i think knifing im not sure but yea.. sorry for bad camera angle please enjoy and subscribe and rate if u like.. Theres some good stuff if u guys wish to play me in quickscope 1v1 just leave a comment and il see if im in the mood :) and guys.. i know im not good at QS
Views: 28 MarvinMfz
Fakie Tre Flip Aka Fakie 360 Flip
My friend Jack does a nice clean Fakie 360 Flip
Views: 45 MarvinMfz
Just a little line @ 4 Seasons
Small line.. not to fancy but legit
Views: 10 MarvinMfz
Crappy ollies.. :/
Yeaaaa.. i do sum ollies that are shitty but the only reason why is cuz were in a place called bornrow in the middle of a.. well its kind of a field.. sum like that.. but yea it was handmade.. its VERYY VERYY SKETCHY..
Views: 42 MarvinMfz
Funny 4 Seasons Bloopers xD ( Funny Bails )
Lol both my friends alfredo and jack bail.. Alfredo landed on the middle of the ramp.. And busted his shit xD.. Jack tripped on a piece of wood that was sticking out and it hit his board and made him fall.. ( I think xD )
Views: 51 MarvinMfz
Lucky long range crossbow headshot (w/ red dot) (ON XBOX)
Also have a long range Kar98 headshot thru care package red smoke while he was running as well lol. I'll upload it soon.
Views: 7 MarvinMfz
Having fun at 4 Seasons ( Just playing around )
Just messing around at 4 seasons.. Dont say i suck cuz i wasnt even trying lmfao..
Views: 14 MarvinMfz

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