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Princes Highway flooded at Albion Park Rail
Should have taken more footage.
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Trackmania 2: WTC Gymkhana
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My Favourite Thing in Portal 2
:3 I probably wouldn't watch this if I hadn't played Portal 2 several times over already.
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FarCry2 timelapses
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Trackmania 2 Valley polyglitch
Just a glitch, more likely due to my graphics card than the game itself.
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Best Smoke Ever
I'd wondered quite a bit if this was possible, turns out it is.
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:3 Original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0i_yL4llbg&NR=1 I should probably clarify where this idea came from. Open the original video, pause it and wait for it to load then when it's loaded press play and hit 3 and enjoy.
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Meet all the classes, mostly at random.
Started out as a crazy video mash idea and I did it just to see how it would turn out... things got pretty silly after a while and then I stayed up all night editing this. -__- BUT NOW IT IS FINISHED! And still quite silly. I was originally going to slow it all down by 10% but everyone knows that things are funnier the faster they get. So this video is 10% funnier than it originally was. Which is zero percent! Laughing at this may have serious side effects and dire consequences! Youe have beene warnede! And remember kids, staying up late isn't cool but it does deprive you of sleep, which enhances silliness into being slightly funnier than when your mental acuity is fully functional. Original videos by Valve Software. Blank heavy stare music composed by me.
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Nervous Pyro trailer
Will probably actually not ever be made since this is as far as I got with the entire concept. I am pretty happy with how it turned out though!
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Tenkal Drive Thru
Plus some unintelligible bollocks commentary nonsense.
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Hyperlapse showing the sponginess of weetbix.
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blood bank cover
Finally putting webcam and recording gear in action to record pretty average cover of a marvellous song. Turned out better than I hoped. :) I know I changed a lyric here and there, so ner. :P
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Team Fortress 2 Class Select Music
Just derping around when I discovered that music could be made. It's not very good composition and it would be nice if mousing over the same note/class would produce a note rather than having to select somewhere else. Might have to sample it and construct something in Ableton Live someday when I'm not feeling lazy. Which is every day. It wouldn't surprise me if someone has already done something similar and better already.
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connie bench climber
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Portal 2 Perpetual Testing Initiative: Forwards Backward
I think I cheated it, but I wasn't quite sure how to solve it otherwise. Science got done like a boss either way.
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World of Warcraft Cata-mari
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fraxyl's Exile Vilify Portal 2 Music Video!
If you haven't played Portal 2 and are super sensitive about having anything spoilt for you, then you should probably avoid this video, although I will clarify and say that it doesn't have any of the major plot points spoilt. I had a description and then the router gave out so now I can't remember what I wrote... so here is video. Sincere apologies to The National for probably ruining their lovely song! This is one of a few ideas, but unlike my other ideas, I've actually completed this one. Still just under a month until the deadline at least, but if the others don't pan out, I have one entry at least hooray! If someone can tell me how to make my tilting and paning smoother, it would be really useful and appreciated. Also, if http://www.youtube.com/user/EisenFeuer enters this contest, we're all doomed! :(
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Cookie Conversation
Cookie meows for about 2 minutes or so.
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TrackMania 2: Pipe Dominator
WTC Trial server
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red cover
Probably could have done it better and/or different, but by that time I probably wouldn't have done it at all. Just a simple request, I do not feel entitled or that the band owe me anything. Would just be nice is all. Not even sure how to get the band to even see it. Will find a way. :D Red is the second track on their first album Asleep in the Back and elbow are one of the few bands where I love every song on every album. I forgot to mention it in the video (along with a whole lot of things that I had thought to say) but many thanks to Dan W for sharing elbow to me in the first place. Plug plug because he is cool guy: http://www.patreon.com/danwallbank
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The Window
aka my finest hour in CS:GO.
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Cookie: nom nom nom!
Other things she tried to nom: My fingers and thumb. My neck. Wii Nunchuck cable and thumbstick.
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Kane and Lynch 2: Na Na Na Na Na
AKA AdventureBiscuit and fraxyl learn how to blow up gas cans!
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So, the game glitched and AdventureBiscuit was suddenly invisible. We found this hilarious. You probably won't. Even if you were there. Which unless you are Biscuit or the other two randoms, you weren't. :D The glitch had happened before to someone else but I have no idea how to recreate it, taking pills fixed it though.
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Far Cry 2 Chasing Goats with fraxyl and AdventureBiscuit
I am tagging this with all the suggestions youtube is giving me just to see what will happen. Also, sorry about the poor job with the audio, the mic has a constant hiss and I'm not really sure how best to fix it before recording. Using a Razer Megalodon, any suggestions would be welcome.
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My Favourite Thing in Batman: Arkham Asylum.
Dangit @ forgetting to save after editing the title, description and tags. -_- Spoiler, it's the "hngyah!" sound.
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fraxyl team down 01
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Hef post mortem explodus
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AdventureBiscuit, the magic mirror and the tunnel.
Comedy equals tragedy plus time.
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Open door, fling food.
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Car Tetris
So, I saw this video by astroboy123 and inspiration struck. He gave permission to use the video. Video by aformentioned boy and tetris music covered by the secret windmills of holland.
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Steam, wut. How does it work?!
One day I'll spend more time on good production instead of silly commentary. Will probably have to check out this behaviour and see if it persists when our internet is not capped to nearly nothingness. 14/09/2011 Update: Doesn't continue when uncapped.
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45 minutes of Biscuit Science
We went through many portals in co-op community test chambers and derps were had. It's rather long. My longest video ever by a long shot. Probably not interesting to most people but we find ourselves hilarious. SO THERE! Took around 24 hours to upload.
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Far Cry 2 likes to glitch sometimes
What is it about these titles or whatever that makes youtube suggest kirby as a tag? (Maybe it secretly knows that they suck! :C ) I should clarify that I didn't actually do any of the "censoring" it was a glitch that caused black rectangles to pop up over... something... tables, shelves.
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Silly things in World of Warcraft
With AdventureBiscuit and fraxyl!
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TF2 Follow the Cart
One of the first videos I made for TF2, not too exciting but I'm putting it up for history's sake. I had originally uploaded it to Vimeo only to have it deleted since I didn't know at the time you weren't allowed to upload game footage. -_- I still kinda like how it turned out at least. Had to re-add the music since the original 'high' res version derped.
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Cookie talks.
And I also discover what it sounds like when cat exhales right into microphone.
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Gran Turismo™SPORT β Version_20171010153418
Something went a bit derp, but I am not complaining Gran Turismo Sport Limited Time Demo https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-au/tid=CUSA10194_00
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Behind the Screen
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Video Corruption
No idea what went wrong but you'll be happy to know that I turned it off then on and it's all back to normal!
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mucking around with shape layer animations in after effects.
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Fancy lyric video so you can singalingalong! Also a reminder that my second album is out now on bandcamp. http://fraxyl.bandcamp.com
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twist the valve
A combination of a new song inspired by music from Portal and Half Life. Trying more audio driven visuals in After Effects
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fraxyl design blender test
This lil thing took about 20 hours to render. Then when I went to do some post in AE, AE says it doesn't recognise the file format. Windows and youtube have no problem playing it, but I think I'll avoid rendering in H.264 next time. -.-
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driving with fraxyl
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