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Tekken 7 Noctis cancer
this annoying faggot joins the roster to add more cancer to the pile of cancer this game has
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most cancerous Lars scrub i've ever seen in tekken 7
... just wow cancer DENIED... keep that cancer to yourself sir cause you gets no rematch.. byeeee.
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TEKKEN 7 demoting trash spammer
..back to blue ranks with you... lagging italian bitch
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Tekken 7- the reason i learned Eddy
that last round comeback lol... he was mad af
Views: 10 Dangercore
10 hit combo tryhard fail
..this dude is trying too hard in player matches.. he's doing STRINGS!!!
Views: 12 Dangercore
Tekken 7 Epic finish
there goes his 7 win streak... i know he was mad lol ...FUCK Paul.
Views: 12 Dangercore
he thought he was gonna scrub me out
.. anyone who plays with this character is a faggot.
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Kazuyas are so brain dead
I just find Kazuya the most brain dead character in the game....their whole playstyle is to throw out random electrics and counters in case you run into them, that's the Kazuya matchup in a nutshell....they just keep doing the same 3 fucking moves again and again, if you played one Kazuya you played them all. one of the most boring matchups in the game
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I beat "JDCR" lol
didn't know JDCR was such a grab spamming bitch lol
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Tekken 7 - Ling Xiaoyu is broken af
i win the first 2 rounds and still lose the match jesus christ this bitch is broken as fuck you can't press a single button cause she beats everything gtfo
Views: 39 Dangercore
Kazuyas are so brain dead part2 - that finish tho
...sometimes i feel like this bastard has crazy range for no reason... he literally stole that 3rd round and survived by cheesing his ass off that shit was amazing
Views: 32 Dangercore
Winquitting on winquitting italian prick
he previously beats me with Paul 2 times and both times he winquits like a bitch...now i catch him again this time with Jin and he gets spanked i never played with an italian that wasn't a winquitting piece of shit or spammer or wannabe troll
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Stomping him like a mad elephant
Views: 20 Dangercore
Tekken 7 pathetic Law scrub tries to scrub me out in quick matches
this is how this guy got 600 wins smh...french pussy, that's right this guy is french lol this is the kind of trash i meet in quick matches on pc EU region
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Dead or alive 5 pc demo
The legendary drunken fist
Views: 48 Dangercore
Taking out the trash with Eddy
learning Eddy has paid off.. now i want Christie back
Views: 10 Dangercore
no press start = no rematch #Hate Hwoarangs
if the connection is yellow bar at least press start but no you wanna be a bitch because you're a Hwoarang player
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Tekken 7 Lei player match
trying to get a feel of his playstyle but he's a hard character... it's hard to know which moves to use in what situation
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Another day another smurfing tryhard in tekekn 7
...this is how a 3599 wins tryhard noob looks like
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Tekken 7- Give me that promo you cheap bastard
.. hehe boy yellow ranks here i come
Views: 27 Dangercore
Goodbye green ranks
..i don't care for ranks but i got bored of that green and felt it was time to get out of the bushes... no warm up needed.
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Tekken 7 - noob with almost 3000 wins
.. how this noob got damn nearly 3000 wins is baffling
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Cancers and Aids
..the cure for cancers and aids in tekken it's called Eddy Gordo.
Views: 13 Dangercore
that bitch Nina all in my face
haven't picked Law since 2017, combos and dss all fucked up and literally the first match i get is this italian tryhard spammer
Views: 18 Dangercore
Not Today.
.. hopefully not in the next tekken either.
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Tekken 7 Eddy casual matches: tryhards and cancers
..breaking throws doesn't seem to work on a 3 bar connection and these lame tryhards keep spaming throws like they're on a promotion match...i know i'm not breaking this shit but calm the fuck down it's only player matches you fucking tryhard bitches
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long break from game makes me play lame
Master Roshi kicked my ass lol
Views: 12 Dangercore
Lagging italians
...these dudes got no life and no good internet
Views: 10 Dangercore
no grabbing today sir
this Dragunov keeps trying to grab me when he realizes he's losing lol
Views: 8 Dangercore
warming up
Views: 35 Dangercore
WTF was that
Views: 31 Dangercore
gave him another L
Views: 18 Dangercore
Smurfing DENIED.
button mashing Lars smurf dickhead
Views: 15 Dangercore
Tekken 7 why i hate Geese players
jab jab jab jab jab jab jab....that's all these retards do
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Jurassic Park tribute
some thing i made while i was bored... screenshots taken from video game Jurassic Park Evolution
Views: 23 Dangercore
the Lars matchup
half the time i don't know what the fuck is happening...everything he does is over the top and stupid looking he's like Noctis without the sword
Views: 30 Dangercore
Are u fucking kidding me?????
.. jesus fucking christ. .. the shoulder misses because Jack goes backwards after you block his rage art. omfg ..why the fuck did they gave Jack evasion properties after you block his rage art like are u fucking serious?
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Working on Eddy
tired of this rage shit...either have rage arts of rage drives but not both for fucks sake...Harada stop being retarded.
Views: 15 Dangercore
Feng Ranked episodes: revenge on tryhards
can't believe i'm losing to these lame tryhards in the first place
Views: 34 Dangercore
Press start bitch
Press start bitch i don't give a fuck about your Ling bullshit
Views: 27 Dangercore

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